Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr
Conversational Deg Xinag

Summary of 3/1/01 class

Ade’. Ndadz dengit’a? Ndagh dhedo? Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a?

Let’s make up a weather song like the one below but based on our weather reports.



I/ yoth

It’s snowing.

I/ yoth

It’s snowing.

Xidey tr’iyh.

It’s windy.

Xidey tr’iyh.

It’s windy.

Xiyh nixinedhit.

Winter has come.

Conversation among speakers

Check the following:

Ngi’in diti\dheyh.

Throw it (paper) away.

Edi dranh quth xelanh.

Cloudy all day??

I was talking to Jesse.

Self introductions. Let’s each give what we can.

New material: What each person wants to learn. Let’s work on ways to incorporate our new material into our opening reviews so that we have lots of practice with as much material as possible. We could be talking about: What did you do today or yesterday or what would you like to eat?

Frequent words:
                               2ex  gits'idz he', gits'in' he'?

                               2eng     is that wrong?

Work on sounds: Who wants what? maybe \, gg, q, q’, x, tth/th.

Gil dodo iy.

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