Deg Xinag-ANL 121                                          Tuesday

Weekly Teleconference Notes                             Nov 14th


Facilitated this date by Alice Taff


Attendant Speakers

Jim Dementi                              Fairbainks

Louise Winkelman                       Fairbanks

Catherine Hamilton                Legg Jitno’


Attendant Language Learners

Jim ‘Xune{’ Kerr                       Qay Xuchux

Amy Wiita                                Qay Xuchux

Cheryl Demientieff                      Qay Xuchux

Judith Lethin                              Oregon

Beth Leonard                           Fairbanks

Jesse Dementiev                       Huslia

Malinda Chase                    Gitr’ingithchagg

Melody Deacon                            Gitr’ingithchagg

Stephanie Burgoon                Gitr’ingithchagg

Tammy Jerue                     Gitr’ingithchagg

George Holly                      Tsoxtse

Barbara Ross                      Grayling

Sonta Hamilton                          Legg Jitno’

Donna McAlpine                         McGrath

Jeanette Dementi                           Legg Jitno’

Flo Walters                               Grayling


Listening & Speaking

Circle Speak

Getiy xuliqik!                            It’s really slippery


A-Ndagh dhedo?                            Where are you?

B-_______ dhisdo.                  I am in _______.


____________ si’ezre’.          my name is________. (__________my name is.)

Si’to’________vi’ezre’.           My father’s name is______. (my father_______his name is.)

Singonh_____vi’ezre’.             My mother’s name is_____. (my mother_____her name is.)

____________xist’anh.       I come from_______. (_______ area I have.)


xididltthe, he’?             Are they there? (There they are, right? [he’=the sound to make a statement into a question.])

Gidegh nonela iy.               Put it away.(Away put it there) [t or d in gidegh?]

Telet.                              Be still.

Gon nagh q’at?            Which one do you want?

Nda nixinedhit ?            What time is it?

Ndadz dinal t’anh?          How many people are there?

Ndadz dinal t’ay?            How many are there?

Ngiq’a dhist’a.                  I like you.(You liking I am)

Viq’a dhisda.                  I like him.

Go dranh                         Today. (this day)

Che vidile’iy(?)             Sing it again.

Sidhox diy gidhiq.                   I am sorry.


lek                                   dog

sileg                                my dog (notice the change from voicless to voiced in the noun stem.)

Xiday sileg, xiday sileg.          where is my dog.

Sileg k’idz, sileg k’idz          my little dog.

sileg k’idz ixedhinix           my little dog is lost.


Grammer & Pronunciation

Identifying verbs/verb-stems/areal-prefix

PHRASE                                              VERB           VERB-STEM areal prefix

Getiy xuliqik.                                      Xuliqik        qik               xi-

Juneau xist’anh.                                   xist’anh      -’anh            xi-

Betty n’ Mary Ellen xididltthe he’?          xididltthe     -tthe            xi-


of Interest for next week

Donna to send out by e-mail the words of Xiday Sileg


These notes were compiled with the help of George Holly