Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr [Conversational Deg Xinag] Fall 2001
Class Plans and Class Summaries

10-02-01_Class Summary 

10-09-01_Class Plan 

10-09-01_Class Summary 

10-16-01_Class Summary 

10-16-01_Class Plan 

10-23-01_Class Plan 

10-30-01_Class Plan 

10-30-01_Class Summary 

11-06-01_Class Plan 

11-06-01_Class Summary 

11-13-01_Class Summary 

11-21-01_Class Plan 

11-21-01_Class Summary 

11-28-01_Class Plan 

11-28-01_Class Summary 

12-04-01_Class Plan 

12-04-01_Class Summary 

12-11-01_Class Plan 

12-11-01_Class Summary 

12-18-01_Class Plan 

12-18-01_Class Summary 


Deg Xinag frequently used words  Jim Kari has kindly checked our translations of his high frequency word list and graciously filled in the gaps- Thanks Jim