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aa yes (K)
aabiak depression between shoulder blades
aabiaq valley, pass (K)
aablu killer whale (Orcinus rectipinna) (K)
aablu tack
aabluq killer whale (Orcinus rectipinna) (N)
aabluqtuq looks up, raises head
aaf yes (N)
aafaruq is stubborn, acts against better advice
aafittuq thinks he knows everything
aahaaliq old squaw duck (Clangula hyemalis)
aakaga my mother (N,q)
aakauraba my older sister (K)
aaktuq is self-asserting, proud of himself (K)
aalbunaq menstruation
aalburuq menstrates
aanaaqjiq whitefish (big round nosed) (N)
aanaga my great aunt
aanaga my mother (K)
aanaga my grandmother (N,q)
aanaga my mother (K)
aanaruaba my grandmother, great aunt (K)
aanaruabiik grandchild living with grandmother
aanaruie suliuqpa savannah sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis) (lit. what is your grandmother cooking?)

aanaruum kiviruq water ouzel (Cinclus Mexicanus) (lit. grandmother sank)
aanbuaq charm, amulet, idol (K)
aannaa! exclamation of pain, sorrow, disappointment
aannagu wait a minute! (N)
aannii exclamation of pain, sorrow, disappointment
aapaga my father (N, q)
aapaksraba my stepfather
aapiyaba my older brother
aaquaksraatchiaq old woman (K)
aaquaksraq old woman

aarigaa good! Fine!
aasii and, and then, (used consecutively, contrast with suli, which is used in an additive sense)
aasiie and, and then, (used consecutively, contrast with suli, which is used in an additive sense) (N, q)
aasiie-uvva and then this (introduces a change of subject)
aasivak spider (N, q)
aasrii and, and then, (used consecutively, contrast with suli, which is used in an additive sense)
aasriie and, and then, (used consecutively, contrast with suli, which is used in an additive sense) (K)
aasriie-uvva and then this (introduces a change of subject)
aasrivak spider (K)
aatauraba my older sister (N)
aatchauqtuq yawns
aatchikkaaf danger! Exclamation of warning (K)
aatchubaa gave it, gives it
aatchubaa gives it
aatchuiruq gives (K)
aatchuiruq gives (K)
aatchuun gift
aatchuusiiq gift (received)
aatibaa snatches it away
aatkaa snatches it away (K)
aatqatik mittens
aayubaq perpendicular pressure ridge (K)
abballaabiktuq enjoys himself (K)
abbieeaq knapsack, storage bag (N)
abbiruq dances, participates

abbiteaq knapsack, storage bag (K)
abieaqtuq is soft
abiisruknabaa is offended by it
abitchuq is wet (K)
abiunaqtuq plays (K)
abiunayaqtuq would be stopped
abiuruq ends, quits, stops, is satisfied (N)
abiuruq ends, quits, stops, is satisfied (N)
ablu (1) jawbone (1)

abluvieiq (1) bone runner piece (old time use) (1)

abnaaluk big lady
abnallautaq a pretty woman
abnaq woman

abnaqatiga my cousin (by my mother's sister)
abnasalluq female (animal) (N, q)
abnasralluq female (animal) (K)
abnauraq little woman (i.e. girl)
abra ashes
abraqabvik ash can
abraqabvik ash can
abvak palm (K)
abvaluktuq is round
abvaqtuq killed a whale
abvibluaq gray whale (Rhachianectes leucas)
abviq bowhead whale (Balaena mystecetus)
aeeaba my female cousin (female to female), my girlfriend (female of same age) (N,q)
aeeabiik female cousins, couple of girlsfriends
afaaluga my uncle (N)
afaayuliqsi pastor, missionary (N)
afaayuliqsi preacher (lit. one involved in praying)
afaayuliqsi minister, pastor (N)
afaayuliqsi preacher
afaayuqaujiq ruling power
afaayuqqaun greatness, kingdom (God's)
afaayuruq prays (N)
afaayyuliqiruat church (lit. praying ones) (N)
afaayyun prayer (N)
afaayyuvik church (building) (K)
afalanfaitkaa did not control him
afalaruti, afalatchisi authority, power
afalatabaa directs him, controls him
afalatchioiq rule, reign
afalatchiruq rules, reigns, directs
afalati director, governor, officer
afarrauraq cross (N)

