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agaayujiq prayer (K)
agaayuliqsi minister, pastor (K)
agaayuliqsi pastor, missionary (K)
Agaayun God (K)
agaayuruq prays (K)
agaayuvifmufniaqtufa I'm on my way to church
agaayuvigmiittuq is in church
agaayuvik church (building) (N)
agaffaitchuq is gentle, kind
agaktuq fights, plays roughly
agga across there (visible)
aggiqsuq comes (K)
aggun corruption (N)
agiaq file
agiaqtuq files, rubs
agikkaa files it, rubs it
agiksuq files, rubs (continually)
agiukpak perpendicular pressure ridge
aglaan but
aglagvik school desk, paper pad
aglagvik desk, writing pad
aglagviksraq paper, writing material
aglak mark, pencil line, letter of alphabet
aglaksruutit typewriter (K)
aglaktuq writes
aglaun pencil
aglaun pencil (K)
aglautiruq types (K)
aglautitaq typewriter
aglautitaqti typist (N)
aglautitaqtuq types (N)
aglautitaun typewriter (N)
aglautiti typist (K)
aglibigaa abstains from it, avoids it
aglibnaqtuq is tabooed, forbidden to eat of do for religious reasons
aglibuq lower jawbone (one side)
agliebaqtuq reaches puberty
agliqiruq reads
agliqiruq reads (K)
agliqquk lower jaw (mandible)

agliqquk lower jaw (both sides) (K)
agliqquk lower jawbone (both sides)
agliruq grows up, gets big
aglisaieeaqtuq is continually getting bigger
agliutigaa take one's picture (K)
agliutraq picture (K)
agliutraq picture (K, q)
aglu (1) runner shoe (1)

aglu (8) runner (8)

agnibiqsuq blizzard has ceased (N)
agniq blizzard (N)
agniqsuq having a blizzard (N)
aguummaq basket (N)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.