"Roy Peratrovich Leaving for New Job at Anadarko, Okla."

The Daily Alaska Empire, November 17, 1955

Fifteen years residence in Juneau will end this week for the Roy Peratrovich family.

Peratrovich, for the past nine years an official in the finance department of the Alaska Native Service, leaves tomorrow for a new job and a new home. He is to become loan examiner for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the regional office at Anadarko, Okla., and it is there he will make his new home.

Accompanying Peratrovich on the trip to Oklahoma tomorrow will be his daughter, Loretta, a freshman student at Juneau High School. A son, Frank, a senior at Juneau High School, left here yesterday to spend a few days in Seattle before joining his father. Another son, Roy Jr., is a junior at the University of Washington.

Mrs. Peratrovich is to remain in Juneau for a few weeks, settling a number of personal affairs. She has been employed in the office of the Territorial Vocational Rehabilitation Director. She is well known as the Alaska representative to the National Congress of American Indians as well as being a member of the executive committee of that group.

Peratrovich’s advance to the loan examiner position in Oklahoma is a high point in his nine-year career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After serving six years with the territorial treasurer’s office here, Peratrovich became associated with the ANS in 1946.

During his association with the ANS, Peratrovich has received numerous honors and commendations for distinguished service.

He was the first Alaskan to receive a United Nations fellowship and he studied at St. Francis Xavier at Antignosis, Nova Scotia, on the fellowship.

In 1952 he was awarded a grant to study credit procedure at the Central Bank and Trust Company in Denver, Colo. Also on the grant, Peratrovich took a business course at the Denver University.

For many years Peratrovich has been an outstanding leader in the Alaska Native Brotherhood, having held the position of grand president for five consecutive years during 1940 and 1945.

He was born in Klawock and attended the government school at Chemawa, Ore., before returning to Alaska. He was graduated from Ketchikan High School and later attended Bellingham Normal College in Washington.


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