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Deg Xinag Phrase Collection
Compiled from UAF Conversational Deg Xinag class 1996-200


Here are most of the phrases we've gone over so far.  I've listed them in alphabetical order by the first word, not the best way but it usable for our purposes. The barred L [slash L] is a \ [backslash] in this document so that we won’t run into problems with obscure fonts.

To PRINT the list - Before you print the list out, you might want to make a copy of the collected phrases so that you can alphabetize and print a second list by the English phrases. This way you can look up phrases by either language.To use the collected phrases on the computer

Use the FIND command, type in a word that you know in either language to locate the word or phrase in the other language.  Reorganizing the phrases – regroup the phrases by topic, for instance ‘weather’, so that you can locate phrases easily.

Make your own set of phrases
- Take out just the phrases you know and add to this list as you learn new phrases.  Or take out the ones you want to learn so you have a short list for quick reference.

Deg Xinag


\eg q’izr Red dog

\egg ghuth ya'a.

Cleaned some fish.

\egg Jitno'


\egg Jitno' dhedo, he'. Do you live in Shageluk?
\egg Jitno' dhisdo. I live in Shageluk.

\egg nelax?

Did the fish come?

\egg tol q'at.

I'd like some fish soup.

\eggded no’o

November [the month of eels]



___  dhisdo.

I’m in _______.

___  xist’anh,

I am from _______.

___ an  ghotlnik.

I cooked ___________.

___ idingi/qit.

Ask _(name)_

____ itlanh.

I’m (name).

____ si’ezre’.

my name is________.

____ sitsiy vi’ezre'.

my grandfather's name is _____.

_____ adhido, he?

Is _(name) here?
_____ndadz dingit’a? How is _______?
A\iggi Everyone

A\o xinexayh

you talk for nothing, (doesn't make sense)

Ade’ gila.

That’s good.

Ade’ yixudz. Hello, everyone.
Ade’. Hello.
Agide \o’ ts’in’. That’s really true.

Agide iy.

That's good enough. (good bye)

Agide viyen xune\. Maybe they’re happy.

Arizona nidhiso.

I went to Arizona.

Arizona teho\?

Are you going to Arizona?

Atthing Qay Xichux q'osinek.

I worked in downtown Anchorage.

Beth didhistth'iggi ts'in'.

I can't hear Beth.

Che nititlchonh.

It started to rain.

Che nititlyotth.

It's started to snow again.

Che vidile iy.

Sing it again.

Che yixudz didene.

Say it again. (again everything say)
Chenh yi\dax. Ice is running.

Chighiligguy athdlanh.

They got a fox.

Chonh ni’ideteyh. Rain is freezing right now.


Native dancing

Da\ine ntitlchonh.

Even so it started to rain.

Da\on genavadr lay soxo ngit'otth.

Maybe cut me some half-dried fish

Da\t'ol yot'igighe'on'

Lunar eclipse
De ista’ ts’in’ Nothing’s wrong. Not bad.

Deg Hit’an itla’ ts’in’.

I’m not Deg Hit’an.

Deg Hit’an itlanh.

I’m Deg Hit’an.

Deg Hit'an oxo xinay.

Speaking for Native people. (Native lawyer)

Deg Inegh

McGrath (over there)

Deg itongo ineyaxey longh.

There's lots of flowers around here.

Deg itongo ineyaxey qul.

There's no flowers around here.

Deg itongo xigide'on'.

There's sunshine around here.

Deg q'uth xelanh.

It's cloudy.

Deg tr'ititl tth'e.

We're sitting around. 

Deg Xinag

Around here language
Deg Xinag oxonigi’an’. I’m learning Deg Xinag.

Deg xiq’i tr'ixinthag.

Let's talk Deg Xinag. 

Deg xiq’i xintisiyh xintr’ixathneg. I’m trying to learn Deg Xinag.

Deg xiqi dinayi\ xinexayh.

Talk DX with us.

Deg xiqi siyi\ xinexayh.

Talk DX with me.

Deg xiqi xinatr’iditlghusr.

Let's talk Deg Xinag.

Deg xitthagg. Places I never saw before.

Deg xiyi\ ixudinek.

Show is gone around here.

Deg xiyi\ yixudz dixet’a. Same here.  (weather)
Deloy Chet Holy Cross

Den-gi xinangadlyo, he?

