Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag]


Chenh da’ [next time, plan] 3/05/02 class


A\ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. [We learn with each other.]

Our new class time is 6:00-7:30.

Ade’. [Hello]

Gogide’ [Here I am.?]

Ndadz dengit’a? [How are you?]   Ask for the answer that you want to give.

  Possible answer: Xe\edz dist’a.  [I’m fine.]

Ngidenax? [And you?]


Ndagh dhedo? [Where are you?]

  Answer: “…dhisdo.” [I’m… (wherever).]


Ngide chenh. [Your turn.]    or Ngidedig. [Now you.]


Introduce yourself. Ask for pronunciations from speakers.

Ndadz ngi’ezre’?

What’s your name?

______________ si’ezre’.

My name is ________________.

Deg Hit’an itl’anh.

I am Deg Hit’an.

Engan hit’an itl’anh.

I am a person from outside.

Deloy Chet xist’anh.      

I am from Holy Cross.

 \eggijitno’ xist’anh.      

I am from Shageluk.

 Gitr’ingithchagg xist’anh.       

I am from Anvik.

Deloy Ges xist’anh.

I am from Anvik. “Simple Hill”

deloy “hill”, ges “simple”

Xeyeghelinghdi xist’anh.       

I am from Holikachuk (Grayling).

Singonh ____________vi’ezre’.

My mother’s name is _________.


She is from_______.

Sito’ _______________vi’ezre’.

My father’s name is__________.

_______ xit’anh.

He is from______.

Sitsiy __________ vi’ezre’.

My grandfather’s name is_____.

Sitse___________ vi’ezre’.

My grandmother’s name is____.


After 8:00, when all students are on-line, we’ll ask for a conversation among speakers.  REMIND THE CLASS LEADER!!


VIDEOCONFERENCE 9:30-10:20, April 24 Wed. Can you make it?


Xidingi\qat:                                        [Questions. (Ask it.)]


Spread rope across [person’s name]


Sucking fish heads [person’s name]


          [person’s name]






Here I am. Is this a good meaning for this word?





____ xit’anh.

S/he is from____.

(_______ xighit’an.?)

S/he was from____.

Deloy Chet sigida\tidl yi\ dineg oqo  siyozr yi\ gits’I’in q’odhisiyo.

Hill point (Holy Cross) my gun with  moose for around I walked my son with. How can we switch the word order around and have the sentence mean the same thing?



Dineg Gileg

Moose Song (We’ll sing 2 beats on the long vowels [a,o,e] and one beat on the short vowels [i,u].)

Deloy Chet

Holy Cross

sigida\tidl yi\

with my gun

dineg oqo

for moose

q’odhisiyo siyozr yi\

I walked around with my son.

Deloy Chet sigida\tidl yi\ dineg oqo q’odhisiyo siyozr yi\.

I went with my gun around Holy Cross moose hunting with my son.

Can we make up a deg tune for this song?


A\ixi antr’ixixidili’anh. We learn with each other.


Dixudz inuxdatl. Gilixudz iy. Chenh ditr’al iy. Gil ixudz iy. Gil dodo iy.