afatchiaba my uncle (mother's brother) (K)
afatkubnaq medium, (communicates with the spirit world), (lit. resembling an afatkuq)
afatkuq shaman, medicine man, witch doctor
afauqaabaitka my family
afayukjiabruk two year old bull (K)
afayukjiba my oldest child
afayukjiq two year old bull (N), one year old bull (K)
afayukjitqik three year old bull (N)
afayuqaabiitchuaq orphan (K)
afayuqaafixauraq orphan (K)
afayuqaaq parent
afayuqaksraq old man

afayuqaq leader, boss
afayuruq dances

affun game animal
afibaa agrees with him, assents to it
afiieaqtuq procures no game, fish
afiitchuq procures no game, fish (N)
afijhisaqtuq swings (K)
afijhisaun swing
afipchabaa resuscitated him, resurrected him (K)
afipkafagaa resuscitated him, resurrected him (N)
afiqtuq agrees, assents, says yes with raised eyebrows
afiqusaun temptation (kiv, q)
afiqusraun temptation (K)
afiruq is big
afiruq arose, resuscitated, revived
afiruq resuscitated, revived, arose
afiruq is big
afisitkaa tempers it
afitqiksuq resuscitated again (of one shot and brought back to life again by an afatkuq), He arose again (of Christ)
afivrabaa unravels it, unscrews it, unties it
afivraqtuq disassembles (K)
afivraqtuq loosens, unravels, unties
afivsiruq disassembles (N)
afixaaqtuq goes home (K)
afixaaqtuq goes home (K)
afixgisaqtuq swings (n)
afmaaq flint, chert, firestone (N)
afmaluaq lip-plug, labret
afmaqtuq is open, turned on (radio, tape recorder)
afmaun can opener (lit. opening tool)
afnibiqsuq blizzard has ceased (K)
afniq blizzard (K)
afniqsuq having a blizzard (K)
afuaqtuq paddles
afugaa procures it
afugaatchiaq old man (K)
afugauraq small boy (K)
afularuq chews
afun man
afuniaqti hunter
afuniaqtuq is hunting
afuruq procures game, fish
afusalluq male (animal (N, q)
afusralluq male (animal (K)
afutauraq small boy (N)
afutiqatiga my cousin (by my father's brother)
afuun paddle (single bladed)
afuun paddle, propeller
afuun fin (lit. paddle)
afuutaa his paddle, a fin (any one of the paired fins of a fish)
afuyajiq war (K, q)
afuyakti soldier, fighter (N)
afuyaktuq fights
afuyaun war (N)
afuyaunnat armor
afuyautairrun peace
afuyautaitchuq is peaceable, is not hostile
afuyiuqti soldier, fighter (K)
agaayujiq prayer (K)
agaayuliqsi minister, pastor (K)
agaayuliqsi pastor, missionary (K)
Agaayun God (K)
agaayuruq prays (K)
agaayuvifmufniaqtufa I'm on my way to church
agaayuvigmiittuq is in church
agaayuvik church (building) (N)
agaffaitchuq is gentle, kind
agaktuq fights, plays roughly
agga across there (visible)
aggiqsuq comes (K)
aggun corruption (N)
agiaq file
agiaqtuq files, rubs
agikkaa files it, rubs it
agiksuq files, rubs (continually)
agiukpak perpendicular pressure ridge
aglaan but
aglagvik school desk, paper pad
aglagvik desk, writing pad
aglagviksraq paper, writing material
aglak mark, pencil line, letter of alphabet
aglaksruutit typewriter (K)
aglaktuq writes
aglaun pencil
aglaun pencil (K)
aglautiruq types (K)
aglautitaq typewriter
aglautitaqti typist (N)
aglautitaqtuq types (N)
aglautitaun typewriter (N)
aglautiti typist (K)
aglibigaa abstains from it, avoids it
aglibnaqtuq is tabooed, forbidden to eat of do for religious reasons
aglibuq lower jawbone (one side)
agliebaqtuq reaches puberty
agliqiruq reads
agliqiruq reads (K)
agliqquk lower jaw (mandible)