Did you win some money?

Didalne vigidiggitr

Fiddle (says sound-you rub it)
Digenegh Kuskokwim people


(you) Stand up.


(you guys) Stand up.

Digiquth. I'm coughing.

Dina longh

Lots of people

Dina xinag

Our language

Dina yetr

Belief system or way of thinking [our life]

Dina\t’an sraqay ingt’anh?

How many children do you have?

Dina\t’ay \ek ingt’anh?

How many dogs do you have?


His grandchild

Dinavonhye xivigidranh

Mothers' Day


With us


He said.



Dineg dhatlghanh.

I killed a moose.

Dineg idhitlanh.

I got a moose.
Dineg tine ndidhit. A moose was standing on the trail.
Disiquth. I'm coughing.

Dits'in getiy longh deg yiytongo.

There are lots of geese around here.

Dits'in nit'ux.

Geese are here.  [flying here]

Diva anh dhedo?

Who’s here?

Diva anh?

Who is that?

Diva ingilanh?

Who are you?

Diva siyi\ xinayh?

Who's (with me) talking?

Diva xidoy ndithit.

Who’s at the door?

Diva xinayh?

Who's talking?

Diva yi\ gitexe\?

Who are you going to eat with? (gi- = 'it')

Diva\o tr’al q’idon ingdinaxda’

I hope you get better.

Dixist'an ts'in’.

Nothing going on.

Do\to getiy vits'i xele'an'.

The moon is bright.

Doctor vimaq ntlanh

A doctor’s going to look at his eyes.


That’s enough

Donna viyi\ gog'int'ux.

Donna was flying.

Dran ndadz dangit’an’? What did you do today?
Dran q’odhisinek. I worked today.
Dran q’ongidighitlqon’. I was sewing today.
Dran xiq’ogili’anhdi nidhiso. I visited the hospital today (where they work on people.)

Dranedr gaghison'.

I ate lunch.

Dranh di\ngath. The days are getting longer.

Dranh didhist'an ts'in'.

I didn't do anything.

Dranh dineg tol dhitlts'enh.

I made moose soup.

Dranh dits'in nighitl'anh.

I saw geese today.

Dranh ndadz dangit'an’?

What did you do today?

Dranh xitidit'ux.

It's going to storm. (Bad weather.)

Dranh yitongo nixididhi\.

It gets warm during the day.

Dranh yitongo yith nitilghenh.

Snow is melting every day.

E Yes
Edi dranh q’uth xelanh. Cloudy all day.

Edo’ ts’in’

S/he’s not here.


I’m going to go to bed.
Enedz Hit’an Nikolai people
Engthe’ teyan’ xelanh. Out in the middle is only water. (not frozen yet)
Enh no
Eq xelanh siyozr. A little foggy.

Esre antr'e xiyhts'in.     

It's cold like Fall.

Esre'. (Esrenh)

I don't know.  (-sre doubt)



Ezre ngichox.

It’s really cold.

Ezre qul.

Not cold. It’s chinook weather.

Ezre xelanh.

It’s cold.

Gan a diva dene?

What did you say?

Gan ghotlnik.

I cooked.

Gan iy? What? What is it?
Gan iyo xinayh? What’s he talking about?
Gantr’ixithneg. I don’t know much yet.

Gasre\ no\.

We're going to go eat.

Genavadr yi\ tthe.

I'll cut half-dried fish.

George viqul.

No, George.

George xidega\ ni'ideyo.

George finally came.

Getiy dhisdhi\. I’m really hot.
Getiy diggiquth. It’s really bad.
Getiy dogidinh. Thank you very much.

Getiy eq ngichox.

It’s really foggy.  Really fog big.

Getiy esre ngichux.

It's really cold.

Getiy esre xelanh.

It's really cold.
Getiy ghe\ yoth. We’ve been having a lot of snow.

Getiy inis yotth.   

It really snowed. It's trying to snow.
Getiy isre ni’etithichox. It’s getting really cold.

Getiy isrenh ine' siyi\ xidija\.

I'm sure fine but busy.
Getiy sedig its'ex. I'm sure (really) happy.
Getiy sidinga\ ts’i. Be happy.
Getiy siya xune\. I'm sure (really) happy.

