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maakfa from around here
maani around here
maani here
maatnagu wait a minute! (K)
maatnugu wait a minute! (K)
mabaalaruq yelps with pain (N)
mabbaq sand
mafaqtaaq light grayness
mafaqtuq is black (N)
maffuq foundation
maguruq howls (dog, wolf)
makimaktuq understands not (N)
makitiqjuni immediately getting up
makittuq arises, stands up
makkaq diaper
makkatqiksuq changes diapers
makpibaaq page, sheet of paper
makpibaat book (lit. papers)
makpiqtuq opens (as a shirt, coat)
maktak whale skin with blubber (N, K)
makua these here
makuak these two
makunaffa from these (N)
makunakfa from these (K)
makunani at these
makunifa with these
makunufa to these
makunuuna through these
malbi pacific arctic loon (Gavia arctica pacifica)

malbuk two
malbukipiaq forty
malbukipiaq qulit fifty
malibuaqti disciple, learner (K)
malibutaksraq law (what ought to be followed) (K)
malikkaa follows him, accompanies him
maliksuktitauruq convinced
maliksuktitauruq is convinced
maliktuq follows (another)\
mamaaq (2) gums, material holding baleen (2)

mamaitchuq smells strong, smells foul (K)
mamaixaq sulfur (K)
mamaun udder
mamianaqtuq is annoyed, offended
mamilik Eskimo waterproof boots (K)
mamititkaa healed him
mamittuq heals (of sore, cut, etc.)
managaaraq steep rise
manaq hook (multipronged) for retrieving seal, a fishing tackle for jigging tomcod (N, q)
manaqtuqtuq is hooking fish (tomcod) (q)
manik money
maniq tussock (moss used with stove lamps), clump grass
manna this one around here
mannik egg
mannik egg
mannium saunifa egg shells (lit. egg's bones)

mapkutittuq slaps the water with his tail (beaver)
mapqaqtuq reports of a gun, sound of an explosion
mapsa pancreas
mapsaq snowdrift overhang (ready to fall) (K)
maptak whale skin with blubber (q)
maptibaq sod house (K)
maptukitchuq is thin
mapturuq is thick
mapturuq is thick
maqiruq sweats (N)
maqiruq drains (of ear, sore etc.), sweats
masrik gills
masru Eskimo potato (K)
masu Eskimo potato (N, q)
masu aibaq edible root, Parry's Wallflower (Parrya nudicaulis)
masuqutaq plant of Eskimo potato
matchaaq oatmeal (N)
mattaqtuq disrobes, removes the harness from a dog
matun like this one here
matunibaa covers it
maufa hither
mauna through here
maunaq trap entrance
mauragaaqtuq crossing open water by jumping on "stepping stone" ice pans
mauragaq small ice pan used as stepping stone
mauruq steps into, falls into a hole, breaks through (of snow)
mauyaq break through snow condition
mavsa snowdrift overhang (ready to fall) (N)
mayuabautit stairs, ladder, steps (N)
mayuabautit ladder, stairs (N)
mayuqtaq ladder, stairs (K)
mayuqtuq climbs
mayuqtuq ascends, climbs up
mibiaqsaayuk parasitic jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus) (lit. goes for vomit)
mibiaqtuq vomits
mieik splash (from a fish or thrown object)
mieugluk stain, spot
mieugluktuq is stained, spotted
mieujibaa paints it
mieujiqtuq is painting
mieukkaa paints it
mifuaqtuun pencil (N)
miillaq soap (K)
mikigaq blubber strips aged in seal skin poke
mikilbaq ring finger
mikiruq is small
milluk both breasts
milu nipple
milugaitchiaq tiny mosquito, "white socks"
milugiaq northern sucker (s)
miluk breast, nipple, milk (K)
miluk milk
miluk nipple
miluktitkaa breast feeds him
miluktuq nurses
miluyuuq caribou bot fly (Oedemagena tarandi)
minbuiqsibvik Sunday, Sabbath
minbuiqsijiq Sunday, Sabbath (K,q)
minbuiqsioiq Sabbath (K)
minbuqtuq is tired
minfiqsuq jumps
minfuq beetle
miniksuq is misty
minitkaa missed him, omitted him
miqjiqtuq child (b)
miqsruun needle (N)
miquqtuq sews (N)
misibaaq meat dip of sea mamml oil (N)
misigaqtuq hops
misikaabaq black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus)
misikaaqqauraq black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus)
misiksuq leaps straight up, jumps down from low height
misrubuq juice, kool aid, wine (K)
misruligruaq sleet (K)
misrulik sleet
misubuq juice, kool aid, wine (q)
misuitchuq is pale (lit. without juice) (q)
misuktaun fountain pen
misuktuq dips
misulik sleet (N)
mitaaqtuq jokes
mitaixaq soft snow on ice floe covering an open spot
mitautigigaa mocks him, makes a fool of him
mitauturuq mocks (K)
mitchaabaqsiruq is proceeding to land
mitchaaqqammiqsuq just landed
mitilugruaq emperor goose (Phillacte canagica)
mitiq duck (q)
mitlik carving tool
mitqun needle (K)
mitquq hair (piece of fur)
mitquq feather (fur, body hair)
mitqut body hair, pubic hair
mitqutailxaq arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) (lit. without needle)
mitqutaixaq arctic tern (lit. is without a needle)
mixik very soft snow
mixuqataiqsivik September (lit. leaves falling) (kiv)
mixuqtuq hits with a thrown object
mubajjiq slush ice
mukkaaq flour (K)
mulik diaphragm (K)
mulik diaphragm (K)
muliktuq is closed, turned off (radio, etc.)
muluruq stays a long while
mumibnaq tree stump
mumiksiruq translates
mumiksuq turns over, changes, repents
mumiksuq changes, turns over, repents (K)
mumioiq repentence (K,q)
mumiq hind leg, hind quarter
munabigaa watches him, takes care of him
muqpaaraq biscuit
muqpaktuq dives (of a sea mammal whose body curves high out of the water)
muqutipkaq ice-bound boat

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.