agliqquk lower jaw (both sides) (K)
agliqquk lower jawbone (both sides)
agliruq grows up, gets big
aglisaieeaqtuq is continually getting bigger
agliutigaa take one's picture (K)
agliutraq picture (K)
agliutraq picture (K, q)
aglu (1) runner shoe (1)

aglu (8) runner (8)

agnibiqsuq blizzard has ceased (N)
agniq blizzard (N)
agniqsuq having a blizzard (N)
aguummaq basket (N)
ai what? Eh? Well? Okay?
aibun cuff of a sleeve
aieiq pocket
aigaa fetches it, goes to get it (K)
aimmabvik home, household (N)
aimmaq basket (K)
aiparuq is fresh, raw (uncooked food) (K)
aippaapak distant memorable past (N)
aippaavak distant memorable past (K)
airuq goes home (N)
airuq goes home (N)
aitchubaa gave it, gives it
aitchubaa gives it
aitchuiruq gives (N)
aitchuiruq gives (N)
aitchuun gift
aitchuusiabisuugaa is always receiving it
aitchuusiaq gift (received)
aitchuusiaqaqtuq has received a gift
aitkaa fetches it, goes to get it (N)
aitqatik mittens (b)
Aitquyumagie. Tell her to come home!
aiviq walrus

aixaqtuq is damp (K)
aixaqtuq is wet (N)
aixijiq noon meal (lunch) (K)
aixinaqsiruq is lunch time (noon meal) (K)
aiyauppiaq staff, walking stick
aiyugaabun invitation
aiyugaaqtuq invites
aiyuilisuuruq gets carried away, goes to excess
aki hook, gaff
akiabaqtaaqtuk they (2) alternate
akibuq branch (K)
akie pillow
akigabaa bears it, carries it
akigaqtuq bears, carries
akiisruk harlot (K)
akiitchualuk harlot (N)
akiitchuq lost (contest)
akiixaaqtuq is free, without cost
akiixaq debt
akiixaqtuq is owing
akiixigaa beats him (in contest)
akikkak (5) fluke (5) (N)

akimaruq has won (is in state of having opposed)
akimaruq wins
akimiabutaixaq fourteen (K)
akimiaffutaixaq fourteen (N)
akimiaq fifteen
akimiaq atausiq sixteen (N)
akimiaq atausriq sixteen (K)
akimiaq malbuk seventeen
akimiaq pieasrut eighteen (K)
akimiaq pifasut eighteen (N)
akiougaq echo (N)
akiqsrubigaa promises it
akiqsruqtuq promises
akiqsruun promise, covenant (K)
akiqsruun promise, covenant (K)
akiruk are opposite (of 2)
akisaqtuq revenges (lit. tries to counter)
akisi pillow (N)
akisujhaasugruktuaq that which is more valuable
akisuruq is expensive, precious, valuable
akitchaktuq trades, barters
akixibaa paid it (lit. countered it)
akixiq reward
akixiun wage, price
akixiusiaksraqsi your future rewards (potentially received rewards)
akixxixiqsuq opposes
akiyaun stretcher to carry things
akjaa Oh my! (having made a mistake) (N)
akjaq brown bear, grizzly bear (Ursus horribilis)
akjunaaq rope

akkaga my uncle (father's brother) (K)
akku a short while ago
akkuk (10) bottom formers (10)

akkupak immediately, right now (N)
akkupauraq a little while later (N)
akkuvak immediately, right now (K)
akkuvauraq a little while later (K)
akmaaq flint, chert, firestone (K)
akpaktuq steps up (from lower to higher place)
akpittuq starts to sing
aksikkaa touches it
aksikkaa touches it
aksraqtuq is rolling
aktigiruq is so long, is this much
aktigiruq it is that big
aktilaafa its size
akuabaa catches it
akubluk bell (lit. instrument for repeated noise by striking)
akubluk bell (an instrument to make repeated noise by hitting)
akubluktuq bell rings
akubluktuq bell rings
akuliaq nose bridge (K)
akunbak ridge between eyebrows
akunbanni among, in between
akuniq middle, between
akuq fancy fringe of parka (K), skirt (N)