Getiy siyi\  xidija\.

I'm really busy.

Getiy vixetroth iy.

It’s really hard.

Getiy xe\edz dangit'anh.

You did very well. (Congratulations.)

Getiy xełedz dist'a.

I'm really fine.

Getiy xeydhi\.

It's really hot.

Getiy xu\ te'isr.

'It's really muddy.'

Getiy xuliqik!

It’s really slippery. It’s very icy!
Getiy yi\ ntasxiniyh. I’ll be careful.
Ghi\ chon’. It rained.
Ghi\ ghatl. It's getting dark


I fix things


Gi\iggin One person.

Gi\igging dina

20 (whole person)
Gi\isnalingh sraqay istanh. I have 5 children.

Gidegh nonela iy.

Put it away.



Gidina\dikdi q'osinek.

I worked at the school.



Gido\t’ol. There’s moon light.
Gidong gighehon’. He ate already.

Giligik yi\ q’osineyh.

I worked with papers.

Ginandidoy ninat'uq.

Robin flew back.





Git'on' i\ogo ditidl totl.

Leaves are bursting out.

Git'on yeg

Leaf shadow


Anvik (long skinny river mouth)

Gits' isonahadeget'a. I don't feel good.

Gits’in q’odhisiyo.

I went hunting.

Gits’in q’otr’ithidatl.

We went hunting.
Gits’in’, he’? Is that wrong?



Go deg xiyi\.

Here, too.

Go dhisdo siya xune\. I’m happy to be here.
Go dhisdo ts’in’ silo’ toxusa\. I’m just sitting here counting my fingers.

Go dhisdo.

I’m right here.

Go dranh

Today (this day)

Go nine'oyh iy.

Put it here.

Godeg ngoho\. Go this way instead.


I'm here.

Godin dist'a. I'm feeling fine.
Gon ingi\yi\. Grab this.

Gon nagh q’at?

Which one do you want?




 (question marker)

Hotel nda\on dhedo.

Maybe he’s in a hotel.

Huslia nitr'athdatl.

We went to Huslia.

I\ yoth

It’s snowing.


As usual, always

I\t'iy xidetr'iyh.

It's always windy.


I asked.

Ide chenh.

Your turn.

Idiyi\ ngidiniyh. Be careful.

Idogho xiyo dingil'an'.

Think about yourself. (in the future)

Imo ingalanh, he'?. Are you sick?  (..., he'   =   question.)
Imo itlanh. I'm sick.

Inagh iy


Inga dist’a. I love you.
Ingan xiyith. Long ways out. (Seattle from AK)

Ingi\ chet, he' ?

Did you get it?
Insiyo. I went home.
Ithitinh. I’m freezing.
Itthe' imo.  My head hurts."(body part + imo  =  body part hurts)


I'm cold.

Jesse yi\ xighisngo’. I talked to Jesse.
Jesse yi\ xinisayh xingo ngan’ dighit’an’. I was talking to Jesse during the earthquake. (Jesse with I am talking while earth it was going.)
Jesse yi\ xinisayh. I’m talking to Jesse.


Poor thing!
Nasyonh. I grew up.


Our grandchildren

Nayi\ genot'ux.

We're going to fly down.

Nayi\ q’u’idighul yi\ nasrdidi\.

We're going to come back by car.

Nda nixinedhit ?

What time is it?

Nda ntuxdidi\?

When will you return?





Ndadz dasrot'e\.

What should we do?

Ndadz dene ___ deg xiq’i.

How do you say _ in Deg Xinag?

Ndadz dene?

What are you saying?

Ndadz dengit'a? How are you?

Ndadz didene?

What are you saying?

Ndadz dina\t’anh?

How many (people) are there?

Ndadz dina\t’ay?

How many (things) are there?

Ndadz dingit’a?

How is she?

Ndadz ditoxt'e\.

What are you guys doing?

Ndadz dituxt'e\.

What are you guys going to do?

Ndadz dixasne\?

What I'm gonna say?

Ndadz dixi’ne?

What’s being said?

Ndadz dixit'anh?

What's going on?

Ndadz ho'in.

What for?

Ndadz ngitsiy vi'ezre'.

What's your grandfather's name?

Ndadz nixit'ixet'a? How are you?

Ndadz xuneg.

How nice.

