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Dina{t’an sraqay ingt’anh?

How many children do you have?

Dina{tanh sraqay dengit’anh?

How many children do you have?

Gidegh nigenthiyi{.

They’re flying away.

Donna viyi{ gog'int'ux.

Donna was flying.

Edi vanhditox gidintldik.

Every day I go to school.

Notin siyatr’iqay ist’anh.

She has two children

T'isr qul.

There's waves.

{ek gidida{tth’e (sp?)

Dog team (dogs are hitched up?)


{ek ntidlgogg (sp?) ghidi{.

Dog race is coming.


Dineg dhatlghanh.

I killed a moose.


Dineg idhitl’anh.

I got a moose.



Straight line.


Tthixo didhi’o

Straight line



It was slippery.


Yith ni'ilighex.

Snow is melting.


Yith ntidlighan’.

Snow is melting.


Yith ntidlighenh.

Snow is melting.


Yith tl’uxdi

Wet snow


Yith tlixgi

Wet snow


Gil ixudz iy.


Chenh ditr’al iy.