akuqtubaa accepts it
akuqtuq receives, accepts
akutkaa stirs it
akutuq leaf
akutuq "Eskimo ice cream" (of cooked fats, meats and berries)
akutuqpak broad-leafed plant
akutuqpalik leaf
alai exclamation of surprise (K)
alaitchuq is not torn
alapittaqtuq is crazy, is drunk
alapittuq inattentive, fools around, is confused
alappaa is cold
alappuu is cold (N)
alaqaa exclamation of sorrow
alatkaqtuq scans the landscape from an elevated point, looks into water for signs of fish
albaaq afterbirth, placenta
albaqsaq artifact
albaqsrubaa exhorts him, tells him the right way to behave
albaqsruiruq exhorts, reproves, preaches (N)
albaqsruiruq exhorts, corrects, preaches (N)
albun dog soup pot
alianaitchuq is cheerful, happy, jolly
alianaqtuq is quiet, lonesome, sad
alianiujiq sorrow (K)
alianiuqtuq is lonesome, quiet, sad, not communicative
aliasruktuq is despondent, sad (K)
aliitchuq not lonely though living alone
alik tear, rip
aliktuq is torn
aliqsik socks (K), caribou fur socks

aliuqtuq haunts
aliuqtuq cooks dog food (K)
aliuqtuq marvels, fears (N), haunts
aliuqtuqtuq is haunted
alla another one, different one (N)
allaffuqtuq is different, other (N)
allaffuqtuq is different
allaiyabaa is mending net
allakuaqtuq goes by another way
allaqtibiruq dries, wipes (e.g. dishes)
allaqtuq clear weather
allatuqtuq commits adultery
allatuun adultery, fornication
allayualaitchuq is friendly, not bashful (of toddler) (N)
allayuaqtuq fears because of an unusual event, shyness of toddler (N)
allayuaqtuq is shy, bashful (of toddler) (N)
allimbaat lower molars
alliq bottommost
alliqsuq is deep
alluaq fishing or sealing hole

alluk both soles
alluutaq shoveler (Spatula clypeata)
alluvak seal's breather hole (suitable for placing net)
aluaq coal (N)
aluaq coal (N)

aluaqabvik coal scuttle
alubun sandal
aluktuq licks
aluq sole
alutabuktuq wants a spoon
aluutabaqtuq eats with a spoon
aluutaq spoon
aluutauraq little spoon
amaaq root

amaaqtuq carry baby on back

amabaa puts him (baby) on her back (inside the parka)
amabuq wolf (Canis lupus)
amaffa from over there (N)
amai don't know (p)
amakfa from over there (K)
amani located over there
amaniilik edible intestines (with fat, cooked)
amaniittuq is there (out of sight)
amauga my great grandparent
amaujigaaluk snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) (N)
amauligruaq common eider (Somateria mollissima)

amautligaq snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis)

amautlikkauraq snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) (K)
amibaiqsivik August (lit. caribou lost velvet) (K)
amibaq bark
amieeiksraq radius
amiibruktuq has skinned self (N)
amiiqsiktuq has skinned self (K)
amiiqsiruq skins an animal
amiiqsuq he skins (it)
amiq skin
amiq hide, skin
amiq (13) skin covering (13)

amiqsuq covers a frame with skin

amitchuq is narrow (K)
amiun thread for skins
amiun (12) thread for sewing skins together (12)

amixbaq ulna, fibia
amixiqiruq works with skins
amma over there, outside, downriver, then (somewhat distant in place or time, intermediate between uvva and imma)
ammun net rope
amna this one, that one (person or thing) (somewhat distant in place or time, intermediate between una and imea, or manna and imea)
amufa towards over there
amumaruq is pulled out (e.g. a net)
anabvik toilet, out-house
anaq stool (feces)
anaqapak tonight, this evening (N)
anaqavak tonight, this evening (K)
anaqsiubayuk dung fly (Musea stercoraria)
anaqtuq defecates
anasriffuqsaq punishment
anaugaa hits him, beats him
anautaksraq hind upper leg (K)
anautaq axe, beating tool (upper hind leg)
anautaq hind upper leg (N)
anautaq axe (N)