Ndagh dhedo?

Where are you?

Ndagh nidheyo?

Where were you?

Ndagh xingiyo?

Where did you go?

Ndagh xits’in’ dingitanh?

Where are you from?

Ndidong ningiyo?

When did you come?

Nelang tol q'at.

I'd like some meat soup.

Ngan' land [also means earth, world, floor, ground]

Ngan' dit'anh

Ngan’ dit’an’ There is an earthquake. (earth it is doing.)

Ngan’ q’idz q’o’idighul yet ntr’idedatl.

We came up by car. [runs on top of the land i.e. –car]

Ngan’ q’idz q’u’idighul yet ntr’idedatl.

We came up by car.

Ngan’ q’u’idighul taste\.

Drive a car.

Ngi’egh ndadz dixighet'a? What was the weather like?
Ngi’in tengi\. Throw it away. (Pour liquid away.)
Ngide digiy. Your turn.
Ngidenax? And you?

Ngididhistth'iggi ts'in'.

I can't hear you.(the word taken apart below.)
          ngi +  didh     +   is + tth'iggi       ts'in'
          you    not hear    I     not hear      not


I can hear you.
Ngi'egh ndadz dixet'a? What's the weather like?

Ngi'egh q'osinek.

I worked outside.

Ngi'egh yixu'egh

Yard (outside around the house)

Ngighe' tongo'o.

Brush your teeth.


Your boots

Ngiq’a dhist’a.

I like you.


Your husband

Ngitax e? [like ngidenax]

And you?  (Louise?)


Your hat


Your grandfather


Your daughter [man’s]

Ngixune\. You’re happy.


Your son [man’s]

Ngiyix dhedo, he. 

You home now?


Your daughter [woman’s]


Your son [woman’s]

Ngiyozr ndadz dingt'a.

How's your son?

Ngizrenh. It’s good.
Ngohan\toyh. I respect you.


It's calming down.


Older brother

Nigighun athdlanh.

They got a wolf.

Ninsiyo. I came back.


Black fox.  Cross fox

Nit'ux xiyozr.

Later.  (Hang on.  Wait a minute.)


It’s freezing.


It's melting.

Nixini’o’ Tea partners dance
Noghiniy getiy longh Lots of rabbits
No'oy yot'igighe'on' Solar eclipse

Notin sraqay ist’anh.

I have 2 children.

Noxtth'igg q'aniginigith ts'in.

I can't find my glasses.


After a while


I'm going now. (walking)


He’s going to go home.


He left.

Ntithiyo ts’an’at. He went home.

Nt'ux xiyozr.

In a little while. Later.

Office dhisdo. I’m at the office.
Oghidong Last year
Oghixiyh Last winter

Ogho xayoditl'anh

I'm thinking. (or worrying about something)

On’e. Come here.

One (on)


Oregon ndadz oxo ntidheyo?

Why did you go to Oregon?

Otr’ixini\toyh. We respect you.



Party on nidhiso.

I went to the party.

Q’in sighi edoy Dog team leader.
Q’in sighi hol Some one going ahead
Q’iydong Yesterday
Q’iydong ____ ghisdo’. I was (somewhere) yesterday.
Q’iydong dhiyiq ghedo’. Yesterday she stayed home.
Q’iydong got ghisdo’. I was here yesterday.
Q’iydong siyiq ghisdo’. Yesterday I stayed home.

Q’iydong xidighetr’iyh.

Yesterday it was windy.

Q’oda\ji Skiis
Q’odet. While ago.


Where I work.


I worked.


S/he worked.

Q’on diti\theyh. Throw it back and forth. (juggle)

Q’osinekdi nondisiyo.

I went to the place where I work.

Q’osineyh dhisdo. I’m at where I work.

Q’unodle Chux

Christmas, holiday

Q’untogh yet siyi\ e’odz ginit’uq. I flew in. (Airplane with me coming over it flew.)

Q’uth xelanh.

It’s cloudy.

Qay Xichux

Anchorage [big village]

Qay Xichux dhisdo.

I'm staying in the big village (Anchorage).
Qay Xichux ghingdo’. You were in town.
Qay Xichux nteho\? When are you coming to Anchorage?

Q'en' tol

Fish egg soup

Q'o'ent'ux yet nidhiso.

