Deg Xinag English Theme Verb Question
Gi{igg 1 numbers count
Gi{ixsnal 5 numbers count
Gitriqched  Half a dish [person’s name] names
Venhdida’ xinadilighusdi tasdo{.  I’m going to a meeting tomorrow go Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Xidanh _____? (Name) where’s? be (place)
Diggandidhuxliyo. (you guys) Stand up. stand up
Diggandengidhit. (you) Stand up. stand up
Gi{igging dina 20 (whole person) numbers count
Ggagg k’idz gidile. A bird is singing. seasonal sing
Doctor vimaq ntlanh A doctor’s going to look at his eyes. health look
Chel ngizrenh. A good boy
Ngistle A little bit
Eq xelanh siyozr. A little foggy. weather fog Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Dineg ting ndidhit. A moose was standing on the trail. animals stand 
Nigighon sileg tux neyo. A wolf came amongst my dogs. animals go
Nt’uxda’ After a while time
Q’unodle chux tl’oghida’. After Christmas. holiday
Yitots'in' After that, then, next,
che, chenh Again
Ixuxuyi{ All of a sudden, and then, and next
Yixudz All, entirely
Q’idong Already.
tux (dran tux) Among, during (during the day) time
Qay Xichux Anchorage [big village] place/residence
Ngidenax? And you?
Ngitax e? [like ngidenax] And you?  (Louise?)
Ts’in’     [ts’i] And, in order to, to
Gitr’ingithchagg Anvik place/residence
Gitr'ingithchagg Anvik (long skinny river mouth) place/residence
Dinadrigg xidi{chedh. Apron. clothing
Gag xelanh, he’? Are there berries? seasonal
Xididltthe, he’? Are they there? sit/stay
Viyi{ xidija{, he? Are you busy? daily busy
AFN xitsi teho/, he? Are you going to AFN? travel go
Arizona teho{? Are you going to Arizona? travel go
Duxtsan’, he? Are you guys hungry? cooking/eating hungry
Viye xune{, he? Are you happy? emotions happy
Ngiyix dhedo, he.  Are you home now? place sit/stay
Imo ingilanh, he'? Are you sick?  health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Q’on-gidineyh, he’? Are you working? occupation work
Betty yix xi’egh . Around Betty’s house. place/residence
Godeg giton’ yixudz ditidhiq’onh. Around here all the leaves are turning color. seasonal turn color/burn Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Deg Xinag Around here language language talk
antr'a As if, like
{eggded ilix tox, vigixili'in yi{ vighodix xelanh. As the eels swim up river, there's a light above them. seasonal
I{t'et   As usual, always
___ idingi{qit. Ask _(name)_ ask
Tr'ixineganh viyaxune{. Baby is happy. emotions happy
Xitthang iy Bad luck expresssions
Idiyi{ ngidiniyh. Be careful. expressions
Getiy sidinga{ ts’i. Be happy. emotions happy
Telet. Be still. expressions
Dina yetr Belief system or way of thinking [our life] beliefs
Sitthey e’odz nine{tayh. Bring me my grandchild. kinship bring
Ngighe' tongo'o. Brush your teeth. brush
da{ine' But, even so
Tl’itay niyh Cakes or cookies food/cooking
Nasrtidi{, he’? Can we go? go
Sogho ningiho? Can you visit me? visit
Liniy Candy food
Gineghan. Carry a packsack, Robert Painter’s nickname. names carry
Yozr Child, small, son kinship
Nalyagh ggingh Chips (Dried potato (vegetable)) food
Q’unodle chux ts’an xididhi{. Christmas is coming. holiday
Q’unodle Chux Christmas, holiday holiday
Q’unodlayo Church place 
{egg ghuth ya'a. Cleaned some fish. fishing  clean Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Edi dranh q’uth xelanh. Cloudy all day. weather cloudy Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
To{ tl'idz coffee food/cooking
To{ zring ghinonxididhit. Coffee time. food/cooking
Izre. Cold. I'm cold. be (cold) Ndadz dengit'a?
One siyi{ ingoq dengitl’an. Come and dance with me. dance
‘one. Come here.  (Name can be either before or after.) go
On’e (on) Come. go (come here)
Imoq Dance dance
To{ zring dark tea food/cooking
Sughiluq Dear thing
Deloy Ges deloy “hill”, ges “simple” place/residence
{egg nelax? Did the fish come? fishing go
Xin xidithitinh, he? Did the river freeze? seasonal freeze
Ingi{ chet, he' ? Did you get it?
Q’odhidiyo, he? Did you go? go
Dits’in nangi{an’, he’? Did you see the geese? seasonal  see Dranh ndadz nangi{'an'?
Xe{edz tr'aningidhit, he'? Did you wake up good? wake up
Den-gi xinangadlyo, he? Did you win some money? win money
Quth dingeloq, he’? Do you have a cold? health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
{egg Jitno' dhedo, he'. Do you live in Shageluk? place/residence live/stay Ndagh dhedo?
Viq’at, he’? Do you want it? want
Ggagg mam q’at, he’? Do you want milk? cooking/eating want Gan q'at?
Gon qat, he’? Do you want this? want
Siyi{ ingoq dengitl’an sixiq’ad, he? Do you want to dance with me? dance
{ek axa nixidiligoyh. Dog race
Q’in sighi edoy Dog team leader.
Xanghelnaghan. Don’t forget. forget
ayiggi, eyiggi down
To{ zring ngizrisr. Drink coffee. food/cooking drink
Nanhdal nigindiyi{. Ducks will be coming. seasonal fly
Ngan' dit'anh Earthquake do
Xot gehonh. Eat slowly. cooking/eating eat
Da{ine ntitlchonh. Even so it started to rain. weather rain Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
A{ixi Everyone
Nde Excuse me.
Didalne vigidiggitr Fiddle (says sound-you rub it) music
Vigidiggizr Fiddle/violin music
Xidiga{ Finally expressions
Q'en' tol Fish egg soup food
Dits'in nit'ux. Geese are here.  [flying here] seasonal fly
George, Katherine xiditltthe. George and Katherine are sitting here. sit/stay
George xidega{ ni'ideyo. George finally came. go
A’iy nda’. Give me that one. expressions give
To{ nda' iy. Give some tea here. food/cooking give
Xot dingit’anh. Go slow. (As when driving.) go
Godeg ngoho{. Go this way instead. go
Dinaxito’ God, our father kinship/people
Xunik neg Good news
Xe{edz Good, nicely, well
Ya{tsighudl ingi{yi{. Grab the ball. grab
Gon ingi{yi{. Grab this. grab
Itsa’a  ayiggi Great grandmother! (speaking directly to her) expressions
Goghon’ Half
Yi{ ghon dini{ chenh Half snow and rain. weather clear
Viyaxune{. Happy birthday.