anayasuktuq fears the consequence (N)
anfik sole patch (N, K)
anfun (14) pitch (caulking) (14)

anibniq breath
anibnitchiaqtuq is panting
aniiqsuaqtuq plays outdoors
aniqatiga my sibling (my brother or my sister)
aniqatigiik sibling pair
aniqtibiruq breathes
aniruq is born (lit. exits)
aniruq exits, is born
aniu packed snow (N)
aniu any snow (K)
aniuvak snowbank
anixgitchuq exits again
anmukjaqtaqjuni go down quickly (as in flying)
annaa exclamation of pain, sorrow or disappointmentq
annabniq bruise
annaktuq is sheltered, is safe, saves
annaktuq is saved (N)
annaqtittuq is bruised
annaun salvation (N)
Annaurri Savior (N)
annautigaa saves him
annibeaq pain (N)
annibeaqtuq hurts, pains, is sick (N)
annii exclamation of pain, sorrow or disappointmentq
anniiyaruq is sore (N)
anniqsubaa benefits him
anniqsubiaq salvation
anniqsuiruq helps, is beneficial (N)
anniqsuiruq benefits, helps
Anniqsuqti Savior
anniqsuqtiksraq salvation (K)
anniqsuqtuq is saved (K)
Anniqsuun Savior (K)
annubaaq garment (N)
anubi is windy
anubivaalua wind's sound
anuksraq harness material
anuksraq harness webbing
anuqjiqsuq is windy
anuqqafaruq is windy (gale force)
anuqsruruq endures, suffers (K)
anut harness (one or many)
anut (6) harness (6)

apai plenty! Enough!
apaiqsuq is enough, had enough
apibigaa questioned him, asked him
Apibigiga puttuqsritquvlusi. I ask that you be inspired
apigaa it is snow covered
apiqsriruq asks, questions
apiqsrubaa is about to question him, ask him
apiqsruun question
apiruq is snow covered
apluqtuq steps, takes a step
apqun trail
apqusraabaa passes him (K)
apqusraaqtuq travels through (K)
aptaruq is busy (N)
apubaa bumps, strikes against it, meets him
apubaikutaq (10) front bow (10)

apubun (11) front crosspiece (11)

apun snow
apuqtibaa bumps, strikes against it, meets him
apuqtuq meets, bumps, strikes against
aputyaq snow patch
aputyaq snow block shelter (K)
apuyyaq snow block shelter (N)
apuyyaq snow patch
apyularuq is dusty (K)
apyuq dust (K)
aqalgiq willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) (p)
aqalugniaqtuq is fishing (kiv, n)
aqaluk fish (n, kiv)
aqaluk fish (kiv, n)
aqalukpik trout, lake trout, arctic char (n, kiv)
aqaluksiubayuk osprey (Pandion haliaetus) (lit. goes for fish) (n)
aqaluktuq catches a fish (kiv, n)
aqargigiaq Sabine's gull (Xema sabini)
aqargiq willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus)

aqavirvik August (lit. moulting time) (N)
aqavittuq sits down ( q)
aqaya mud (N)
aqiabubiitchuq has a chronic stomachache
aqiabunfuruq has an acute stomachache
aqiabuq stomach
aqiabuq tree heart (stomach)
aqiavieiq outter meat of body
aqigaa kicks it
aqiruq kicks
aqixuqqaq soft snow
aqpaksruqtuq runs (of human) (K)
aqpalibaaqtuq runs a race
aqpaliuraq race, footrace (N)
aqpaliutraq race, footrace (K)
aqpallaiqsuq cannot run
aqpaq common murre (Uria aalge)

aqpaqsruqti sandering (Crocethia alba) (lit. runner)
aqpaqsruqtuq runs (K)
aqpattuq runs (of human) (N)
aqpattuq runs (N)
aqpik Salmonberry, cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus)
aqqaa smells bad!
aqqaubaa angled a fish
aqqauqtuq (fish) bit on hook
aqsraatchaun high-kick ball
aqsraq ball
aqsravaluktuq is round (K)
aqsravaluqtaq upper arm muscle (K)
aqtubaa touches it
aqu beaver (Castor canadensis) (K)
aqu back (stern)
aqu (6) stern (6)

