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ijhuabniq rainbow smelt (Osmerus dentex)
ijiq being, existence, presence (K)
ijuabitchiioiq respect
ijuagiiebitchaa dislikes him, is prejudiced (K)
ijuammaabiitchuq does not feel well (K)
ijuaqqubuuruq is proper, honest
ijuaqqun grace (lit. cause for what is right, good, correct) (K, q, n)
ijuaqsiruq recovers
ijuaqsiruq heals, fixes
ijuaqsruqtuq corrects person who is erring ignorantly
ijuaqtuq is right, good, correct, fitting
ijuitchuq is wrong
ijuixxiioiq affliction, agony (K)
ijuixxiubun discomfort, trouble (N)
ijuixxiuqtuq is troubled, bad conscience
ijummaabiitchuq does not feel well (N)
ijuuqieiq blackfish (Dallia pectoralis) (K)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.