Gidong gighehon’. He ate already. eat
Viyix xitlts’inh. He built his house. build
Xunik yi{ neyo. He came with the news. go
Xantlnix. He forgot. forget
Ntidhiyo. He left. go
Di'ne. He said. talk
Ggagg chux ting xinagha{‘an qiydong. He saw a big animal track yesterday. animals see
Ntithiyo ts’an’at. He went home. go (return)
Xantolnix. He will forget. forget
anh he, she, it, that one
Vigidiggitr dedi{ne He’s fiddling. music play music
Gidegh ni’enitht’uq. He’s flying away. travel fly
Ntidhidi{. He’s going to go home. go (return)
Itineyo’. He’s trying to go. travel go
Ade’ yixudz. Hello, everyone. greetings
Ade’ siyozr. Hello, my son. greetings
Ade’. Hello. greetings
Vitthegh Her hair
Viyeg ngizrenh. Her spirit is good. emotions
Go, got Here
Go deg xiyi{. Here, too.  [The weather is the same here.] weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Got. Here.
Vidhox diyigidhik He's sorry. emotions sorry
Yidha{.  He's yawning. yawn
Viyix His/her house
Xititl'ode xidhe'onh holiday holiday
Deloy Chet Holy Cross. Hill point or end. End of the hill. place/residence
Xiq’ogili’anhdi Hospital (where they work on people.) place 
Ndadz duxt’a? How are you all?
Ndadz dengit'a? How are you? be
Ndadz nixit'ixet'a? How are you? (?plural) be 
Ndadz dene ___ deg xiq’i. How do you say _ in Deg Xinag? talk
___ ndadz dingit’a? How is _______? be Ndadz dingit'a?
Ndadz dingit’a? How is she? be
Goga yozr ndadz dixet’a? How is the baby?  be Ndadz dingt'a?
Xin ndadz dixit’a? How is the river? seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ndadz dina{t’anh? How many (people) are there? numbers count
Ndadz dina{t’ay? How many (things) are there? numbers count
Dina{t’ay {ek ingit’anh? How many dogs do you have? have
Ndadz xuneg. How nice.
Ngiyozr ndadz dingt'a. How's your son? kinship be
Ixidiniy on’e Hurry up, and come. expressions go
Computers yix q’otasineyh. I ‘ll work with computers. occupations  work Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Engan hit’an itlanh. I am a person from outside. place/residence
Deg Hit’an itlanh. I am Deg Hit’an. heritage be (of)
___ xist’anh, I am from _______. place/residence be (from) Ndagh xits'in' ningiyo?
Gitr’ingithchagg xist’anh.  I am from Anvik. place/residence
Deloy Ges xist’anh. I am from Anvik. “Simple Hill” place/residence be (from)
  Xeyeghelinghdi xist’anh. I am from Holikachuk (Grayling). place/residence be (from)
Deloy Chet xist’anh.  I am from Holy Cross. place/residence be (from)
Sidhox diy gidhiq. I am sorry. emotions sorry
Getiy xisrigidasdhet. I am very thankful. expressions thankful
Idangasqit. I asked.
Dranedr gaghison'. I ate lunch. cooking/eating  eat Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dineg tol  ghison’. I ate moose soup. food eat Dran ndadz dangit'an'?
Getiy ngichux ghison’. I ate too much. eat
Niliq’oy datl’anh. I beaded. (did beads) sew Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Go dran Nikolai xits’i ninsiyo. I came back from Nikolai today. travel go (return) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Siyi{ q’untogh yet nisiyo. I came back in the airplane. travel fly
Ninsiyo. I came back. go (return)
Go’eda{ niso. I came just now. go
Yith q’idz q’o’idigho{ ye’itthedz niso. I came on snowmobile. travel go (by snowmachine)
Dran niso. I came today. travel go
Q’iydong niso. I came yesterday. go (arrive) Ngidong ningiyo?
Ngidistth’iq. I can hear you. hear
Vidistth’el ts’in’. I can’t hear her/him. hear
Noxtth'igg q'aniginigith ts'in. I can't find my glasses. find
Beth didhistth'iggi ts'in'. I can't hear Beth. hear
Ngididhistth'iggi ts'in'. I can't hear you. hear
Sileg oxo {egg tatvatr. I cook for my dog tomorrow. cooking/eating cook (for) Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
___ an  ghotlnik. I cooked ___________. cooking/eating  cook Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Gan ghotlnik. I cooked. cooking/eating  cook Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Tritr daghitlan’. I cut wood. daily cut wood Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dran di’etht’el ts’in’. I didn’t do anything. daily  do Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dranh didhistthe'l ts'in'. I didn't do anything today. daily do Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dranh didhist'an ts'in'. I didn't do anything. daily do Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Quth diselel ts’in’. I don’t have a cold. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
{ek idiniso. I don’t have a dog. have
Vantr’ixisineg. I don’t know about it. know
Gantr’ixithneg. I don’t know much yet. know
Xantr’ixisineg. I don’t know. know
Gits' isonahadeget'a. I don't feel good. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Ventrixuthneg. I don't know. know
Esre'. I don't know. know
Sileg igitlanh. I fed my dogs. feed
Xidega{ ninisiyo. I finally came. travel go
Ghinansinek. I fix things. occupations work
Q’untogh yet siyi{ e’odz ginit’uq. I flew in. (Airplane with me coming over it flew.) travel fly
Yixudz vandhiginix. I forgot everything. forget
Vandhiginix. I forgot it. forget
Sigisr vandhiginix. I forgot my mittens. clothing forget
Sigisr vandhiginix. I forgot my mittens. clothing forget
Xandhiginix. I forgot. forget
Vinaxa{tseg diggindhisdo. I got up early. time of day get up
Tritr dhiso. I got wood. daily get wood Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Nasyonh. I grew up. place/residence grow up
Tritr ndagh gighiq. I hauled wood. daily get wood Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Notin sraqay ist’anh. I have 2 children. have children
Gi{isnalingh sraqay ist’anh. I have 5 children. kinship have children
Gi{iggsnal siyi{ xethdlan. I have 5 sisters. [5 with me siblings] kinship have siblings
{ek ist’anh. I have a dog have
Sraqay idiniso. I have no children. have children
Quth diseloq. I have the flu. I have a cold. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Hannah idhatltth’onh. I hear Hannah. hear
Ngi viye xididhiq’un idhatltth’onh. I heard your stove. hear
Diva{o tr’al q’idon ingdinaxda’ I hope you get better. health Ndadz dengit'a?
Dinalo’ axa didalney. I just have to play music. [Our hand with play.] music play music
Xinxusniyh. I know. know
Viq’a dhisda. I like him. like
Ngiq’a dhist’a. I like you. emotions like
{egg Jitno' dhisdo. I live in Shageluk. place/residence live/stay Ndagh dhedo?
Vixidhitlnix. I lost it. lose
Inga dist’a. I love you. emotions like
Dranh dineg tol dhitlts'enh. I made moose soup. cooking/eating  make Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Ditlsenh. I made one. make
Yi’esghonh. I made some. make
Dran sileg yi{ q’odigiq’oq. I ran around with my dogs. outdoor activities  go (run around) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Ngohan{toyh. I respect you. expressions respect
Digenegh dench’e dits’in naghatl’an’. I saw 4 geese in McGrath. seasonal  see Dran ndadz nangi{'an'?
Dranh dits'in nighitl'anh. I saw geese today. seasonal  see Dranh ndadz nangi{'an'?
