Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr Conversational Deg Xinag

Summary of 10/2/01 class

A{ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other.

Tr’ighedo’: Hannah, Jim, Katherine, Raymond, Beth, Sam,  Courtney, George, Jeannie, Alice.


Ade’. [Hello]

Ndadz dengit’a? [How are you?]

Ngidenax? [And you?]

Ndagh dhedo? [Where are you?]

Q’iydong ndagh ghingdo’? [Where were you yesterday?]  ghisdo’.

Venhdida’ ndagh tedo{? [Where will you be tomorrow?]  answer: “…tasdo{” [I will be in…]

Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?[How’s the weather?]

Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a'? [What was the weather yesterday?]

Dran ndadz dangit’an’? [What did you do today?] 

Ndadz ditet’e{. [What are you going to do tomorrow?] Find out the future form of the verb that you want.  …q’otasineyh [I’ll be working at ....]

Conversation between speakers: Jim, Katherine, Hannah, Raymond.

Student goals for the semester: Each student please answer this question: How will you know when you’ve reached your goals? Please e-mail your answer to Alice.

Phrases we used this class:


I don’t know about it.


I don’t know.

Ggagg k’idz litthugh (litthux?)

The bird is yellow.

Litthugh (litthux?)


Ggagg k’idz dithiq’isr.

The bird is red.


It’s red.

Ggagg k’idz {it q’odingit’a. (?)

The bird is blue. (Like smoke)

{it xiq’iy.

It’s blue.

Getiy yix xuneg.

Very nice house.

{egg Jitno’ dinayi{ genot’ux.

We’re going to Shageluk. (It’s flying (with) us to Shageluk.)

Gag qul.

There’s no berries.


It was cold.

Siye xune{. (siya)

I’m happy.

Viye xune{, he? (viya)

Are you happy?

Quth xelanh. (xel’anh?)

It’s cloudy.

Yoyan’ xelanh.(xel’anh?)

It’s clear.


I’m going to work. I will work.


I worked.

Q’o idighi{ q’osineyh.

Right now I’m working.

Giton’ ditidhiq’onh.

Leaves are turning color. [burning]

Godeg giton’ yixudz ditidhiq’onh.

Around here all the leaves are turning color.

We finished with this song.

Ni’egh Gileg:

Weather Song:


Very sunny.

Quth xelanh. (xel’anh?)

Its cloudy.

Yoyan’ xelanh. (xel’anh?)

It’s clear. (Sky only there is.)

Xiyts’in’ xelanh. (xel’anh?)

It’s Fall.

A{ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other.

Gilixudz iy. Dixudz inuxdatl.