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naabaayiq wood frog (Rana sylvatica)
naabuqtuq (moon) is full
naagga no! (emphatic), or (N, q)
naalaktuq listens
naamaruq is complete, is enough
naami where at
naammaktuq is fitting, right, perfect
naaqturuq is pregnant (K)
naaruq ends, runs out, finishes
naataq great gray owl (Strix nebulosa)

naataqpak barred owl (Strix ulula)
naattuq is ended, finished, stopped, caught
naavitkaa dumps it (non-liquid) (N)
naavitkaa dumps it out
naavittuq dumps out (non-liquid)
nabbugigaa despises it, rejects it
nabiaq bait
nafiatchaktuq fears a situation
nafiitchuq is daring, is brave
nafiitchuq is daring, brave
nafinnaq hell (suffering) (K)
nafirrun disease
nafirvik hospital (lit. place for sick ones)
nafittuq is sick (malaise)
nafittuq is sick
naglifnaqtuq is poor, pitiable (K)
nagligigaa pities him
nagligigaa has compassion on him
nagliginnibaa is merciful to him
naglignaqtuq is poor, pitiable (N)
naglikkun mercy
naglikkun mercy
nagliksaabvik hell (place of suffering) (N)
nagliksaaqtitchiruq persecute
nagliksaun affliction, suffering
nagliksraqtuq pities
nagliktaq pity, grace, mercy, love (K)
nagliktuq is merciful, compassionate
nagliktuun mercy (N)
nagliktuutiqpak grace
nagliktuutiqpak grace (N)
nagruk antlers (horns)
nagrulik pallid horned lark (Eremophila alpestris arcticola) (lit. has horns)
naipiqtuq watch critically (N)
naipitkaa watches it closely, tests it (K)
nairuq smells strong, smells foul
nairuq smells
naitchuq is short
nakasruk bladder (K)
nakasuk bladder (N)
nakiei where from
nakiqtuq goes direct (as path of bullet)
nakkaqtuq dives, sinks
naktuqtuq is chipped
nakuaqsriruq likes, loves
nakuaqsriruq likes, loves
nakuaqsriun love
nakuqsiruq is getting better (K)
nakuruq is cross-eyed
nakuugisiruq it is going to be good
nakuujallaktuq it is very good
nakuumaruq is in state of being good
nakuupiabataqtuq is extremely good
nakuupiafitkaluaqtuq although not very good, it is okay
nakuuqsiruq is getting better (N)
nakuuruq is good
nakuuruq is good, fine
nakuuruq is good
nakuusimaruq now is good (having been ot good)
nalaulbataqtillugu till it is right
nalaunfaruq is right, just
nalauraaqtuq rests
nalautchaabaa travels past (N)
nalautchaqtuq guesses, gambles
nalautirrun gunsight
nalautitkaa aims it, focuses it
nalautittuq fulfills, sights in a rifle
nalauttuq is right
nalbuqsrubaa straightens it, corrects him
nalbuqsruiruq corrects, instructs
nalbuqsruun discipline, correction (K)
nallaqtuq has lain down
nallaqtuq lies down
nallaruq lays (himself) down
nallautigaa lays him down, puts him to bed
naluabmiu white person
naluaq bleached seal skin
nalukataq blanket toss

nalukataqtuq is blanket tossing

naluksrifuaqtuq has a hangover (N)
naluktuq swims (of sea mammals and polar bear)
nalunaiefutaq mark, seal
nalunaitchuq is clear, easy to see
nalunaqtuq is secret, is hidden
nalupqigigaa is uncertain about it
nalupqinaitchuq is certain, sure
nalupqinaqtuq is uncertain, unpredictable
nalupqisrunbitchuq is confident, is sure (not doubting) (K)
nalupqisufitchuq is confident, is sure (not doubting) (N, q)
nalupqisuktuq doubts, is uncertain
nalupqisun doubt
naluruq is ignorant, does not know
nanbabaa praises him, brags about him
nanbaqtuq brags, praises (himself)
nanbaqtuq praises, boasts
nanbaun praise, honor
nani where? (K)
nani where? (K)
nanibiaq trap
nanibiaqtuqtuq is trapping
nanibuun flashlight (K)
naniq lamp
naniqtuq is trapped
nanmakti donkey (lit. burden bearer) (N)
nanmaktuq carries on the back, back packs (N)
nanmaun dog pack