I went on (with) an airplane.



Quth diseloq.

I had the flu.

Q'uth oghotugg xigide'on'.

Sunshine between the clouds.
Rose xiq’ogili’anhdi nightlan’. I saw Rose at the hospital
Sam siyi\ xa\tsin’ gigehon’. Sam and I had dinner.
Sanhtse tr’ixenelingh. My nose is running.



Seattle xi\ tso\ ditidhi'on, he?

Is it getting dark in Seattle?

Sedig chenh. My turn again.
Sedig digiy. My turn.

Sedig xe\edz dist'a.

I'm fine too.

Si yetr xelanhda’.

If there’s still breath in me.


My father’s name is______.
Sichidl My younger brother
Sidadr My younger sister

Sidhaq imo.

My throat hurts.

Sidhox diy gidhiq.

I am sorry.

Sidhux diyigidhik.

I'm sad.


My parents

Sidzigh imo qul. My ear doesn't hurt.

Sidzigh imo.

My ear hurts.


My name  (-zre’ name, call)

Sighe' imo.

My tooth hurts.


My boots


My soup

Sigisr vandhiginix.

I forgot my mittens.

Sigo k'idz viya xune\.

My baby is happy.


My dog

Sileg ghon’ viyi\ xidija\.

I’m busy with my dogs.

Sileg k’idz ixedhinix.

My little dog is lost.

Sileg yetthi’.

My dog is barking

Simaq imo.

My eye hurts.

Sinesrin imo.

My back hurts.


My land


my mother


My mother’s name is_____.


My husband

Siq'uth imo.

My neck hurts.


(Calling your) grandchild.


My father

Sito' Deloy Chet nadheyon'.

My father grew up in Holy Cross.

Sito’ vidadr qul. My dad doesn’t have any sisters.


My uncle's house


My grandmother


My hat


My grandfather


My daughter [man's]

Sitthe' imo.

My head hurts.

Sitthe' xughe'initlniq

My brain is tired.


My grandchild

Sitthey e’odz nine\tayh.

Bring me my grandchild.

Sivadr ayiggi Great aunt


I'm happy.


My spirit

Siyi\ xidija\ qul.

I'm not busy.

Siyi'a [man's]

My son [man's]

Siyix dhisdo.

I’m at home.

Siyix q’osinek. I worked at home.
Siyot’ra’ ________vi’ezre’. My daughter’s name is_______.


my daughter [woman's]

Siyozr [woman's]

my son [woman's]

Siyozr _________vi’ezre’. My son’s name is _________.

Siyozr edong imo ghela'.

My daughter was sick yesterday.

So\ ditidhi'on’. It's getting dark.

Sraqay idiniso.

I have no children.
Sraqay viyen xidax. Kids are mad.
Sraqay xidilighisr. Kids are playing around.


People singing at the stick dance

Srel gileg Stick dance song
Srighots’in nuxdatl. It’s good you (several people) came.
Srighots’in’ ngiyo. I’m glad you (one person) came.


I started out.

Te 'ighul ivis, he'.

Water is rising.


You started out.


Be still.


Teqxavon chenh xelanh. Ice on the edge.

Tiginilayinh chux

bishop  (big priest)

T'isr qul.

There's waves.

To\ nda' iy.

Give some tea here.

To\ q'at.

I want tea.

To\ q'ul

light tea

To\ tl'idz


To\ tth'og

soup bowl

To\ zring

dark tea

To\, -tol

soup, coffee, brewed tea, hot beverage, stew


S/he started out.

Ton gidhitlo.

I washed clothes.



Tr’al ts’i izre.

It’s not very cold.


It was said.

Tr'al tr'ixidetr'iyh.

It's a little windy here.

Tr'evo itlanh. I'm sad.

Tr'inay itlanh.

I'm lonely.

Tr'ixineg'anh viyaxune\.

Baby is happy.
Trod\ix It’s bad.

Ts’in’     [ts’i]

And, in order to, to


Is that so, is that right

Tso\ de’on’. It’s dark.

Tso\ ditidhi’on’.

It’s still light.

University nidhiso.

I went to the university.

University q'osinek.

I'm working at the university.


I forgot it.


They forgot.

Vaxa xiditrid




Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i taso\.

I will go to the store tomorrow.

Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i teho\, he'?

