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afaaluga my uncle (N)
afaayuliqsi pastor, missionary (N)
afaayuliqsi preacher (lit. one involved in praying)
afaayuliqsi minister, pastor (N)
afaayuliqsi preacher
afaayuqaujiq ruling power
afaayuqqaun greatness, kingdom (God's)
afaayuruq prays (N)
afaayyuliqiruat church (lit. praying ones) (N)
afaayyun prayer (N)
afaayyuvik church (building) (K)
afalanfaitkaa did not control him
afalaruti, afalatchisi authority, power
afalatabaa directs him, controls him
afalatchioiq rule, reign
afalatchiruq rules, reigns, directs
afalati director, governor, officer
afarrauraq cross (N)

afatchiaba my uncle (mother's brother) (K)
afatkubnaq medium, (communicates with the spirit world), (lit. resembling an afatkuq)
afatkuq shaman, medicine man, witch doctor
afauqaabaitka my family
afayukjiabruk two year old bull (K)
afayukjiba my oldest child
afayukjiq two year old bull (N), one year old bull (K)
afayukjitqik three year old bull (N)
afayuqaabiitchuaq orphan (K)
afayuqaafixauraq orphan (K)
afayuqaaq parent
afayuqaksraq old man

afayuqaq leader, boss
afayuruq dances

affun game animal
afibaa agrees with him, assents to it
afiieaqtuq procures no game, fish
afiitchuq procures no game, fish (N)
afijhisaqtuq swings (K)
afijhisaun swing
afipchabaa resuscitated him, resurrected him (K)
afipkafagaa resuscitated him, resurrected him (N)
afiqtuq agrees, assents, says yes with raised eyebrows
afiqusaun temptation (kiv, q)
afiqusraun temptation (K)
afiruq is big
afiruq arose, resuscitated, revived
afiruq resuscitated, revived, arose
afiruq is big
afisitkaa tempers it
afitqiksuq resuscitated again (of one shot and brought back to life again by an afatkuq), He arose again (of Christ)
afivrabaa unravels it, unscrews it, unties it
afivraqtuq disassembles (K)
afivraqtuq loosens, unravels, unties
afivsiruq disassembles (N)
afixaaqtuq goes home (K)
afixaaqtuq goes home (K)
afixgisaqtuq swings (n)
afmaaq flint, chert, firestone (N)
afmaluaq lip-plug, labret
afmaqtuq is open, turned on (radio, tape recorder)
afmaun can opener (lit. opening tool)
afnibiqsuq blizzard has ceased (K)
afniq blizzard (K)
afniqsuq having a blizzard (K)
afuaqtuq paddles
afugaa procures it
afugaatchiaq old man (K)
afugauraq small boy (K)
afularuq chews
afun man
afuniaqti hunter
afuniaqtuq is hunting
afuruq procures game, fish
afusalluq male (animal (N, q)
afusralluq male (animal (K)
afutauraq small boy (N)
afutiqatiga my cousin (by my father's brother)
afuun paddle (single bladed)
afuun paddle, propeller
afuun fin (lit. paddle)
afuutaa his paddle, a fin (any one of the paired fins of a fish)
afuyajiq war (K, q)
afuyakti soldier, fighter (N)
afuyaktuq fights
afuyaun war (N)
afuyaunnat armor
afuyautairrun peace
afuyautaitchuq is peaceable, is not hostile
afuyiuqti soldier, fighter (K)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.