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igaapiaqtuq boils meat or fish
igalaaq skylight (N)
igalauraq window (N)
igalburaq glass (K)
igaliq skylight (K)
igaliq window (K)
iggabri black bear (Ursus americanus) (N)
iggiabiitchuq has a sore throat
iggiabiitchuq has a sore throat
iggiabiitchuq has a chronic sore throat
iggianfuruq has an acute sore throat
iggiaq gullet (esophagus)
igilaat (2) crosspieces (forming the platform) (2)

igimaq iron rod

igitaq abandoned baby
igitchivik garbage pail
igitkaa throws it away, discards it
igittuq throws away, discards
iglaafurufa I am a traveler (K)
iglaaq traveller, stranger, visitor
iglaaq traveller, stranger, visitor
iglafaaqtuq smiles (N)
iglafaaqtuq smiles
iglafaruq smiles
iglaqtuq laughs
iglibviksraq occasion, time for travel
iglifnaqtuq is cute (of a baby)
igliqtuq travels, moves
igliqtuq travels, moves
iglu house (N), beaver dam (K, q)
iglukisaaksraq juggling pebbles
iglukisaaqtuq juggles
igluqpiruq builds a house (N)
ignibuqpatittuq is lightning (N)
ignibuuqpatittuaq lightning (N)
ignibvik stove (N)
igniq fire (N)
igniqauqtuq Steller's eider (Somateria stelleri)
igniruq make fire with flint
igrubaa gets stiff (of a dead body)
igrufnaq rose hip (K)

igrulibaa has chills (K)
igruq frostbite (K)
igurvik temporal

igutchaq bumble bee
igxibich rafters
igxiq bench along the wall
igxua the other one, next one
igxutubaa endures it, suffers it
igxutuiruq endures
igxutuiruq endure

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.