Dits’in nighitl’an’. I saw geese. seasonal  see Dranh ndadz nangi{'an'?
Rose xiq’ogili’anhdi nightl'an’. I saw Rose at the hospital place see Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Niligguy qongididlq’on’ I sew beads. sew
Taso{. I started out. go (start out)
Yix ghisdo’. I stayed at home. sit/stay Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dran siyix dhisdo. I stayed home today. daily  stay Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Yixo xinisayh. I talked about you guys again. talk
Jesse yi{ xighisngo’. I talked to Jesse. daily  talk Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Gits’i’in q’ongedoyh xita  nginisdhinh. I thought you were out trapping. seasonal trap
Ya{tsighudl q’on dititltheyh. I throw the ball back and forth. (juggle) throw
Dran xiq’ogili’anhdi nidhiso. I visited the hospital today (where they work on people.) daily  visit Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Ngi'egh q’odhisiyo. I walked around. go (around)
Xithitinh xingo oyh idinh q’odithiyo. I walked without snowshoes on the crust. seasonal walk
Q’odhisiyo.  I walked. [Q’o- = around, -dh- = perfective (action completed) –s- = I or me, -yo =  one person, perfective, go by foot] go (walk around)
Viq’at. I want it. want
Dineg tol q’at. I want moose soup. cooking/eating want Gan q'at?
Tl’itay t’udz chux viq’idz ni{tux xelyoy q’at. I want pizza. food/cooking want
To{ q'at. I want tea. food/cooking want Gan q'at?
Viyi{ xinsayh sixi q’at. I want to talk with you. talk
Q’iydong ____ ghisdo’. I was (somewhere) yesterday. sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Xina xatidlghisr ghisdo’. I was at a meeting. sit/stay Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Siyix ghisdo’. I was at home. sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Q’o’isineyhdi ghisdo’. I was at work. [My work place was I staying.] sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Fairbanks xidhitlanh. I was born at Fairbanks. place/residence born
Siyi{ xidija{. I was busy. daily busy Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Q’iydong got ghisdo’. I was here yesterday. sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Couch q’idz didhist’anh. I was just lying on the couch. lay down Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Q’odhisineyh dixiq’idz dist’anh. I was pretending to work. work (pretend) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Niligguy axa q’on-gidaghtlqon’. I was sewing beads. sew Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dran q’on-gidighitlqon’. I was sewing today. sewing  sew Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Jesse yi{ xinisayh xingo ngan’ dighit’an’. I was talking to Jesse during the earthquake. (Jesse with I am talking while earth it was going.)  talk Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Ton gidhitlo. I washed clothes. daily wash Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Tsoq ton ditlo. I washed dishes. daily wash Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Sitthigg ton dhitlo. I washed my dishes. daily wash Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Siyix nondhisiyo. I went back home. place go (return)
Ngi{ngathdi nidhiso. I went for a long walk. go (by walking)
Tritr xidhiso. I went for wood. daily get wood Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
University nidhiso siyix xits’in q’odhisiyo. I went home from the University and worked around my house. go (go around)
Insiyo. I went home. daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Xi’in nithiyo. I went home. place/residence go (return)
Nisiyo. I went home. go
Gits’in q’odhisiyo. I went hunting. hunting go (around) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Q'o'ent'ux yet nidhiso. I went on (with) an airplane. travel go (by airplane)
Xivighun' nidhiso. I went there to visit people. visit
Arizona nidhiso. I went to Arizona. travel go
Gidiqad getiy xelonghdi nidhiso. I went to lots of stores daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Gidina{dikdi nidhiso. I went to school. daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Xiq'ogili'anhdi nidhiso. I went to the hospital. go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Party on nidhiso. I went to the party. go
Q’osinekdi nondisiyo. I went to the place where I work. occupation work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Gidiqad godhisiyo. I went to the store. daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
University nidhiso. I went to the university. go
Qun’tix q’odhisiyo. I went walking visiting. (going from house to house.) go (around) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Deloy Chet sigida{tidl yi{ dineg oqo q’odhisiyo siyozr yi{. I went with my gun moose hunting around Holy Cross with my son. hunting  hunt Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
___ nidhiso. I went… daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Xughenatlnik ts’in’ xantaginix. I will forget that I’m tired. (When I hear that dance music!) forget
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i taso{. I will go to Louise's house tomorrow. place go
Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i taso{. I will go to the store tomorrow. place go
Q’on-gatatlqon’. I will sew. sew Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tidhasol ts'in'. I won't go to Louise's house tomorrow. place go
Xe{edz q’o’sineyh ninitl’an tux. I work better when I never see him. expressions work
Siyix q’odhisineyh. I worked at home. occupation work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Den-gidhitlodi q’odhisinek. I worked at the bank. occupation  work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Gidina{dikdi q'osinek. I worked at the school. occupation  work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Sitsiy oxo q’odhisinek. I worked for my grandpa. work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Atthing Qay Xichux q'osinek. I worked in downtown Anchorage. daily activities  work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Ngi'egh q'osinek. I worked outside. daily work
Dran q’odhisinek. I worked today. occupation  work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Giligik yi{ q’osineyh. I worked with papers. occupation  work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Q’odhisinek I worked. occupation work Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Getiy yi{ ntasxiniyh. I’ll be careful. expressions be careful
Venhdida’ q’agh ntasdo{. I’ll come back tomorrow. go (return)
Ngan’ q’o’idighul taste{. I’ll drive a car. travel go (by car)
Fairbanks q’o’edighul. I’ll drive to Fairbanks. travel go (drive)
University xits’in tasdo{. I’ll go back to the U. go
Xitasdoyh. I’ll go there. go
Xina xatidlghisr tasdo{ I’ll go to a meeting. go Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Medfra taso{, nda{on. I’ll go to Medfra, maybe. place/residence go Ndadz ditet'e{?
Gidina{dikdi nighin tasdo{. I’ll go to school. occupations go Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Xina xatidlghisrdi xits’in tasdo{. I’ll go to the meeting tomorrow. go Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Vixitagi’ex. I’ll learn. learn
Fairbanks ntaso{. I’ll return to Fairbanks. travel go
Venhdida’ go tasdo{ I’ll stay here tomorrow. go Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Go tasdo{. I’ll stay here. sit/stay Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Q’otasineyh ISER. I’ll work at ISER. occupations  work Vendida' ndadz ditet'e{?
U. q’otasineyh. I’ll work at the U. occupation work Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
___ itlanh. I’m (name). be
Gishagh itra’ itlanh. I’m a white woman. heritage be (of)
Siyix dhisdo. I’m at home. sit/stay
Siyotr’a’ viyix dhedo. I’m at my daughter’s house. place/residence sit/stay
Office dhisdo. I’m at the office. sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Q’osineyh dhisdo. I’m at where I work. sit/stay
Q’odisineyhdi dhisdo I’m at work. occupation work
Sileg ghon’ viyi{ xidija{. I’m busy with my dogs. daily busy Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Xanitl’i{. I’m dreaming. dream
To{ zring iszrisr. I’m drinking coffee. food/cooking drink
Te isininh. I’m drinking water. drink
Iszrisr. I’m drinking. (Tea, coffee…) drink
Xe{edz donisiyoq. I’m feeling better. health Ndadz dengit'a?