Will you go to the store tomorrow?

Venhdida' gidoqad xits'i toho\, he'?

Will s/he go to the store tomorrow?

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i taso\.

I will go to Louise's house tomorrow.

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i teho\, he'?

Will you go to Louise's house tomorrow?

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tidhasol ts'in'.

I won't go to Louise's house tomorrow.

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tidhehol ts'in'.

You won't go to Louise's house tomorrow.

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i tithol ts'in'.

S/he won't go to Louise's house tomorrow.

Venhdida' Louise viyix xits'i toho\, he'?

Will s/he go to the Louise's house tomorrow?

Venhdida' ndadz ditede\?

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Venhdida’ g’an nitl’ade xits’i tasdo\. Tomorrow I’m going out trapping. [to where I’m catching animals]


I don't know.

Vi\ axa. I'm sleepy.

Vidhox diyigidhik

He's sorry.

Vidistth’el ts’in’.

I can’t hear her/him.
Viggi te tathdling ithitin. Sewer pipe froze.




his boots

Viq’a dhisda.       

I like him.


Her husband


His hat


His daughter


I lost it.
Vixitagi’ex. I’ll learn.
Viyanxoni\ ngixudidhit. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday.
Viyi\ xidija\, he?

Are you busy?


His son


His/her house


Her daughter


Her son

Xanitl’i\. I’m dreaming.



Xe\edz didangine'.

You said it good.

Xe\edz dist'a. I'm fine.
Xe\edz donisiyuq. I got better.
Xe\edz donisiyuq. I got better.

Xe\edz tr'aningidhit, he'?

Did you wake up good?
Xe\edz, he’? Is it right?


It’s hot.

Xeyididitthiy Stick dance stick


It’s good.

Xi\ tso\ ditidhi'on.

It's getting dark.

Xi’in nithiyo. I went home.

Xidan Alta?

Where's Alta?

Xidanh _____? (Name) where’s?

Xiday sigigiqa\chin?

Where are my boots?

Xiday sileg?

Where is my dog?

Xidega\ ninisiyo.

I finally came.

Xidetr'iyh qul.

It's not windy.


It's windy.

Xidetr'iyh. It's windy.

Xididltthe, he’?

Are they there?



Xidine tl’ek.

It’s sting-y cold.

Xidingith q’at.

We're going to go eat.
Xigide’on’. It is sunny.
Xigidighe’on’. It was sunny.
Xin ndadz dixit’a. How is the river?

Xina xatidlghisr



She forgot.

Xinathiyonh. They grew up.


Xintr’ixuniyh. We know.


They know.

Xinxuniyh. S/he knows.


I know.



Xiq'ogili'anhdi nidhiso.

I went to the hospital.

Xisrigidisdhinhdi dran nixididhit.

Thanksgiving (thankful day) is coming.

Xitidli’an’. It’s getting to be daylight.

Xititl'ode xidhe'onh



to (toward)

Xivighun' nidhiso.

I went there to visit people.

Xiyh nixinedhit.

Winter has come.


I'm tired.

Xulegg nonxitididhit.

Springtime is here.


It's Spring.

Ya\tsighudl ingi\yi\. Grab the ball.
Ya\tsighudl q’on dititltheyh. I throw the ball back and forth. (juggle)
Yeqin Hit’an Yukon people


I'm sneezing.


He's yawning.

Yidhitl’izr ts’in’.

I’m not sneezing.

Yith ixudidinek.

Snow is gone.

Yith ngichux. There’s lots of snow.

Yith ni'ilighex.

Snow is melting.

Yith q’idz ighidighul. Snow machine
Yith yi\ gata\tthet. Snowing and it’s stormy.

Yith yi\ xideytr’iyh.

It’s blowing snow.

Yitl'isr. I'm sneezing.


Right now



Yixo xin sayh.

I talked about you guys again.

Yixogo xayha singo'.

I talked about you guys again.

Yixudz a\axa ntr'iyi\ q'oditr'idiney.

We'll all work together.

Yixudz a\axa q'osrididineyh.

We're all working together.

Yixudz vandhiginix. I forgot everything.
Yixuteli’ex. You’ll learn.
It’s clearing off.
Yoxo ogh Year before last

Yoyan’ xelanh.

It’s clear. [Sky only there is.]

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