Tlingit Verb Dictionary

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The Tlingit Verb Dictionary is made up of Tlingit verbs (or verb expressions) organized in two main parts. Although we obtained permission to use the entire verb dictionary, we chose only to reproduce a small portion of part one. Part one is comprised of English words giving the main sense of Tlingit verb expressions with examples of the verbs in sentences. Part two is a list of Tlingit verb stems arranged in Tlingit alphabetical order. Please note that the online edition is only a sample of Tlingit verb entries from part one and many more words are contained in the original document.

The dictionary gives multiple listings for English words (definitions) with two or more senses (refer to section describing different senses). Rather than listing verbs numerous times as it is found in the dictionary, we chose to combine definitions with similar meanings. We concentrated specifically on Tlingit verb entries containing short definitions. Entries with long definitions were intentionally omitted.

Please note that the dictionary includes an appendix that deals mainly with grammar and verb structure which is not included in the web edition.

Tlingit Verb Categories
Entries denoted with "v" are English headings (indicated in bold face type in the dictionary) that are singular verbs.

Alphabetical Listing
Tlingit words are listed alphabetically according to the order found in the dictionary. This order is based on the sound patterns of the language. For detailed information, refer to Alphabet Ordering of Tlingit Entries.

For complete information about the contents of the verb dictionary and how it it arranged, refer to parts one and two below.