Vigidiggitr deditlne. I’m fiddling. music play music
Vigisggitr I’m fiddling. play music
Xe{edz dist’a. I’m fine. greetings Ndadz dengit'a?
Ithitinh. I’m freezing. cold
Engan qay xichux xist’anh. I’m from a big city outside. place/residence
Srighots’in’ ngiyo. I’m glad you (one person) came. happy
Grayling xits’i taso{. I’m going (to go) to Grayling. travel go Ndadz ditet'e{?
Yith q’idz q’o’idighol siyi{ q’otidigho{. I’m going for a ride on the snowmachine. travel go (by snowmachine) Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Enasta{. I’m going to go to bed. go to bed
Itldhatltth’e{.. I’m going to listen. listen
Q’otasineyh. I’m going to work. I will work. occupations  work Vendida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Go dhisdo siya xune{. I’m happy to be here. emotions happy
Dists’an’. I’m hungry. cooking/eating  be hungry Dengitsan' he'?
___ dhisdo. I’m in _______. place/residence live/stay Ndagh dhedo?
Deg Inegh dhisdo. I’m in McGrath. place/residence live/stay Ndagh dhedo?
Go dhisdo ts’in’ silo gheg toxusa{. I’m just sitting here counting my fingers. expressions count
Deg Xinag oxonigi’an’. I’m learning Deg Xinag. learn
Niligguy ditlan ts’i xixenagi’an’. I’m learning to bead. sew (learn)
Q’osineyh oqo xinitl’anh. I’m looking for a job. look
Deg Hit’an itla’ ts’in’. I’m not Deg Hit’an. heritage be (of)
Xits’i tidhasol ts’in’. I’m not going there. go
Yidhitl’izr ts’in’. I’m not sneezing. health sneeze
Getiy dhisdhi{. I’m really hot. weather hot
Go dhisdo. I’m right here. sit/stay
Jesse yi{ xinisayh. I’m talking to Jesse. talk
Sraqay vigidigizr xandixudinitl’anh. I’m teaching kids to fiddle. teach
Xisrigidisddhinh. I’m thankful. thankful
Xughenatlnik. I’m tired. tired Ndadz dengit'a?
Deg xiq’i xintisiyh xintr’ixathneg. I’m trying to learn Deg Xinag. learn
Ghuso{. I’m walking. go (walk)
Siyix q’o’isinek. I’m working at home. occupation work
Ngidighitlqat ts’in’ xiqul. I’ve got nothing to ask you. ask
Chenh yi{dax. Ice is running. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Te yi{ dax. Ice is still running. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Teqxavon chenh xelanh. Ice on the edge. seasonal
{egg tol q'at. I'd like some fish soup. cooking/eating want Dengitsan' he'?
Nelang tol q'at. I'd like some meat soup. food/cooking want Gan q'at?
Si yetr xelanhda’. If there’s still breath in me. expressions
Genavadr yi{ tthe. I'll cut half-dried fish. fishing cut
Venhdida' chenh q'on-gatatlqon'. I'll sew again tomorrow. sew Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Digiquth. I'm coughing. health cough Ndadz dengit'a?
Disiquth. I'm coughing. health cough Ndadz dengit'a?
Godin dhist'a. I'm feeling fine. health Ndadz dengit'a?
Sedig xe{edz dhist'a. I'm fine too. Ngidenax?
Xe{edz dhist'a. I'm fine.
Ntasdo{. I'm going now. (walking) go
Siyaxune{. I'm happy. emotions happy
Godhisdo. I'm here. sit/stay
Tr'inay itlanh. I'm lonely. emotions lonely Ndadz dengit'a?
Siyi{ xidija{ qul. I'm not busy. daily busy Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Getiy siyi{  xidija{. I'm really busy. daily busy Ndadz dengit'a?
Getiy xe{edz dhist'a. I'm really fine. expressions be Ndadz dengit'a?
Tr'evo itlanh. I'm sad. emotions sad Ndadz dengit'a?
Sidhux diyigidhik. I'm sad. emotions sad
Imo itlanh. I'm sick. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Vi{ axa. I'm sleepy. sleepy Ndadz dengit'a?
Yitl'isr. I'm sneezing. health sneeze
Qay Xichux dhisdo. I'm staying in the big village (Anchorage). place/residence sit/stay
Getiy sedig its'ex. I'm sure (really) happy. emotions happy Ndadz dengit'a?
Getiy siya xune{. I'm sure (really) happy. emotions happy Ndadz dengit'a?
Getiy isrenh ine' siyi{ xidija{. I'm sure fine but busy. daily busy Ndadz dengit'a?
Ogho xayoditl'anh I'm thinking. (or worrying about something) worry
University q'osinek. I'm working at the university. occupation work
Nt'ux xiyozr. In a little while. Later. time
Q’untogh yet ntaso. In an airplane I will return. travel go (return)
Ndagh tr’ixo{tthe{? In Shageluk where will we sleep? sleep
___ adhido, he? Is _(name) here?
Seattle xi{ so{ ditidhi'on, he? Is it getting dark in Seattle? time of day dark
Xe{edz, he’? Is it right?
Ts'an Is that so, is that right
Gits’in’, he’? Is that wrong? expressions wrong
Etthe xunik xelanh? Is there any news? expressions
Yith xelanh, he? Is there snow? weather snow
Dranh yitongo nixididhi{. It gets warm during the day. weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xigide’on’. It is sunny. weather sunny Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
{ek dhitl’ighanh. It killed a dog. kill
Ghi{ chon’. It rained. weather rain Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy inis yotth. It really snowed. It's trying to snow. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ghi{ yoth. It snowed. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Che nititlchonh. It started to rain. weather rain Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Gitr’ingithchagg xits’in’ (from). It starts in Anvik. start (from)
Xidighe’on’ tr’al. It was a little sunny. weather sunny Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yoyan’ xighela’. It was clear. weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Q’uth xughela’. It was cloudy. weather cloudy Ngi'egh ndadz dixighet'a?
Xighezre’ It was cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixighet'a?
Izre xighela’. It was cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xe{edz yuxyi{ xighisngo’. It was good to talk to you (many). talk
Xe{edz ngiyi{ xighisngo’. It was good to talk to you. expressions talk
Q’uth yan’ xighela’. It was just cloudy. weather cloudy Ng'iegh ndadz dixighet'a?
Tr’i’ne It was said. talk
Xigidighe’on’. It was sunny. weather sunny Ngi'egh ndadz dixighet'a?
Xigaxi’on’. It will be sunny. weather sunny
Iy it, 3rd person inanimate
Q’unodle chux ghinon xididhit. It’s already Christmas. holiday
Trod{ix It’s bad.