nanuktuq rubs with seal oil (as on neck for sore throat)
nanuq polar bear, (Thalarctos maritimus)

nanuun ointment
napaaqtum aqargiq hudsonian spruce grouse (lit. spruce ptarmigan) (Canachites canadensis)
napaaqtum qipmiurafa spruce cone (K), (lit. spruce's puppy)

napaaqtuq tree
napaaqtuq tree, spruce tree
napabiaq upright (vertical)
napabiaq (3) upright (3)

napaqti mast
naparuq sticks up
naparuq (4) rib (4)

napifaruq is hunchbacked (N)
napittuq is snared
napituruq is noisy
naplu knee joint (K)
napmun where to
nappairuq builds
napufaruq is hunchbacked (K)
naqaabuurut patch of swamp grass
naqitaabun (13) tie-down rope (13)

naqitaqpik (4) rope tie-downs (4)

naqittabun (3) rope lashes (3)

naqittuq is low
narraabiitchuq has abdominal cramps
narraabiitchuq stomachache (chronic)
narranfuruq has abdominal ache
narranfuruq stomach cramps (acute)
narraq abdomen
narvaq lake

nasabauraq kerchief (N)
nasaq hood (N)
nasautaq cap (N)
nasautaqjuk old hat
nasittuq ascends to a high spot for scanning (N)
nasrabaq kerchief (K)
nasraq hood (K)
nasraun cap (K)
nasritchuq ascends to a high spot for scanning (K)
nataabnaq flounder
natatqubnaq hailstone
natchiabruk seal-skin trousers
natchikkaa yearns to follow him
natchiksuq yearns to follow
natchiq hair seal

natchiqiruq washes floor (K)
natchitchibaa lays flooring
natibnaq flat tundra
natibvik snowdrift
natibviksuq is ground drifting
natibviksuq snow is ground drifting
natiq valley floor
natiq floor (lake bottom, valley floor)
natiq bottom
natkikkaa correction
natmakti donkey (lit. burden bearer) (K)
natmaktuq carries on the back, back packs (K)
natqigutigaa forgives him (lit. corrects him) (K)
natqiksruqtuq is correcting one who has unknowingly erred
natqiksruun discipline, correction (N)
nauf where? (N)
nauf where? (N)
naukun by which way, how
naulikkaa spears it
naumi no! (N, sh)
naunbat young tree growing from old root
nauruq grows
nautchiaq flower

nautchiaqabvik garden
nautchiaqabvik garden, field
nautchiiruq plants
nautkiaqtuq jumps down
nauyaq gull

nauyatchiaq mew gull (Larus canus) herring gull (Larus argentatus)
nauyavasrugruk glaucus gull (Larus hyperboreus)
naviagaa does not dare it
naviagigaa is dangerous for him
navianaqtuq is dangerous
navikkaa breaks it
naviktuq breaks
navlu knee joint (N)
nayaafabaa greets him, sends him greetings (K)
nayafaqtuq is drowsy
nayaffak common scoter (Oidemia nigra)
nayagaqtuq is drowsy (N)
nayubaa lives with him, stays with him
nayuutigaa brought it up (climbed up with it)
nayuutiruq stays, remains
niaqubiitchuq has a severe headache
niaqunfuruq has a headache
niaquq skull, head

