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iqalugniabusiptiktun like you have caught fish
iqalugniaqtuq is fishing (N, q)
iqalugruaq salmon, chum, humpback salmon (N)
iqaluk fish (N, q)
iqaluk fish (N, q)
iqalukpik trout, lake trout, arctic char (N, q)
iqaluktuq catches a fish (N, q)
iqalusaaq whitefish (smallest) (N)
iqaqqun soap (N)
iqaqsriruq washes clothes (N)
iqatauruq is together with (K)
iqiasruktuq is lazy (K)
iqiasuktuq lazy
iqiasuktuq is lazy
iqiatchaktuq (moon) begins to wane
iqiatkaa does not want to do it, is lazy
iqiitchuq is not lazy
iqiq corner of mouth
iqirbaq corner
iqit fist
iqitquuraq little finger
iqittut they are flexed
iqjaq multipronged fishhook (K, q)
iqjaqtuqtuq is jigging, is hooking mudshark (K), is hooking tomcod (q)

iqju colon, large intestine
iqqulie small pointed knife
iqquliruq skins muskrat (by cutting the belly section)
iqquq buttock
iqsi prowler (unknown person who is sometimes seen from afar and is blamed for otherwise inexplainable occurances) (K)
iqsigigaa is afraid of him
iqsiruq fears (general, most common)
iqsiruq fears
iqsisaaqtuq frightens away an attacking animal (K)
iqsrabutilik Canada goose (Branta canadensis)
iqsraq cheek
iqsruqtuqtuq builds a house (K)
iqsu dandruff
iqsuktaqtuq wrinkles nose
iqsuktuq responds negatively by wrinkling nose
iquutiksraq toilet paper

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.