Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr Conversational Deg Xinag

Summary of 3/13/01 class




Ade’. Ndadz dengit’a? Ndagh dhedo? Q’iydong ndagh ghedo? Ni’egh ndadz dixet’a? Dran ndadz dangit’an’?


We’ll sing a weather song based on our current report.

Ni’egh Gileg:

Weather Song:

Xiday tr’iyh.

It’s windy.

Q’uth xelanh.

It’s cloudy.

Tr’al ts’i izre.

Not that cold.

Xulegg nonxitithadhit?

Spring is coming?



Tso\ ditidhi’on’.

It’s still light.

Ezre qul.

Not cold.


Today I dug a hole.




We were Driving in the car.

Q’utogh yet.


Nanhq’idz q’oedaghol yet ntr’idedatl.

We came up by car.

Q’o’isinekdi nondisiyo.

I went to the place where I work.


I ate.


I worked.


I’m tired.


Where I work.

Ndadz dingit’a.

How is she


She worked.





Conversation among speakers Beth and Jim.




Self introductions: Did class members introduce themselves in DX at TCC?


New material: What did you do today or what did you do yesterday?



People singing at the stick dance

Xiyh nixinedhit.

Winter has come.


He said?


It was said.

xizro lo chenh



Right now



Nelang tol ???? check this

I took moose soup to Rose at the hospital.

Q’odhisinek.  Check this.

I worked.

Nda xidz dengit’a?

Where are you from?


We came driving?


Great horned owl.


Raven (your grandfather)

Chenh ditraliy.

Another time. (good-bye?)



Yith ni’ilighex.

Snow is melting.

Agide \o’ ts’in’.

That’s really true.




In Kaltag start a year ahead by giving out dishes with various kinds of food a year or so ahead and various kinds of dishes.  Give a potlatch then sing new songs for the potlatch.  They sing old songs for 4 nights then the big night people stand in lines and stay still then they start circling and those to be dressed bring in the stick.  People sing all night then in morning they stop at every house to honor.  Then throw the broken stick in the river.  Then have the big potlatch fiddle dance, then rock and roll.  Then a wash tub dance after visitors have gone home.  Hundreds of people were there.  The story of the stick goes that a man in Holikachuk lost his whole family.  He brought in a stick and danced around it in his greif.  This time someone had to run across the river and back on snowshoes for luck.


Practice with sounds: Students’ request particular sounds to practice.

Frequent words from Kari?

Gil dodo iy.


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