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paa entry, door, opening (river mouth)
paabaa meets him
paaburraqtuq paddles (qayaq)
paaffa from up there (N)
paafuutik qayaq paddle (K)
paakfa from up there (K)
paalaktuq stumbles, falls forward
paamaktuq crawls on all fours
paambuqtuq crawls
paani located up there
paaqsaabutiruk they (2) pass each other
paatitaaq wild chives (Allium schoenoprasum), onion (K)
pablabaa welcomes him
pablan greeting, welcome
pafaliktuq gallops
pafmapak now (N)
pafniq caribou bull (mature) (K)
pagga up ther (above and behind speaker), away from shore, landwards, mountainwards
pagniabruitchiaq very old bull (with worn teeth) (N)
pagniq caribou bull (mature) (N)
paikinaq pig (lit. queer deer) (K)
paipiiraq baby (N)
pairuq stays behind, stays home (when others went on a journey)
paisugruk red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator)
paitchaktuq inherits (K)
pajuqtaq beaver boot fur trim (K)
pajuqtaq beaver (Castor canadensis)
pajuqtuq capsizes (K)
pakaktuq searches
pakiksuq squeezes trigger
pakiksuq paws (N)
pakiktuq searches (K)
pakimna heaven (lit. up there) (K, q, n)
pakimna that one up there, (invisible)
pakma now (K)
pakma heaven (lit. up there)
palabniqsuq worthless
palapkaaq tent (K)
palauvak flour
palliksraq cotton (used for tinder) (from cotton grass, pussy willow buds, cotton wood buds)

palliksrat pussy willow

paluqtaq beaver boot fur trim (N)
pamafna wind from land (p)
pamiajuk tailbone (sacrum) (K)
pamiubayuk tailbone (sacrum) (N)
pamiuq tail
pamiuqtuuq otter (Lutra canadensis) (K)
pamiuqtuuraq mosquito larva
pamma back there, behind, landwards, mountainwards (absent, beyond reach, invisible)
pamna that one behind, back there (invisible)
pana spear, two edged cutting tool
pana quill of porcupine (two-edged knife, sword, spear)
panapkaaq tent (q,s)
paniga my daughter
paniktuq is thin, skinny
paniqsiqsiivik March (lit. skin bleaching)
paniqtaq dried meat or fish
paniqtuq is dry
pannauruq is thin, skinny
papa pepper
papik tail

papiktuuq marsh hawk (lit. long parka tail) (Circus cyaneus)
paqinbitchuq did not find
paqitkaa found it
paqittuq finds
pasiaksraitchuq is faultless
pasiaqtuq warms himself by the fire
pasigaa blames him, accuses him (N)
pasigigaa suspects him, blames him
pasinaqtuq is guilty
pasrigaa blames him, accuses him (K)
pasrigigaa suspects him, blames him (K)
patchisaibaa frees him
patchisaiqsauruq is not guilty, innocent
patchisauruq is guilty
patchisigigaa accused, blamed him, condemns him, finds him guilty
patchisigigaa blames him, accuses him (K)
patiktuq slaps
patiq marrow
patiq marrow
paufa towards up there
paufaak rubber boots
paufaqtuq travels inland
paugaq tent peg, stake
paujhie shovel (n)
pauktaun (7) anchor (7)

paula soot
paulbie shovel
pauna by way of up there
paunbaq crowberry, blackberry (Empetrum nigrum)
pavaffa from back there (N)
pavakfa from back there (K)
pavani located back there
pavufa towards back there
pavva back there (behind speaker), away from shore, landwards, mountainwards
payuktaqtuq gives gift of food

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.