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ixa relative by blood, marriage or name, companion, friend or partner
ixaanni later, sometime (N)
ixaanni sometime ( in future)
ixaatni later, sometime (K)
ixafa piibaa is subtracting (lit. its part he takes away)
ixaffaaqtaaqtuq is subtracting
ixaknigiaqtuaq bride (K)
ixaksiagaa bothers him
ixaligaa shakes his hand
ixaliruq shakes hand
ixaliruq adds, joins, shakes hands with (K)
ixalulasraaq whirlwind (K)
ixannaq friend (K)
ixaqataiqsuaq widow, widower, (lit.without a partner) (K)
ixaqatiga my namesake's wife (K)
ixaqatiga my partner (husband or wife) (K)
ixaqatnigiaqtuaq bridegroom (K)
ixaqatnigutlaixaq bachelor, spinster (K)
ixaqatniktuq is married (lit. he obtained a partner)
ixaqatniktuq obtained a marriage partner
ixari jellyfish
ixarri lead dog, leader
ixaruq is adding (K)
ixasrailaruq cries with pain, screams (K)
ixauraatka, ixatka my relatives
ixavieiq some (a part of something)
ixiappak poor, orphan
ixigaa lays it down, places it
ixilgaaq, qitunbaq child
iximasuktuq suspect
ixiqsaqtuq quakes, wobbles
ixiqsaqtuq nuna earthquake (K)
ixiqsaqtuq nuna earthquake
ixisaqatigiiksut they teach each other
ixisaqtuq tries to learn, practices
ixisaurri teacher (N)
ixisaurriruq teaches (N)
ixisautigaa teaches him
ixisautri teacher (K)
ixisautriruq teaches (K)
ixisiixaq one who casts spells (considered stronger than afatkuq)
ixisimagaa knows it
ixisimaruq knows
ixisimasugnaqtuq is thought to know (I think he knows)
ixisimavich sumitilaaptifnik do you know where we live?
ixitchiruq learns
ixitchitquraq disciple, learner (N)
ixitchubigaa finds it out, becomes acqainted with him
ixitchubiruq recognizes, realizes
ixitchubun cause of recognition, sign
ixitchuq learns
Ixitqusibiksuaq Holy Spirit (lit. good spirit) (N)
ixitqusiq spirit (N)
ixitqusiq spirit (N)
ixitqusiq habit, happening, experience (q)
ixitqusiq spirit (N)
ixitqusiqjuk bad spirits (N)
ixitqusriq habit, happening, experience (K)
ixu inside, abdomen, stomach
ixuaqtu  (puts it in, (makes a basket in basketball))
ixummiq fetus
ixummiq caribou fetus
ixumun true, truth
ixumutun true, truth
ixumutuuruq is true
ixunfuruq stomach hurts
ixunfutchaktuq is deeply angry, hurt, disturbed
ixupaaq inner fur clothing, underwear
ixuqutaq porcupine (Erithizon epixanthum) (K)
ixuvik grave (K)
ixuvviktuq buries (N)
ixuvvivik grave (N)
ixxaktuq is tangled
ixxaqtuq tangle
ixxatiruq adds, joins, shakes hands with (N)
ixxatiruq is adding (N)
ixxiaburubaa combs it (K)
ixxiabutit comb
ixxiaqsuqtuq combs hair (N)
ixxuba my cross-cousin, my joking partner (K, N)
ixxuk sling (N)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.