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aki hook, gaff
akiabaqtaaqtuk they (2) alternate
akibuq branch (K)
akie pillow
akigabaa bears it, carries it
akigaqtuq bears, carries
akiisruk harlot (K)
akiitchualuk harlot (N)
akiitchuq lost (contest)
akiixaaqtuq is free, without cost
akiixaq debt
akiixaqtuq is owing
akiixigaa beats him (in contest)
akikkak (5) fluke (5) (N)

akimaruq has won (is in state of having opposed)
akimaruq wins
akimiabutaixaq fourteen (K)
akimiaffutaixaq fourteen (N)
akimiaq fifteen
akimiaq atausiq sixteen (N)
akimiaq atausriq sixteen (K)
akimiaq malbuk seventeen
akimiaq pieasrut eighteen (K)
akimiaq pifasut eighteen (N)
akiougaq echo (N)
akiqsrubigaa promises it
akiqsruqtuq promises
akiqsruun promise, covenant (K)
akiqsruun promise, covenant (K)
akiruk are opposite (of 2)
akisaqtuq revenges (lit. tries to counter)
akisi pillow (N)
akisujhaasugruktuaq that which is more valuable
akisuruq is expensive, precious, valuable
akitchaktuq trades, barters
akixibaa paid it (lit. countered it)
akixiq reward
akixiun wage, price
akixiusiaksraqsi your future rewards (potentially received rewards)
akixxixiqsuq opposes
akiyaun stretcher to carry things
akjaa Oh my! (having made a mistake) (N)
akjaq brown bear, grizzly bear (Ursus horribilis)
akjunaaq rope

akkaga my uncle (father's brother) (K)
akku a short while ago
akkuk (10) bottom formers (10)

akkupak immediately, right now (N)
akkupauraq a little while later (N)
akkuvak immediately, right now (K)
akkuvauraq a little while later (K)
akmaaq flint, chert, firestone (K)
akpaktuq steps up (from lower to higher place)
akpittuq starts to sing
aksikkaa touches it
aksikkaa touches it
aksraqtuq is rolling
aktigiruq is so long, is this much
aktigiruq it is that big
aktilaafa its size
akuabaa catches it
akubluk bell (lit. instrument for repeated noise by striking)
akubluk bell (an instrument to make repeated noise by hitting)
akubluktuq bell rings
akubluktuq bell rings
akuliaq nose bridge (K)
akunbak ridge between eyebrows
akunbanni among, in between
akuniq middle, between
akuq fancy fringe of parka (K), skirt (N)

akuqtubaa accepts it
akuqtuq receives, accepts
akutkaa stirs it
akutuq leaf
akutuq "Eskimo ice cream" (of cooked fats, meats and berries)
akutuqpak broad-leafed plant
akutuqpalik leaf

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.