Yith yi{ xideytr’iyh. It’s blowing snow. weather snow
{it xiq’iy. It’s blue. color be (color)
Q’unodle chux ngiye xune{. It’s Christmas, be happy. [Merry Christmas.] holiday happy
Q’unodle chux sidinga{ts’eyh. It’s Christmas, be happy. [Merry Christmas.] holiday happy
Yoyan’ xelanh. It’s clear. [Sky only there is.] weather clear Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yo inxaditlne. It’s clearing off. weather clear Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Q’uth xelanh It’s cloudy. weather cloudy Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Izre xelanh. It’s cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
So{ de’on’. It’s dark. time of day get dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Tsighi{ de'on'. It’s dark. time of day get dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Tso{ de’on’. It’s dark. time of day get dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Eq xelanh. It’s foggy. weather fog Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Nixiditeyh. It’s freezing. weather freeze Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy izre ni’etithichox. It’s getting really cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xitidli’an’. It’s getting to be daylight. time of day become light
Viqul iy It’s gone. be (gone)
Srighots’in’ nuxdatl. It’s good you (several people) . happy
Dixudz inuxdatl. It’s good you came. (Thank you for coming.) expressions
Xezrenh. It’s good. weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ngizrenh. It’s good.
Xedhi{. It’s hot. weather hot
Vixetralth qul. It’s not hard.
Tr’al ts’i izre. It’s not very cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Go qul. It’s nothing. expressions
Getiy diggiquth. It’s really bad.
Getiy quth xelanh. It’s really cloudy. weather cloudy Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Izre ngichox. It’s really cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy eq ngichox. It’s really foggy.  Really fog big. weather fog Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy vixatroth iy. It’s really hard. expressions
Getiy vixetroth iy. It’s really hard. expressions
Getiy xuliqik! It’s really slippery. It’s very icy! seasonal slippery Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Dithiq’isr. It’s red. Red color be (color)
I{ yoth tr’al. It’s snowing a little bit. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yith yi{ gata{tthet. It’s snowing and stormy. weather snow
I{ yoth Fairbanks godeg. It’s snowing here in Fairbanks weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
I{ yoth It’s snowing. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xidine tl’ek. It’s sting-y cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Viyanxone{ ngixudidhit. It’s your birthday.
Tr'al tr'ixidetr'iyh. It's a little windy here. weather wind Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
I{t'iy xidetr'iyh. It's always windy. weather wind Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Nidizighatl. It's calming down. weather
Deg q'uth xelanh. It's cloudy. weather cloudy Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Izre antr'e xiyhts'in’. It's cold like Fall. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
So{ ditidhi'on’. It's getting (starting to get) dark. time of day get dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ghi{ ghatl. It's getting dark. time of day dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xi{ so{ ditidhi'on. It's getting dark. time of day get dark Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Dranh xitidit'ux. It's going to storm. (Bad weather.) weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Nixighe{. It's melting. weather melt Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xidetr'iyh qul. It's not windy. weather wind Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy izre ngichux. It's really cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy izre xelanh. It's really cold. weather cold Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy xeydhi{. It's really hot. weather hot Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Getiy xu{ te'isr. It's really muddy. seasonal muddy Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xulegg. It's Spring. seasonal
Che nititlyotth. It's started to snow again. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xidetr'iyh. It's windy. weather wind Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Jim Fairbanks q’untogh yet viyi{ e’odz genit’uq, Beth di’ne. Jim flew in to Fairbanks. (Airplane with him coming over it flew.) Beth said. travel fly
Gag te’ Juice. cooking/eating
Sraqay viyen xidax. Kids are mad. emotions mad
Sraqay xidilighisr. Kids are playing around. play
Digenegh Kuskokwim people kinship/people
Ngan' land [also means earth, world, floor, ground]
Oghixiyh Last winter time
Oghidong Last year time
Git'on yeg Leaf shadow plants
Git'on' Leaves plants
Git'on' i{ogo ditidl totl. Leaves are bursting out. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Git’on’ deq’onh. Leaves are turning color. [burning] seasonal turn color/burn Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Git’on’ ditidhiq’onh. Leaves starting to turn color. [burning] seasonal turn color/burn Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr. Let's talk Deg Xinag. talk
Deg xiq’i tr'ixinthag. Let's talk Deg Xinag.  talk
Vituxodal dhidlodi Library [Book (out of it we read) place] place
To{ q'ul light tea food/cooking
Ine' Listener’s expression when hearing stories
Tr’ixineganh k’idz Little baby
Tr'edha lo, suddenly
Gidhiyh xits’in ni{q’adz ts’i xinitl’anh. Loche was looking around. look
Ingan xiyith. Long ways out. (Seattle from AK) place/residence
Xining{'anh! Look! see
Ggagg k’idz getiy longh gidalyiyh. Lots of birds are singing. seasonal sing
Getiy vigidiggitr longh Lots of fiddles [very fiddle many] music
Dina longh Lots of people kinship/people
Noghiniy getiy longh Lots of rabbits animals
Getiy ggux longh Lots of rabbits numbers
Venhdida’ Louise Richard yi{ ngan’ q’idz q’o’idighol yet edodz xitodi{. Louise and Richard are coming up tomorrow by car. travel go (by car)
Da{t'ol yot'igighe'on' Lunar eclipse sky Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
To{ ni{tse. Make tea. food/cooking make
Ts'in' Manner ADVERB, and, in order to, to  negative
Long. Longh Many, much, lots
Giyema yeg giq’idixit’anh Mask dance seasonal dance
Da{on genavadr lay soxo ngit'otth. Maybe cut me some half-dried fish fishing cut
Hotel nda{on dhedo. Maybe he’s in a hotel. sit/stay
Nda{on tasdo{. Maybe I’ll go. travel go
Agide viyen xune{. Maybe they’re happy. emotions happy
Nda{on. Maybe.
Deg Inegh McGrath (over there) place/residence
Sidedig. Me too.
Yitongo Meanwhile
Xina xatidlghisrdi Meeting place [Where they talk.] place 
Xina xatidlghisrdo’ Meetings meet
Xina xatidlghisr Meetings
Vinginh {eggded ilix. Month the eels come. [month long-fish fish-swim] seasonal go (swim?)
Dineg Moose animals
Dinavonh ye xivigidranh Mothers' Day holiday
Gidalne Musical instrument music
Sigo k'idz viya xune{. My baby is happy. emotions happy
Sinesrin imo. My back hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Sitthe' xughe'initlniq My brain is tired. tired
Ughuda nididong ningiyo’. My cousin when did you come? Women to women kinship go
‘Isda’ nididong ningiyo. My cousin, when did you come? (Men to men) kinship go
Sito’ vidadr qul. My dad doesn’t have any sisters. kinship
Siyozr edong imo ghela'. My daughter was sick yesterday. health sick
Siyotr’a’ ________vi’ezre’. My daughter’s name is_______. kinship
Sittha’ yozr My dear one kinship
Sileg yetthi’. My dog is barking bark
Sidzigh imo qul. My ear doesn't hurt. health hurt
Sidzigh imo. My ear hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Simaq imo. My eye hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Sito' Deloy Chet nadheyon'. My father grew up in Holy Cross. place/residence
Si’to’________vi’ezre’. My father’s name is______. kinship Ngito' ndadz vi'ezre'?
