On Dec. 4 and Dec. 11 we will meet from 6:30-8:00.

Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag]

Chenh da’ [next time] 11/28/01 class

A\ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. [We learn with each other.]


Ade’. [Hello]

Ndadz dengit’a? [How are you?]

Ngidenax? [And you?]

Ndagh dhedo? [Where are you?] answer: “…dhisdo.”

Q’iydong ndagh ghingdo’? [Where were you yesterday?] “ …ghisdo’.”

Venhdida’ ndagh tedo\? [Where will you be tomorrow?]   “…tasdo\” [I will be in…]


Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?[How’s the weather?]

Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a'? [What was the weather yesterday?]

Dran ndadz dangit’an’? [What did you do today?] 

Ndadz ditet’e\. [What are you going to do tomorrow?] Find out the future form of the verb that you want.  …q’otasineyh [I’ll be working at ....]

Ngide chenh. [Your turn.]

Conversation between speakers:

Xidingi\qat.                                                       [Questions. (Ask it.)]


Grammar [how the language is organized, operates, is put together]

Yits'i hididhingo'.

She answered him, scolded him.

Yits'i hitoha\.

What does this mean?



Yixudz ditr’atone\ .Let’s all say it.(In this list I’ll try to note which phrases we practice around with.)

Qay xichux.


Q’iydong ndagh ghingdo’?



PHRASES we use this class:


Way down river.

Ni’egh Gileg:    [Weather Song:]


Xiyts’in’ nixinedhit.

Falltime has come.

A\ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other.

Dixudz inuxdatl. Gilixudz iy. Chenh ditr’al iy. Gil ixudz iy. Gil dodo iy.