Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr Conversational Deg Xinag

plan of 2/6/01 class



Ade’. Ndadz dengit’a? Ndagh dhedo? Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?


Conversation among speakers


Check the following:

Sitthey e’odz nine\tayh.

Bring me my grandchild.


His grandchild?


?(Calling your) grandchild.

?Xidine tl’ek.

?It’s sting-y cold.


Self introductions. Let’s each give what we can.


The following is Beth’s self-introduction.  If you can understand ANY of it, you have learned a lot! Beth has offered to let us use her introduction as a framework. Just take out Beth’s names and places and substitute your own if you like.


Sidithniqay James Dementi, Jean yi\ xivi’ezre’.

Sito’ Didlang Tochagg nadheyon’.

Vidadr (sivadr) Katherine, Susan, Louise yi\ xivi’ezre’.

Sito’, vi’ot Jeanette yi\ \eggjitno’ dhuxdo.

Katherine videdig \eggjijtno’ dhido.

Louise viqing’ Richard yi\ Qay Xuchux dhuxdo.

Vichildl (sitoy) Gilbert vi’ezre’.

Gilbert vi’ot Eleanor yi\ Cantwell dhuxdo .

Singonh California nadheyon’.

Vidadr (siq’uy) Yvonne vi’ezre’.

Yvonne viqing’ Richard yi\ Redding dhuxdo.

Vichildl (sidhi’a) Keith, Donald yi\ xivi’ezre’.

Donald vi’ot Lucille yi\ Santa Barbara dhuxdo.

Sitsiy Charlie Dementi, Charles Aubrey yi\ xivi’ezre’.

Sitsiy Charlie Dementi Dishkaket nadheyon’.

Sitsiy Charles Aubrey California ghedo’.

Sitsey Lena Phillips Dementi, Ruth Aubrey xivi’ezre’.

Sitse Lena Phillips Dementi \eggjitno’ nadheyon’.

Sitsey Ruth Aubrey California ghedo’.


Beth Dementi-Leonard si’ezre’.

\eggijitno’ xist’anh.

\eggijitno’, Gitr’ingithchagg, Qay Xuchux yi\ xinasiyonh.

University of Alaska q’u’isineyh. Siqing’

Michael vi’ezre’.

Clear AFS q’u’idineyh.

Siyotr’a’ Samantha vi’ezre’. Fairbanks tr’athdo.


Let’s sing this weather song if Donna is here to lead us.



I/ yoth

It’s snowing.

I/ yoth

It’s snowing.

Xidey tr’iyh.

It’s windy.

Xidey tr’iyh.

It’s windy.

Xiyh nixinedhit.

Winter has come.


Work on sounds: maybe \, gg, q, q’, x.


New material: What’s happening or what did you do today?


Gil dodo iy.


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