Sits’ida’on My friend, my relation kinship
Sitley’a My grandchild. (Calling) kinship
Sitley’a My grandchild. (Speaking directly to the grandchild) kinship
Sitsiy / iva’a My grandfather / “Grandfather!” kinship
___ sitsiy vi’ezre'. my grandfather's name is _____. kinship Ndadz ngitsiy vi'ezre'?
Sitse / itsa’a My grandmother / “Grandmother!” kinship
Sitthe' imo. My head hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Itthe' imo.  My head hurts. (body part + imo  =  body part hurts) health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Fairbanks siqay. My home is in Fairbanks. place/residence sit/stay
Siqing’ imo ngilanh. My husband is sick. health be (sick)
Sichidl k’idz My little brother kinship
Sileg k’idz ixedhinix. My little dog is lost. be (lost)
Sito’ singonh yi{ Fairbanks ni{nedz xididatl. My mother met my father in Fairbanks. kinship meet
Singonh_____vi’ezre’. My mother’s name is_____. kinship
Si'ezre' My name  (-zre’ name, call)
___ si’ezre’. my name is________. Ndadz ngi'ezre'?
Siq'uth imo. My neck hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Sittha’neg My nice daughter kinship
Sanh ditr’ixinelingh. My nose is running. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Sanhtse tr’ixenelingh. My nose is running. health be (sick) Ndadz dengit'a?
Sidithniqay Canada xits’i xixet’anh. My parents are from Canada. place/residence be (from)
Siyozr _________vi’ezre’. My son’s name is _________.
Sigigitol My soup food/cooking forget
Siyeg My spirit
Sidhaq imo. My throat is sore. health hurt Ndadz dengi'ta?
Sighe' imo. My tooth hurts. health hurt Ndadz dengit'a?
Sedig chenh. My turn again.
Sedig digiy. My turn.
Sitoyix My uncle's house kinship
Si’ot imo ngilanh. My wife is sick. health be (sick)
Da{dzits Native dancing dance
Idaghi{hethdlanh New born baby
Q’unodle tl’oghdi Next week time
Neg Nice, pretty
Enedz Hit’an Nikolai people place/residence
Ots’i'iy No
Viyan' No
Enh No (I don’t want to) want
Tlagg No good; shabby, dilapidated
Xunik qul. No news.
Yith qul. No snow. weather snow
George viqul. No, George.
Enagh iy. No.
Inagh iy. No. Leave it! expressions
Izre qul. Not cold. It’s chinook weather. weather warm Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Tth’e. Not yet. Still.
Dixist'an ts'in’. Nothing going on.
Giqul. Nothing.
De ista’ ts’in’ Nothing’s wrong. Not bad. expressions
{eggded no’o November [the month of eels] [long-fish moon] seasonal
Qel tritr Old grandmother wood (willows that are easy to get.) expresssions
Q'i on
Q'idz on
Yiqin xido’. On the edge of the Yukon.
Gi{iggin One person. numbers count
Xuyan' Only, alone, by oneself
Yan' Only, alone, just
Xizro Only, just
Zro Only, just, plainly
Xizro lo chenh Only, maybe, again (hard to translate expresssions
Dinaxito' q’unodle chux xethdlanh. Our father was born on Christmas. seasonal born
Dinaxito' xethdlanhdi; dranh nonxididhit. Our father was born; it’s the day. seasonal born
Dinaxito’, ngogho xisrigizrdiddhinh. Our father, we are thankful to you. beliefs thankful
Dinatthey Our grandchild (grandchildren) kinship
Natthey Our grandchildren kinship
Dina xinag Our language
Engthe’ teyan’ xelanh. Out in the middle is only water. (not frozen yet) seasonal
Engan xigi gag te’ Outside juice (Like orange juice.) cooking/eating
Srel People singing at the stick dance sing
Tl’itay t’udz chux viq’idz ni{tux xelyoy Pizza (Big flat bread with a mixture on top) food/cooking
Deg xitthagg. Places I never saw before. travel
Ghiluq Poor thing expressions
Kula! Poor thing! expressions
Gilegiq xidi’alyayhdi Post office place
Imk’i xe{edz. Pretty near good. expressions
Gidegh nonela iy. Put it away. put away
Go nine'oyh iy. Put it here. put
Vixi nixindlighon giye ngila. Put those toys away. put away
Ngidag nonde{cheth. Put your coat on clothing put on
He’ Question marker
Noghiniy, ggux Rabbit animals
Chonh ni’ideteyh. Rain is freezing right now. weather freeze Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Vaxa xiditrid Rake rake
Getiy xidija{. Really busy. daily busy Ndadz dengit'a?
Viyan’ Really no, it’s not good. (If you don’t want it.)
{o Really, true
{ek q’izr Red dog color be (color)
Gogide’ Right here
Go’eda{ q’osineyh Right now I’m working. occupation work
Q’o idighi{ q’osineyh. Right now I’m working. occupation work
Yitoyiggi Right now,then, thereupon
Ginandidoy ninat'uq. Robin flew back. seasonal fly
___ xit’anh. S/he is from… place/residence be (from) Ndagh xits'in' neyo?
Ghuxo{. S/he is walking. go (walk)
Xinxuniyh. S/he knows. know
Di'ne S/he said, s/he says thus talk
Yi{ne. S/he said, s/he says to him/her talk
Ne S/he says talk
Toho{. S/he started out. go (start out)
Xinayh S/he talks. He’s making a speech. talk
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tithol ts'in'. S/he won't go to Louise's house tomorrow. place go
Q’odiniyh. S/he worked. occupation work
Edo’ ts’in’ S/he’s not here. be (here)
Sam siyi{ xa{tsin’ gigehon’. Sam and I had dinner. cooking/eating eat Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Sam gilegiq Sam’s papers
Deg xiyi{ yixudz dixet’a. Same here.  (weather) weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Che yixudz. Same thing.
Che yixudz didene. Say it again. (again everything say) talk
___ dene. Say…. (As when speakers tell a student how to pronounce something.) talk
Gidina{dikdi School place 
Venhdida’ ninge nagi’e{. See you tomorrow. see
Ninge nagi’e{. See you. expresssions
Viggi te tathdling ithitin. Sewer pipe froze. freeze
{egg Jitno' Shageluk place/residence
Xina{nix. She forgot. forget
Diliquth. She’s coughing. health cough
Xughe'initlniq She’s tired. tired
Chel yiq’i dingitan yi{ q’o’edoyh. She’s walking around with a boy that she likes. daily  go around
Che vidile iy. Sing it again. sing
Q’oda{ji Skiis (Go around on split sticks.) ski
Deg xiyi{ ixudinek. Snow is gone around here. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yith ixudidinek. Snow is gone. seasonal snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Dranh yitongo yith nitilghenh. Snow is melting every day. weather melt Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yith q’idz q’o’idighol. Snow machine travel
Ndagh xingith. So long ways. (So far away.) place/residence
Deg Xinag dindldig vantr’alnilay. So we will remember Deg Xinag. expressions remember
No'oy yot'igighe'on' Solar eclipse weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Q’in sighi hol Some one going ahead
Nigighon athdlanh. Someone got a wolf. hunting/trapping get (hunt)
Ngidixsin yix gini{’anh. Something (somebody) looking at you from up there. expressions look
To{ tth'og soup bowl food/cooking
To{, -tol soup, coffee, brewed tea, hot beverage, stew food/cooking
Deg Hit'an oxo xinayh. Speaking for Native people. (Native lawyer) occupations talk
Giyeg Spirit beliefs
Xulegg nonxitididhit. Springtime is here. seasonal
Xindige’oh Standing tree plants
Didlang xindighe’oh  Standing tree plants
Srel gileg Stick dance song ceremonies
Xeyididitthiy Stick dance stick ceremonies
Gidiqad Store place
Nigenoggizrin Stretch rope across [person’s name] stretch across
Gitth’e i{tthith Sucking fish heads [person’s name] names
Gan tr’idighine’. Summary [What we said. ] talk
Q'uth oghotugg xigide'on'. Sunshine between the clouds. weather sunny Ngi'egh ndadz dighet'a?
