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ataa its underside, ventral area
ataa hush! Be still!
ataa its underside, ventral area of fish
ataani under
ataaniittuq is under
ataaqtuq travels down river by boat
ataaqtuqtuq goes down to the lead to camp for whaling (N)
ataaqtuqtuq goes to set up whale camp on the ice (N)
ataataga my grandfather, great uncle (N, q)
atai cute (of baby) (N)
atai exclamation of surprise (K)
atakkiataf because
atakkii because
atanbiqsauruq is free
atanbirrun liberty
atanbusuktuq is cranky (N)
atanbusuktuq is cranky
atanbuturuq is cranky (K)
ataniq leader, boss, master, president, king
Ataniq Lord
atannibaa judges him (K)
atannibaa judges him (K)
atanniqsubaatin orders you to do it and you must do it
atanniujiq judgment (K)
atanniun judgment (K)
atanniutiksraq judgment to come (K)
ataqsiruq borrows
ataraaq dress (K)
ataramik always
ataruq is connected with
atausiq one (N, q)
atausisualuk only one
atausriq one (K)
atautchimiksuliguuq one more he said
atautkaa goes beneath it
atauttuq goes beneath
atchabniq easterly wind (noa, ki)
atchaga father's sister (K)
atchaga my aunt (N)
atchibaa names him
atchikisaaqtuq see-saw jumping (N)

atchiksuq is lowly, is humble (K)
atchitkaa lends him
atchuu! I don't know! (N)
atiba my namesake (relationship based upon sharing name of deceased person)
atibiik two people with same name
atibiik two people bearing same name
atigaa wears it, put it on
atigi pullover parka

atigiruq puts on parka
atigitchiaq new parky
atigitchiaqtuq gets a new parky
atikjuk parka cover
atiqayaqtuq almost the same
atiqayaqtut are almost the same
atiqsaaqtuq travels down river by sled
atiruk are identical (of 2)
atiruq is the same, there is no difference
atla another one, different one (K)
atlabiiqsuq is different, other (K)
atlayuaqtuq is shy, bashful (of toddler) (K)
atlayuaqtuq fears because of an unusual event, shyness of toddler (K)
atlayuatlaitchuq is friendly, not bashful (of toddler) (K)
atnibeaq pain (K)
atnibeaqtuq is sick (malaise) (K)
atnibeaqtuq hurts, pains, is sick (K)
atniiyaruq is sore (K)
atniutaqtuqtuq has pain
atnubaaq garment (K)
atqaqtuq descends
atqasalik travels down wind
atqunaq plenty, abundant
atqunaqtuq is much, too much, plenty, there is an abundance
atri likeness, parable
atriligaa draws, sketches its likeness
atriqaqtuq is like, is comparable (K)
atta hush! Be still!
attabnaitchuq is friendly, kind, communicative
attabnaqtuq is stern, unfriendly, non-communicative
attaqsrafitchuq is bold (sure of not being refused, freely helps himself to other's things) (N, q)
attaqsranbitchuq is bold (sure of not being refused, freely helps himself to other's things) (K)
attaqsraqtuq respects, fear of a person who is not well known (K)
atuabnaq northerly wind (not paralleling coast) (N)
atuaniktuq has already sung
atubaa uses it
atubaa sings it
atubnaqtuq is useful
atubuiqsuq is worthless
atufaiqsuq is worthless
atufaiqsuq is useless (having been useable)
atufak sole
atufaktuq resoles a boot (K?)
atukkafa his song (singing)
atunim together
atuqtaksraq law (what ought to be done, used) (K)
atuqtuq uses, acts immorally
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuq sings
atuqtuuraq musical instrument
atuqtuuraq musical instrument
atuqtuuraqti musician
atuqtuuraqtuq plays instrument
atuun song
atuutiksraqaqtuq has a song choice
atuutluk evil magic-working song (K)
Atuyuitchufa. I sing poorly.
atvaqtaqtuq humbles himself much (K)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.