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JoAnna Came Home From Anchorage


There are Many Dogs in Teller Now

Dogs are Slow but Sure

Dogs Don't Drink Gasoline

Some Mice are Very Good

Mice Also Store Pikniq

The Eskimos Watched Toward Siberia

Do You Like Ghost Stories?

From Igloo

The People at Igloo

Igloos Were Made of Sod

Moses' Father Shot a Polar Bear

The Baby Bear Liked to Eat

The Bear Pulled the Sled

The Bear Had a Collar

People Were Afraid of the Bear

Two Men Went to Look for Rodney


I See Something Funny

On Little Diomede

The Soap is No Good

Father Bought a Clock

Night Came

Father Put the Clock Outside

Two Beluga Whales



JoAnna went to Anchorage.

She went to see the doctor.

The doctor said, "JoAnna, don't eat seal oil.

One spoonful a day is enough for you."

JoAnna said, I promise not to eat seal oil."

JoAnna Came Home From Anchorage

JoAnna came home from Anchorage.

She watched her family eat.

They ate seal oil.

JoAnna wanted to eat seal oil.

JoAnna said, I don't care what the doctor said.

I will eat seal oil."


Johnny can't remember how Eskimos got salt long ago.

Johnny does remember when the first butter came.

He said it tasted very salty.

People could only eat a little butter at a time.

They ate it on crackers.

There are Many Dogs in Teller Now

There are many dogs in Teller now.

A long time ago there were very few dogs.

Some families own ten dogs now.

Long ago, families owned only one or two.

Dogs are Slow but Sure

Johnny says dogs sleds are better than Ski Doos.

Dog sleds are slower than Ski Doos.

Ski Doos break down.

Dogs don't break down.

Dogs are slow but sure.

Dogs Don't Drink Gasoline

Ski Doos cost about $900.

Gasoline is $53 a barrel.

Dogs cost $50 or $100.

Good lead dogs are hard to get.

Dogs don't drink gasoline.

They eat any food.

Some Mice are Very Good

Some mice are very good.

They gather masu.

They put it in holes in the ground.

Eskimos look for the holes.

They take some of the masu.

They never take all of the masu.

They put dried fish back in the holes.

The dried fish is for the helpful mice.

Mice Also Store Pikniq

Mice also store pikniq.

Pikniqs are roots.

The outside is black.

The inside is white.

They taste very good.

They taste better than masu.

Eskimos like them very much.

The Eskimos Watched Toward Siberia

Near Teller is a hill named Qakruvik.

It was a lookout point.

The Eskimos watched toward Siberia.

They watched for the Siberians to come.

The Siberians came in boats.

They wanted to fight.

Do You Like Ghost Stories?

Eskimos told ghost stories long ago.

It made the children afraid.

They were afraid to wlk home in the dark.

The older children walked home with the younger children.

Do you like ghost stories?

From Igloo

Many people in Teller came from Igloo.

The people in Igloo are related to the Fish River Tribe.

The Fish River Tribe now live in White Mountain.

That is why the Teller Eskimos and the White Mountain Eskimos talk the same.

The People at Igloo

The people at Igloo never lived in snow igloos.

Long ago they lived in igloos made of sod.

In the summer they lived in skin tents.

They could move the tents easily.

The people liked to camp in tents.

Igloos Were Made of Sod

Igloos were made of sod.

They were half buried in the ground.

They were built in the fall just before freeze up.

They were warm in the winter.

Igloos were a very good kind of house for a cold winter.

Moses' Father Shot a Polar Bear

Moses' father shot a polar bear.

She had a baby.

Father took the baby bear home.

Moses and his older brother made a swing for the baby bear.

The baby bear liked to swing.

He liked to play.

The baby grew bigger.

The Baby Bear Liked to Eat

Mother fed the baby bear.

She gave him rice and milk.

She boiled seal to make him soup.

The baby bear liked to eat.

He grew bigger.

The Bear Pulled the Sled

Moses had a sled.

The bear pulled the sled.

He pulled slowly because he walked on his back feet.

The baby bear slept in bed at night.

He slept with Moses

The bear grew bigger.

The Bear Had a Collar

The bear had a collar.

He had a chain on his collar.

Moses took him walking.

Moses made a hole in the ice.

The bear went swimming.

Moses pulled him back by the chain.

The bear grew bigger.

People Were Afraid of the Bear

People were afraid of the bear.

They were afraid the bear would hurt them.

He was very big.

Father sold the bear.

He was taken to Seattle.

He lived there in the zoo.

Maybe he is still there.

Two Men Went to Look for Rodney

Rodney has a snowmobile.

He wanted to ride it from Nome to Teller.

He left Nome in the morning.

He did not reach Teller.

Two men went to look for Rodney.

They found him.

The snowmobile broke a cylinder head.


Some people don't like long-haired sled dogs.

They get snow balls in their fur.

Some people like straight-earred sled dogs.

Some people like husky sled dogs.

Huskies are smaller than other kinds of dogs.

I See Something Funny

I saw a funny thing.

Four dogs were running along behind a sled.

A snowmobile was pulling the sled.

I said, "Why are the dogs running behind the sled?"

The man said, "The snowmobile might break. Then the dogs will pull me home."

On Little Diomede

Father and his family lived on Little Diomede.

Father worked on a whaling boat.

He didn't get paid with money.

He got paid with food.

Sometimes he got sacks of flour.

He threw the flour away.

The cloth sack was used to line parkas.

The Soap is No Good

Sometimes Father got paid with soda.

He thought it was soap.

Mother washed the clothes in soda.

Mother said, "This soap is no good."

Father Bought a Clock

Father bought a clock.

Grandmother said, Make it go fast. Make the night come!"

The family watched the clock.

It ticked all day.

The family was proud of the clock.

Night Came

Night came.

The clock ticked.

The family didn't like the noise.

Father wrapped the clock in an old fur.

He put it near the door.

The clock kept ticking.

The family was tired of the clock.

Father Put the Clock Outside

Father put the clock outside.

Everyone went back to bed.

The clock rang.

It made lots of noise.

The family jumped up.

Grandfather ran outside.

He smashed the clock.

The clock broke.

It was quiet at last.

Two Beluga Whales

Two beluga whales swam up the river.

They saw a lady.

The lady had a baby.

The baby cried.

The whales were frightened.

They turned into two big white rocks.

The white rocks are still there at a place called Situak.


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