Dec. 11 we will meet from 6:30-8:00.

Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag]

Gan tr’idighine’  [What we said.] 12}4}01 class

A}ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. [We learn with each other.]

Tr’ighedo’: Jim, Hannah, Beth, Donna, Sam, Courtney, Xune}, Alice.


Ade’. [Hello]

Ndadz dengit’a? [How are you?]

Ngidenax? [And you?]

Ndagh dhedo? [Where are you?] answer: “…dhisdo.”

Q’iydong ndagh ghingdo’? [Where were you yesterday?] “ …ghisdo’.”

Venhdida’ ndagh tedo}? [Where will you be tomorrow?]   “…tasdo}” [I will be in…]

Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?[How’s the weather?]

Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a'? [What was the weather yesterday?]

Dran ndadz dangit’an’? [What did you do today?] 

Ndadz ditet’e}. [What are you going to do tomorrow?] Find out the future form of the verb that you want.  …q’otasineyh [I’ll be working at ....]

Ngide chenh. [Your turn.] or Ngidedig.  Now you.

Conversation between Jim and Hannah.

Xidingi}qat.                                        [Questions. (Ask it.)]

Ngi viye xididhiq’un idhatltth’onh.

I heard your stove.

Vi} axa.

I’m sleepy.

Tritr daghitlan’.

I cut wood.

Tritr ndagh gighiq.

I hauled wood.

Tritr xidhiso.

I went for wood.


What?  [A way to respond if someone calls your name.]

Katherine xidanh?

Where’s Katherine?




They already went by.

Te }ats yan’.

The water was muddy.

Yith qul.

No snow.

Vinginh }eggded ilix.

Month the eels come. [month fish-long fish-swim]

}eggded no’o.

Eel month [fish-long moon]

Dina xito’


Ngiq’a dista.

I love}like you.

Ya}tsighidl q’onditi}dheyh.

Juggle the ball. [The ball throw it back and forth.]

Hannah and Jim mentioned that the eels probably swam by too far from shore so no one got any this year so we talked about eeling. Courtney wondered about how to get a Native name and Sam suggested asking her grandfather’s brother’s wife, Mary, for one.    Someone from Holy Cross.  Maybe Ellen Savage. Ellen’s husband’s mom was sister to grandpa Nick’s dad.  “Put the rope across” was Sam’s father’s nick name.  Donna restrained herself from going into the “compleat” family history.

Yixudz ditr’atone}.                            [Let’s all say it.]





PHRASES we used this class:

Vi} axa.

I’m tired.  [Sleep with]

Q’uth xelanh.

It’s cloudy.

Medfra taso}, nda}on.

I’ll go to Medfra, maybe.

Ezre ngichux.

It’s really cold.


Gloves. [Lo=hand, gisr=gloves]

University nidhiso.

I went to the U.

Titr dhiso.

I got wood. [I did wood.]


I worked.


I’ll sew.

U. q’otasineyh.

I’ll work at the U.

 Gileg:                                                [Song:]

Yoyan’ xelanh.

It’s clear.

Ezre ngichux.

It’s really cold.

Q’uth xelanh, ezre tr’al

It’s cloudy and warmer.

Xiyh noxinedhit.

Winter is here.

A}ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other.

Dixudz inuxdatl. Gilixudz iy. Chenh ditr’al iy. Gil ixudz iy. Gil dodo iy.