Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr Conversational Deg Xinag

Summary of 2/22/01 class


Ade’. Ndadz dengit’a? Ndagh dhedo? Ngi’egh ndadz dixet’a?


Conversation among our speakers.


New material:

Xe\edz donisiyuq.

I got better.

Getiy vixatroth iy.

It’s really hard.

Q’in sighi hol

Some one going ahead.

Q’in sighi edoy

Dog team leader.

Xi’in nithiyo.

I went home.

Getiy diggiquth.

It’s really bad.

Ngi’egh ndadz dixighet'a?

What was the weather like?


They grew up


I grew up

Ngi’in tengi\.

Throw it away. (Pour liquid away.)


My younger brother


My younger sister

Gi\isnalingh sraqay istanh.

I have 5 children.

Q’edon dhiyiq ghedo’.

Yesterday she stayed home.

Q’edong siyiq ghisdo’.

Yesterday I stayed home.

Eq xelanh siyozr.

A little foggy.

Q’edong got ghisdo’.

I was here yesterday.

Q’edong ____ ghisdo’.

I was (somewhere) yesterday.

Ghi\ chon’.

It rained.


Grammar note: We talked about finding gh  in each of the PERFECTIVE (action is completed sort of like ‘past tense’) forms.


We practiced self introductions.

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