aquani behind (lit. at its back)
aqubun (17) sled bag (17)

aqulliq last one, hindmost one
aqulliq sternmost
aquppiutaq chair
aquttuaq ship's pilot
aquvittuq sits down
aquvittuq sits down
aqvaluaq upper arm muscle (N)
aqvaluktuq is round (N)
arakaa comforts
araksibiitchuq is not open to counsel (N)
araqsibiaqtuq is open to counsel (N)
argaak gloves
argaaqtuq broken finger
argaibeaq mushroom (lit. don't handle)
argaich hand, fingers

argak finger

argigauraaq broken finger (N)
argiq roasting spit
argiqsuq cooks over open fire
arguafaruq is egotistical (can do anything)
arguaqtubaa doubts it
arguktuq travels into the wind
arraa I've had it! Exclamation when something goes wrong
arri likeness, parable
arrii exclamation of pain, sorrow, disappointment
arrii! exclamation of pain, sorrow or disappointment
arriligaa draws, sketches its likeness
arriqaqtuq is like, is comparable (N)
arruk dampness around floor
asiaq berrry, fruit (q)
asiaq blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum) (N)
asiavik blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum) (q)
asik dear one
asiq sleeve
asiqtuq is nodding (with head while others dance)
asriaq berrry, fruit (K)
asriavik blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum) (K)
ataa its underside, ventral area
ataa hush! Be still!
ataa its underside, ventral area of fish
ataani under
ataaniittuq is under
ataaqtuq travels down river by boat
ataaqtuqtuq goes down to the lead to camp for whaling (N)
ataaqtuqtuq goes to set up whale camp on the ice (N)
ataataga my grandfather, great uncle (N, q)
atai cute (of baby) (N)
atai exclamation of surprise (K)
atakkiataf because
atakkii because
atanbiqsauruq is free
atanbirrun liberty
atanbusuktuq is cranky (N)
atanbusuktuq is cranky
atanbuturuq is cranky (K)
ataniq leader, boss, master, president, king
Ataniq Lord
atannibaa judges him (K)
atannibaa judges him (K)
atanniqsubaatin orders you to do it and you must do it
atanniujiq judgment (K)
atanniun judgment (K)
atanniutiksraq judgment to come (K)
ataqsiruq borrows
ataraaq dress (K)
ataramik always
ataruq is connected with
atausiq one (N, q)
atausisualuk only one
atausriq one (K)
atautchimiksuliguuq one more he said
atautkaa goes beneath it
atauttuq goes beneath
atchabniq easterly wind (noa, ki)
atchaga father's sister (K)
atchaga my aunt (N)
atchibaa names him
atchikisaaqtuq see-saw jumping (N)

atchiksuq is lowly, is humble (K)
atchitkaa lends him
atchuu! I don't know! (N)
atiba my namesake (relationship based upon sharing name of deceased person)
atibiik two people with same name
atibiik two people bearing same name
atigaa wears it, put it on
atigi pullover parka

