Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr
Conversational Deg Xinag

Summary of 1/30/01 class


Go tr’ighedo’: Jimmy, Katherine, Hannah, Amy, Barb, Beth, Cheryl, Flo, George, Xune/, Jesse, Judith, Malinda, Sonta, Alice.


We had greetings:

Ade’, Ndadz dengit’a?, Ndagh dhedo? Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?


We added the following new phrases to our responses:

Ezre ngichox.

It’s really cold.

Quth diseloq; imo itlanh.

I had the flu; I was sick.

Ade’ gila.

That’s good.

Ezre xelanh.

It’s cold.

?Xidine tl’ek.

?It’s sting-y cold.

Siyix dhisdo.

I’m at home.



We practiced the gh sound.  Class members suggested thinking of this sound as: a French goose gargling while it motorcycles. [French r sound. Goose honk. Motorcycle noise. Gargling way in the back of the throat.] And we should practice it a lot.  We practiced with the words:




My tooth


We heard a conversation among the speakers.


We asked for the following new material:  [? Means I’m not sure of this one.]


I forgot it.


They forgot.

Sigisr vandhiginix.

I forgot my mittens.

Ndadz dene ___ deg xiq’i.

How do you say ___ in Deg Xinag?

Gan a diva dene?

What did you say?




Our grandchildren


His grandchild?


My grandchild


?(Calling your) grandchild.

One (or on)



Gil dodo iy.

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