Deg xiqi siyi{ xinexayh. Talk DX with me. talk
Deg xiqi dinayi{ xinexayh. Talk DX with us. talk
Xot didene. Talk slow. talk
Nixini’o’ Tea partners dance dance
To{ ghinonxididhit. Tea time. food/cooking
Getiy dogidinh. Thank you very much. expressions thankful
Dogidinh. Thank you. expressions
Xisrigizrdiddhinhdi dranh Thankful day. holiday thankful
Xisrigidisdhinhdi dran nixididhit. Thanksgiving (thankful day) is coming. holiday thankful
Yadz That way
Agide edi xunik. That’s all the news. expressions
Dodo. That’s enough. expressions
Ade’ gila. That’s good. expressions
Agide sroghidz ts’in’. That’s good. (Something you’ve done.) expressions
Agide sroghidz. That’s good. (Something you’ve done.) expressions
Gil iy. That’s ok (You’re welcome) expressions
Agide dixu. That’s pretty good, that’s fine. expressions
Getiy ngizrenh. That’s really good. expressions
Agide {o’ ts’in’. That’s really true. expressions
Agide iy. That's good enough. (good bye) expressions
Q’untogh ninot’uq. The airplane came. travel fly
Ggagg k’idz {it q’odingit’a. The bird is blue. (Like smoke) be (a color)
Ggagg k’idz dithiq’isr. The bird is red. be (a color)
Ggagg k’idz litthugh. The bird is yellow. be (a color)
Chel qay yixidets’an’. The boys are hungry. hungry
Doyon ghiho{. The chief (wolverine or wolf) is coming. expressions go (by walking)
Dranh di{ngath. The days are getting longer. seasonal become light Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Chaynik na{chux. The kettle’s boiling. cooking/eating boil (make noise?)
Do{to getiy vits'i xili'an'. The moon is bright. time of day shine Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ting xuliqik. The roads are (trail is) slippery. seasonal slippery Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yixudz dixet’a. The same.
No’oy vits’i xedhi{. The sun is hot. (Sun, from it, it’s hot.) weather hot Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
No’oy getiy vits’i xedhi{. The sun is really hot. weather hot Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Ngitthe xin ting xithetinh. The trail on the river is still hard. seasonal frozen Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Didlang nadhi{ yi{ van i{. The trees are warm. seasonal warm
Te {ats yan’. The water was muddy. muddy
Edi dran trixet’igh. The weather is bad. weather Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Xideytr’iyh ts’i izre ngichux. The wind is cold. weather wind Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yixdedig. Them too.
axaxi{dik Then, and then
xi{dik, xi{di Then, and then
Yixi There (area)
Yit There (specific)
Dits'in getiy longh deg yiytongo. There are lots of geese around here. seasonal
Ngan’ dit’an’. There is an earthquake. (earth it is doing.) do
Dineg siyix xi’egh q’o’edoyh. There was a moose in my back yard animals go (around)
Gag qul. There’re no berries. seasonal
Yith ngichux. There’s lots of snow. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Gido{t’ol. There’s moon light. time of day shine Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Deg itongo ineyaxey longh. There's lots of flowers around here. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Deg itongo ineyaxey qul. There's no flowers around here. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Deg itongo xigide'on'. There's sunshine around here. weather sunny Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yixi’ethdlax. They already went by. go (by boat?)
Vantr’ilnix. They forgot. forget
Chighiligguy athdlanh. They got a fox. hunting/trapping get (hunt)
Nigighun athdlanh. They got a wolf. hunt get
Xinathiyonh. They grew up. grow up
Xinxixuniyh. They know. know
Tr'in'ne They say, we say, someone says talk
Xinaxidilighisr. They talked. talk
Ngini{chin dighi{chith. They tied it in the back of their head. tie
Qo’edida{. They were walking. daily go (walk around)
Xinaxatilighisr. They will talk. talk
Xe{edz dixet’a ine’ yixetrix. They’re fine but they’re crying. emotions cry
Idogho xiyo dingil'an'. Think about yourself. (in the future) expressions think
Vanhdong no’oy gisr ye ditl’ineg. This morning the sun had mittens on.  (I saw a sun dog this morning.) weather wear Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Dadz This way, thus expressions
Deg This, these, here
Ngi’in tengi{. Throw it away. (Pour liquid away.) pour
Q’on diti{theyh. Throw it back and forth. (juggle) throw
Xits'i to (toward)
Dinatsili’anh. To us they were acting funny. be
Qigidist’oyh To wear out your feet walking [person’s name] go (walk around)
Go dranh Today (this day)
Dran ton xidagitanh. Today I took a bath. daily wash Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Go dran xiq’ogili’anhdi nidhiso. Today I went to the hospital. daily  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Dran gidiqad ntaso{. Today I’ll go to the store. daily go
Dran q’on-giditlqon’ Today I’m sewing. sewing  sew Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Venhdida' Tomorrow time
Venhdida’ q’otasineyh. Tomorrow I’ll be working. occupation work
Venhdida’ gitringithchagg siyi{ genot’ux. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Anvik. travel fly
Venhdida’ g’an nitl’ade xits’i tasdo{. Tomorrow I’m going out trapping. [to where I’m catching animals] hunting/trapping go (trapping) Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Ingoq titatl’e{. Tomorrow I’m going to dance. dance Venhdida' ndadz ditet'e{?
Qula. Too bad.
To{ getiy nadhi{ Too hot tea food/cooking
Duxdi githitsetl. Too much snow on the trees. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Idedik Too, also
Siyot’o Under the sky [person’s name] names
Diggi ts’in’! Up! stand
Getiy yix xuneg. Very nice house.
Ngilo’ ton-ngilax. Wash your hands. daily wash
Te ighul ivis, he'. Water is rising. seasonal rise Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Tr’idets’an’. We are hungry. cooking/eating hungry Tr'idets'an' he?
Ngan’ q’idz q’o’idighul yet ntr’idedatl. We came up by car. [runs on top of the land i.e. –car] travel go (by car)
Xintr’ixuniyh. We know. know
A{axa antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other. learn
Otr’ixini{toyh. We respect you. expressions respect
Gits’in q’otr’ithidatl. We went hunting. hunting go (around) Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Huslia nitr'athdatl. We went to Huslia. travel  go Dranh ndadz dangit'an'?