niaquq head
niaquq head, skull
niaquqtuabruk hawk owl (Surnia ulula)
nibbivik table (lit. eating place)
nibianiktuq has already eaten
nibiaqtuq is going to eat
nibieiaqtugut we will eat
nibiniutnaq table knife (K)
nibioauraqtuq is eating a little
nibipchabaa he feeds him
nibiqsuruq like to eat excessively (N)
nibiraksrauruq must be eaten
nibiruksrauruq has to eat
nibiruq eats
nibiruq eats
nibiruq eats
nibisubuiqsuq has had enough food
nibisufnaq famine (K)
nibisuktuq is hungry (K)
nibityabie would you come to eat!
nibiugigaa expects him (K, N)
nibiuktuq expects, hopes (N)
nibivaallukkiga first time I eat it
nibixiktaq Adam's apple (larynx)

niblibnaq pacific black brant (Branta nigricans) (K)
niblinbaq pacific black brant (Branta nigricans) (N)
niblivaixuk white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons) (N)
nibukkaq stomach with contents, anything in the abdominal cavity
nibvallaksraaqtuq falls backward (K)
nibxiktuq choked to death
niefiqsimaruq is insulating dwelling by building a wall of snow blocks about it and placing soft snow between the wall and the dwelling
nifauga my brother-in-law, my son in-law
nifitchiruq sets out, plants
nifitkaa kuvraq is setting net
nigaq snare for caribou and sheep
nigaq rainbow (K)
nigaqtuq is snared
nigaqtuqtuq is snaring caribou or sheep
nigaqtuqtuq is snaring small game
nigatchiaq rainbow (N)
nigatchiaq snare (for small game)

nigavik haunch
nigiq north, northeasterly wind
nigiqpaq north, northeasterly wind
niglaqtuq has cooled (of food, drink)
niglieaqtuq is cold (not weather)
niguaqtuqtuq is wary (N)
nikaitchuq perseveres, does not give up
nikaitchuq keeps trying, determined
nikaliqsuq gives up (K)
nikatchaktuq gives up (N)
nikpaqtuq waits for an animal to appear (N)
niksaaqtuq burps (K)
niksik hook, fishhook, lure

niksikpak (7) anchor (7)

niksiksuqtuq is hooking (jigging) fish

niksixiuqtuq makes a hook
niliq flatus
niliqtuq expels flatus (gas)
nimibiaq water worm, eel, serpent, snake
ninfuq cottonwood tree (K)
nipaalaruq screams
nipaalaruq screams
nipaiouktaq short-earred owl (Asio flammeus) (lit. flies soundlessly) (K)
nipaiqsuq becomes quiet
nipaitchuq is quiet
nipaixuktaq short-earred owl (Asio flammeus) (lit. flies soundlessly) (n)
nipi voice, sound
nipiruq (sun, moon) sets
nipitchaq octopus
nipittuq is sticky
nipituruq is noisy, loud
nipliqsuq says, sounds, voices (K)
nippivik November (lit. sunset time) (N)
niptaitchuq is hazy (N)
niptaqtuq is clearing, clouds are dispersing
niptaruq is bright weather (N)
nipufaiqsuq alert
niqaaq plant stem
niqaat lichen
niqaat swamp grass
niqi meat, food
niqi meat
niqijuktuq is poor meat (food)
niqipialiuqtuq boils meat (K)
niqipiaq real food (meat)
niqipiaq meat (vs. food)
niqiqaqtuq has meat
niqniaqtuq is cooking (K)
niqsaaqtufiq rock ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)
niu leg
niu leg
niubaun drill, brace
niugaaq broken leg (K, N)
niuk both legs
niulbiq dragon fly

niuqqaq snack time, refreshment (N)
niuriruq unloads sled (K, N)
niuriruq unloads
niuriruq unloads, longshores
niuruq (sun, moon) appears from behind cloud

niuruq disembarks
niuruq disembarks
niutaq stern or bow
niutaq (5) stern or bow (5)

