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Two or three years ago a ground work of rewriting the Naish-Story Tlingit Noun Dictionary was started.

The Tlingit Noun Dictionary ws published in March, 1963 by Constance Naish and Gillian Story. Since then a few changes in the Tlingit Language writing system have been made. The changes were made in order to make the writing system easier to learn.

In rewriting the Tlingit Noun Dictionary we conform to the regularized spelling system, add to the table of contents and change some meanings here and there.

A "thank you" is due to the SJC. Advance Tlingit Language class of: Marie Thiemeyer, Andy Hope III, Claribel Davis, and Robert H. Davis for their contribution in changing all the necessary spelling and adding more words to the dictionary.

To Jeff Leer for his many additional words and sections.

To Vesta L. Dominicks for her typing and help with changes in the entire dictionary.

To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dauenhauer for granting us permission to use the "How to Use the Naish-Story Writing System."

To Mr. and Mrs. William Davis of Sitka and Andrew P. Johnson of SJC as part-time consultants.

A biggest "thank you" to Sheldon Jackson College for their interest in developing the new/revised Tlingit Noun Dictionary.

Henry Davis

May 26, 1976

Note to the 1996 Reprint

First published by the Summer Institute of Linguistics 33 years ago, The English-Tlingit Noun Dictionary by Constance Naish and Gillian Story remains popular and useful. The original "green dictionary" was revised, updated, and expanded in 1976 by Henry Davis and Jeff Leer, and was published by Sheldon Jackson College, with a yellow cover. Despite the best intentions of many people to expand it even more, we find ourselves twenty years later with lots of changes in mind, but none in hand. So, in times of tight money, Sheldon Jackson College and Sealaska Heritage Foundation have joined efforts to publish this facsimile reprint of the 1976 edition. Thanks to Sheldon Jackson College and Sealaska Heritage Corporation for financial support of this printing.

Kenneth M. Cameron, President, Sheldon Jackson College
Dennis Demmert, Executive Director, Sealaska Heritage Foundation
March 8, 1996

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