atigiruq puts on parka
atigitchiaq new parky
atigitchiaqtuq gets a new parky
atikjuk parka cover
atiqayaqtuq almost the same
atiqayaqtut are almost the same
atiqsaaqtuq travels down river by sled
atiruk are identical (of 2)
atiruq is the same, there is no difference
atla another one, different one (K)
atlabiiqsuq is different, other (K)
atlayuaqtuq is shy, bashful (of toddler) (K)
atlayuaqtuq fears because of an unusual event, shyness of toddler (K)
atlayuatlaitchuq is friendly, not bashful (of toddler) (K)
atnibeaq pain (K)
atnibeaqtuq is sick (malaise) (K)
atnibeaqtuq hurts, pains, is sick (K)
atniiyaruq is sore (K)
atniutaqtuqtuq has pain
atnubaaq garment (K)
atqaqtuq descends
atqasalik travels down wind
atqunaq plenty, abundant
atqunaqtuq is much, too much, plenty, there is an abundance
atri likeness, parable
atriligaa draws, sketches its likeness
atriqaqtuq is like, is comparable (K)
atta hush! Be still!
attabnaitchuq is friendly, kind, communicative
attabnaqtuq is stern, unfriendly, non-communicative
attaqsrafitchuq is bold (sure of not being refused, freely helps himself to other's things) (N, q)
attaqsranbitchuq is bold (sure of not being refused, freely helps himself to other's things) (K)
attaqsraqtuq respects, fear of a person who is not well known (K)
atuabnaq northerly wind (not paralleling coast) (N)
atuaniktuq has already sung
atubaa uses it
atubaa sings it
atubnaqtuq is useful
atubuiqsuq is worthless
atufaiqsuq is worthless
atufaiqsuq is useless (having been useable)
atufak sole
atufaktuq resoles a boot (K?)
atukkafa his song (singing)
atunim together
atuqtaksraq law (what ought to be done, used) (K)
atuqtuq uses, acts immorally
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuuraq musical instrument
atuqtuuraq musical instrument
atuqtuuraqti musician
atuqtuuraqtuq plays instrument
atuun song
atuutiksraqaqtuq has a song choice
atuutluk evil magic-working song (K)
Atuyuitchufa. I sing poorly.
atvaqtaqtuq humbles himself much (K)
augavik blood vessel (N)
auk blood
auk blood
auk igliqtuq blood flows
aukkaa melts it (ice, snow)
aukkun blood vessel (N)
auksajaq melting snow (K)
auksalaq melting snow
auksruaq red phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius) (lit. blood-like)
auktaq mole, Mongolian spot (Mongol geburts fleck) (N, K)
auktuq nose bleeds
aularuq dances (K)

aularuq moves (N, s)
aularuq dances (K)
aularuq nuna earthquake (N)
aulasraun jigging stick

aullabmiuq is also departing
aullabniiruq begins
aullaqatigiiksut they depart together
aullaqsivieaqtuq is departing quickly
aullaqsrubniaqtuq picks berries
aullaqtitkaa sends him away
aullaqtitkaa causes it to depart, sends
aullaqtuq goes away
aullaqtuq departs, goes away
aullaquvisigut do you want us to depart?
aullasiq habit, unconscious habit, instinct
aullasiq instinct
aullautigaa leads him away, takes it away
aulliq summer skin
auma charred wood, charcoal (K)
auma live coal
aumaraq charred wood, charcoal (N)
aunaaqsruqtuq bleeds, menstruates (K)
aunaaqtuq bleeds, menstruates (N)
auniq rotten spot, rotting substance
auniqtuq has a rotten spot
aunniq rotten ice (unsafe)
aunniq rotten ice
auqtuq stalks seal, crawling and scratching on ice at the same time
auralliq summer skin (N)
auraq summer
auraq summer
auruq is rotten, is rotting, aging
autaabaa divided it
autaaqtuq divides, shares
avaalaruq yelps with pain (K, q)
avaffa from afar off, from over there (N)
avakfa from afar off, from over there (K)
avallaktuq travels straight out from the shore
avalliq the farthest over
avanfagaa all around him
avani located over there
avanmun toward each other (N)
avataaqtat framing lumber
avatalibuuvaq snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) (p)
avataqpak float (buoy) (N)
avatmun toward each other (K)
avatraq (5) fluke (5) (K)

avieeaq mouse, vole (Microtus operarius), lemming (Synaptomys borealis) (K)
aviffaq brown lemming (Lemmus trimucronatus) (N)
aviktuq cuts, divides (meat, bread, etc.)
avilaitqan friend (N)
avixuqtaqtuq bell rings
avixuqtaqtuq bell rings
avixuqtaun bell (lit. instrument for repeated noise by striking)
avixuqtaun bell (an instrument to make repeated noise by hitting) (K, q, p)
avu, qapsitaaq sugar (K)
avufa towards there (over there)
avva far off (in place or time), over there (shoreward)
avvaq one half
avyuq dust (N)
axaqqaa exclamation of sorrow
ayaagittuq is undecided, desires to but can't begin (N)
ayabruksaaba my aunt (mother's sister)
ayabun (4) bed crosspiece (4)

ayak post, pillar
ayak spear pole, whaling harpoon
ayaufaruq is blind
ayauq boil (sore)
ayauruq got blind
ayuktuq ball
ayuqtuq plays ball (N)
ayuruq plays ball (K)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.