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ta- adds emphasis or extends direction
taaffaqti drunkard
taakti medical doctor
taaktuq is dark
taamna that one (person or thing)
taapkua those
taapkunaffa from those (N)
taapkunakfa from those (K)
taapkunani at, in, on those
taapkunatun like those
taapkunifa (with/about) those
taapkunufa to, for those
taapkunuuna through, by those
taaqsipaiyaaq half-Negro
taaqsipak Negro
taaqsiruq is becoming dark
taataga my father (K)
taataruaba my grandfather, great uncle (K)
taatchifiq common or black-billed loon (Gavia immer)

taatchifiuraq slate-colored junco (Junco hyemalis)
taavruma that one's
taavrumaffa from that (N)
taavrumakfa from that (K)
taavrumani at, in, on that
taavrumatun like that
taavrumifa (with/about) that
taavrumufa to, for that
taavrumuuna through, by that
tabbaqtuun mirror, reflector
tabium sieaa beach (lit. place between ocean and cliff) (N)
tabium sieaun beach (lit. place between ocean and cliff) (K)
tabiuq salt, ocean
tabiuq ocean, salt
tabiuq salt, ocean
taffaq intoxicating beverage, alcohol
taffibaa does what is told, brings it to reality
taffiqsuq is fulfilled
tafibiqsuq is false (lies)
tafibitchuq is false (lies)
tagialanaitchuq is hospitable (enjoyable atmosphere)
tagialanaqtuq inhospitable, unenjoyable atmosphere
tagialaruq moves out of a home because not wanted
tagiuqtuq sneezes
tagiuqtuq sneezes
tagluk snowshoes
tagraqtuq travels up river by boat
taigaa names him
taiguanfuliqsuq is tired of reading
taiguaqtuq reads (N)
taiguaqtuq reads (N)
taimaffa from yonder, from time immemorial (N)
taimakfa from yonder, from time immemorial forever (K)
taimani located there (over yonder), at that time
taimani then, at that remote time (past or future)
taimea that one ( remote in place or time)
taimma there, then, when (very distant in place or time, beyond taamma)
taimmaieaq suddenly
taimufa forever
tainna like (N)
tainnaittuq is like
tainnaunnii although not very good, it is okay
taipchua those (remote in place or time) (K)
taipkua those (remote in place or time) (N)
tairuq is named
taitna like (K)
takiruq is long
takpaak nostrils (N)
takparuak nostrils (K)
takpiixaabruk boreal owl (Aegolius funereus)
takpiksuq has keen eyesight
takpiksuq sees keenly
taksruk oval-shaped lake
taktugubaa it's foggy
taktuk kidneys
taktuktuq is foggy
takupkafaruq has a reunion
talbaktuq travels up river by sled (N)
talibuq (6) foreflipper (6)

taliinfaruq goes over the hill
talim ivalua arm sinew
taliq arm
taliqpik right side
talliaq broken arm
tallimakipiaq one hundred
tallimalik 10' x 12' wall tent (lit. with five, meaning five panels long) (K,q)
tallimat five
tallimat malbuk seven
tallimat pieasrut eight (K)
tallimat pifasut eight (N)
talu door (K)
talubnaitchuq is friendly, kind, communicative
talubnaitchuq is kind
talubnaqtuq is stern, unfriendly, non-communicative
taluksraq door material, bear skin door (K)
talukuyaaq curtain
taluqsralliaqtuq browbeats
taluqsraqtuq is afraid of someone's sternness
tamaani here indeed
tammabaa lost it
tammabasrugigigaa thinking he is lost
tammabvik hell (place of suffering)
tammaqtuq is lost
tamuqtuq chews
taniayaaq half-white
tanik white person (N)
tanubaqsiruq diminishes in light
tapiqtuq is along sie, is parallel
tapsi woman's belt (K)
taputigaa takes it along
taqaq vein, artery, blood vessel (K)
taqaqpak vein, artery, blood vessel (K)
taqilakisaaq northern buttercup (Ranunculus affenis)
taqqiruq waits (K)
taqtu kidney

taquaq trail snack
tarra that's right! Then (conj.) that's all (at end of story) (K)
tarvauvva at once, immediately
tasamma down there, downriver, oceanward, in front of (N)
tasiq lagoon, lake (N)
tasiqsrubigaa stretches it
tasiqsruqtuq stretches
tasramakfa from down there (K)
tasramani located down there
tasramma down there, downriver, oceanward, in front of (K)
tasramufa towards down there
tasritchabaa stretches it
tasubaa obtains it, redeems it (N)
tasubaa ransomed, redeemed him (N,q)
tat- adds emphasis or extends direction
tatamittuq gets very frightened
tatamnaqtuq is terrible, is very frightening
tatigaa lays against it, leans against it, touches it
tatirgaq lesser sandhill crane, little brown crane (Grus canadensis)

tatqibiksuq moon shines
tatqiq month (moon)
tatqiq moon
tatqiq nuiruq new moon
taugga there (doorwards, visible)
tauqsibaa buys it
tauqsiqsuq buy
tautukkaa sees it
tautukkisigaat they will see it
tautukpaallukkiga first time I see it
tautuksieeaqtuq he simply sees
tautuktuq sees
tavlu chin
tavlubun chin tattoo
tavra that's right! Then (conj.) that's all (at end of story) (N, q)
tavrauvvaa at once, immediately (N, q)
tavrufaqsausiitchuq is uncertain about going there
tavsi man's belt (K)
tayabniq wrist

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.