niutuiyiq lynx (Lynx canadensis) (N)
niutuuyiq lynx (Lynx canadensis) (q)
nivaktaqtuq falls backward (N)
nivaktuq paws (K)
nivaktuq shovels, digs
niviaqsiabruk girl (before puberty)
niviaqsialugruaq little girl
niviaqsiaq young lady (marriageable)
nivifabaa hangs it up
nivifaqtuq hangs down
nivifaqutaq red current (Ribes triste) (K)
niviqtuq lays on his back (K)
nivliqsuq says, sounds, voices (N)
nubbaabruk calf during first winter (N)
nubbaatchiaq calf during 2nd winter (prime skin)
nubbaixaq cow without fawn
nubbaiyaaq newborn fawn

nubbalik cow with fawn
nubbalik miluktitkaa cow nurses fawn
nubbaq fawn, colt (less than 1 year)

nubbaq miluktuq fawn sucks
nubbayauq newborn fawn

nufaktuabruk white-crowned sparrow (Zenotrichia leucophrys)
nuffaq nose bridge (N)
nuffich floating ribs (K)
nufuruq is used up
nuiruq comes into view, rises (sun)
nukaaluga my younger brother (N)
nukabiitka my family
nukaqjiba my youngest child
nukatabaabruk large bull (just matured) (K)
nukatabaaluk bull nearly full grown (N, q)
nukatabagruaq large bull (just matured) (N)
nukatabaq three year old bull (K)
nukatabauraq young bull (2-3 years) (N)
nukatchiaba my younger sibling (K)
nukatchiaba my younger sister (N)
nukatpiabruk boy
nukatpialugruaq small boy
nukatpiaq young man (marriageable)
nukik tendon, muscle
nukik tendon, ligament, cartilage
nukik tendon, ligament, cartilage
nukiohaaq cloth (K)
nukisubaq horned owl (Bubo virginianus)
nuktaqtuq moves from place to place
nukuutchiqiq belted kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon)

nuliaba, abnaba my wife
nuliabniq stinking caribou bull (after breeding)
nuliabvik October (lit. breeding time for caribou) (N)
nuliaksraun bride (N)
nuliiqsuaq widower (K)
nullabvik hotel, inn (K)
nullaqtuq camps
nullautaq supper (N)
nullautchibeaqsiruq is supper time
nullautchiq supper (K)
nullibuvik October (lit. breeding time for caribou) (kiv)
nuluq snowshoe webbing
nuna land, earth
nunaaqqiq city, town, village, nation
nunafiak alder tree, rust colored dye from alder bark
nunagiksuq is a good land
nunagluk wilderness (bad land)
nunauruat country, nation
nunavak walrus on ice
nunavik undulating tundra
nunuqsibiixaq buffle-head duck (Bucephala albeola)

nunuuraqtuq is remorseful
nuqabun (9) lashings for lower stands (9)

nuqitchiruq raises an object by pulling with a rope
nuqitkaa draws, pulls it
nutaaq newness, freshness
nutabaq fresh snow, powder snow
nutaqqat young people
nutauruq is new
nutchat head hair
nutiktuq leaps
nutqaqtitkaa stops it
nutqaqtuq stops, dies
nuttabigaa leaps at him
nuttagayuk grasshopper (N)
nuuruq moves to another dwelling
Nuurvifmiu Noorvik dweller
Nuurvik move place, Noorvik
nuuttuq moves to another dwelling
nuutuuyiq lynx (Lynx canadensis) (K)
nuvaksiruq has a cold
nuvaktuq has a cold
nuvaktuq has a cold
nuvaq male fawn (N)
nuviivak fly, blow fly
nuviivaum qupilbuksrafa egg
nuvirat fish strung on a willow stick

nuviya cloud
nuviyaliqsuq is overcast, is getting cloudy
nuvuk point, promontory
nuvuliksrat floating ribs (N)
nuvuya cloud (N)
nuvuyaffuqsaieeabaa is changing to cloudy weather
nuvuyalaqtuq is cloudy (broken)
nuvuyaliqsuq is overcast, is getting cloudy
nuyuaqtuq is wary (K)
nuyuiqsuq is not afraid, is not scared

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.