Te nadhil xighelinghdi ntr’athdatl. We went to the hot springs. travel go
Yixudz ditr’atone{. We’ll all say it. talk
{egg Jitno’ dinayi{ genot’ux. We’re going (flying) to Shageluk. (It’s flying (with) us to Shageluk.) travel fly Venhdida ndadz ditet'e{?
Venhdida’ q’unodle ditot’e{. We’re going to have church.
Getiy ghe{ yoth. We’ve been having a lot of snow. weather snow Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yixudz a{axa ntr'iyi{ q'oditr'idiney. We'll all work together. expressions work
Yixudz a{axa q'osrididineyh. We're all working together. expressions work
Nayi{ q’u’idighul yi{ nasrdidi{. We're going to come back by car. travel go (by car)
Nayi{ genot'ux. We're going to fly down. travel fly
Gasre{ no{. We're going to go eat. cooking/eating eat
Deg tr'ititl tth'e. We're sitting around.  sit/stay
Gan What
Ndadz dixasne{? What am I going to say? (What should I say?) talk
Gan ghungi{nik? What are you cooking? cooking/eating cook
Ndadz dengit’anh? What are you doing? do
Ndadz dingit’anh? What are you doing? do
Venhdida’ ndadz ditet’e{. What are you going to do tomorrow? do
Venhdida' ndadz ditet’e{? What are you going to do tomorrow? do
Ndadz dituxt'e{. What are you guys going to do? do
Ndadz dene? What are you saying? talk
Ndadz didene? What are you saying? talk
Dran ndadz dangit’an’? What did you do today? do
Gan a diva dene? What did you say? talk
Gan a diva dene? What did you say? talk
Ndadz dengit’anh ts’i xiq’a dengit’a. What do you like to do? (What do you do that you like to do?) do
Ndadz chenh? What else?
Ndadz ho'in. What for?
Gan iy? What is it? (An answer when someone calls your name.)
Ndadz dasrot'e{. What should we do? do
Yidong dixidighene’ ts’in’ nixitadhit. What they used to say long ago is starting to happen. expressions
Nda nixinedhit? What time is it? time of day
Ngi'egh ndadz dixighet'a? What was the weather like? weather
Xayh? What?  [A way to respond if someone calls your name.]
Ndadz dixi’ne? What’s being said? talk
Gan iyo xinayh? What’s he talking about? talk
Ndadz vi’ezre’? What’s his name? name
Ndadz ngi’ezre’? What’s your name? name
Ndadz dixit'anh? What's going on?
Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a? What's the weather like? weather
Ndadz ngitsiy vi'ezre'. What's your grandfather's name? kinship
Ndada’ When
Qay Xichux nteho{? When are you coming to Anchorage? travel go
Ndada’ teho{? When are you coming? travel go
Ndada’ tuxdi{? When are you guys coming? travel go
Ndidong ningiyo? When did you come? travel go
Nda ntuxdidi{? When will you return? travel go (return)
Ndagh where
Xiday sigigiqa{chin? Where are my boots? be (place)
Ndagh xididltth’e? Where are they? (more than two people) sit/stay
Ndagh xathdo? Where are they? (two people) sit/stay
Ndagh tr’ididltth’e? Where are we? sit/stay
Ndagh xingit’anh? Where are you from? place/residence
Ndagh xits’in’ dingitanh? Where are you from? place/residence
Ndagh dhedo? Where are you? sit/stay
Ndagh xingiyo? Where did you go? travel
Q’odhisinedi. Where I work. occupation work
Ndagh Grayling? Where is Grayling? place/residence
Xiday sileg? Where is my dog? be (place)
Ndagh ghingido’ venhdong? Where were you this morning. sit/stay
Q’iydong ndagh ghingdo’? Where were you yesterday. place/residence sit/stay
Ndagh nidheyo? Where were you? (?where did you return from) go (return)
Venhdida’ ndagh tedo{? Where will you be tomorrow? go
Venhdida' ndagh tedo{? Where you going to stay tomorrow? go
Katherine xidanh? Where’s Katherine?
Xidanh ngonh? Where’s your mom? be (place)
Gon nagh q’at? Which one do you want? want
Ngo While
Q’odet. While ago. time
Diva yi{ gitexe{? Who are you going to eat with? cooking/eating eat
Diva ingilanh? Who are you?
Diva anh? Who is that?
Diva xidoy ndithit. Who’s at the door? stand
Diva anh dhedo? Who’s here? sit/stay
Diva siyi{ xinayh? Who's talking with me? talk
Diva xinayh? Who's talking? talk
Oregon ndadz oxo ntidheyo? Why did you go to Oregon? travel go
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i toho{, he'? Will s/he go to the Louise's house tomorrow? place go
Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i toho{, he'? Will s/he go to the store tomorrow? place go
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i teho{, he'? Will you go to Louise's house tomorrow? place go
Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i teho{, he'? Will you go to the store tomorrow? place go
Xiyh nixinedhit. Winter has come. seasonal Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a?
Yi{ With
Xuyi{ With them
Dinaxiyi{ With us
Nigighin ting xelanh. Wolf tracks there were. animals
Ni{treth ghux (sp?) xidigitolya{. Wolverine party (bring something in for the wolverine/wolf) traditional feast bring
I was coming over here. Xits’in dinsidhit. go
Ngi'egh yixu'egh Yard (outside around the house)
Yoxo ogh Year before last
Litthugh (litthux?) yellow color
E Yes
E, gag xelanh. Yes, there are berries. seasonal be 
Q’iydong Yesterday time
Q’iydong siyiq ghisdo’. Yesterday I stayed home. sit/stay Q'iydong ndagh ghingdo'?
Q’iydong gidiqad nidhiso. Yesterday I went to the store. place  go Q'iydong ndadz dangit'an'?
Q’iydong i{ yoth. Yesterday it snowed. weather snow Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a?
Q’iydong xigidighe’on’. Yesterday it was sunny weather sunny Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a?
Q’iydong tr’al si’ezre. Yesterday it was warm. weather warm Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a?
Q’iydong xidighetr’iyh. Yesterday it was windy. weather windy Q'iydong ndadz dixighet'a?
Q’iydong dhiyiq ghedo’. Yesterday she stayed home. sit/stay
Getiy xe{edz dangit'anh. You did very well. (Congratulations.) expressions do
Xandhelnix. You forgot. forget
Xanuxinlighan. You guys don’t forget.   forget
Xe{edz didangine'. You said it good. expressions talk
Teho{. You started out. go (start out)
A{o xinexayh. You talk for nothing, (doesn't make sense) expressions talk
Ngidedig. You too.
Qay Xichux ghingdo’. You were in town. place/residence sit/stay
Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tidhehol ts'in'. You won't go to Louise's house tomorrow. place go
Yixuteli’ex. You’ll learn. learn
Venhdida’ ngiyi{ nigenot’ux. You’re going (flying) back tomorrow? travel fly
Ngixune{. You’re happy. emotions happy
Ide chenh. Your turn.
Ngide chenh. Your turn.
Ngide dig’iy. Your turn.
Yeqin Hit’an Yukon people heritage