Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag]

Xiyhts’in’ [fall] 2002

Gan tr’idighine’ [What we said. (summary)]  10/8/02


Students + Alice:
Courtney Carroll
Gloria Collins
Jeanette Dementi
Sam Demientieff
Jim Kerr
Beth Leonard
Donna MacAlpine
Barb Ross
Flo Walters


Jim Dementi

Ellen Savage

Che yixudz ditast’e{.

I’ll do the same thing.


That’s good.

Do{t’ol getiy vits'i xele'an'.

The moon is bright.


There’s moon light.

I{ chonh

It’s raining.

Ghi{ chon’.

It rained.

Siqing’___________ vi’ezre’.

My husband’s name is_________.

Si’ot __________vi’ezre’.

My wife’s name is______.

Go dran

This morning

Gan gho q’o’indinenh?

What did you work on?

Dran didhist’el ts’in’

I didn’t do nothing.

Getiy gidinaghatldik.

I wrote too much.

Agide dixu ts’in’.

It’s good.



Tthen’ ixidighit’an’.

Stars are out,

Tthen’ getiy longh.

There are lots of stars.

Getiy ngichux iy.

Too much.

Ngi’egh xiyi{ yixudz dixet’a.

It’s the same around here. (weather)

Go deg che yixudz dixet’a.

It’s the same around here.

Venhdida’ q’unt’ogh yet tr’itodi{ Gitr’ingithchagg xits’in’ siyi{ genot’ux.

Tomorrow we’ll fly to Anvik.

Gits’i’in tr’itasdatl. Sounds like ‘we’ will go--- tr’ ??

I’m going moose hunting.

Nine’ srixno’.

Anvik River (Upriver creek)

Dineg itix ndidhit.

Moose standing in the water.

Dineg dhitanh.

Moose is lying down.

A{ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. [We learn with each other.]