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sialukkattaqtuq scattered rain showers
sialuktuq is raining (N, n)
siamittuq spreads, scatters
siatqiksuq is straight (as of a board)
sibbaqiruq is difficult, laborious
sibbaqtuq works hard (N)
sibeiksrauruq is devoted
sibxibnaitchuq is easy (N)
sibxibnaitchuq is easy, not difficult (N)
sibxibnaqtuq is difficult (N)
sibxiqiraqtuq works hard, is difficult
sibxuaq underground cache, cold storage
sieaa shore (it's edge)
sieeaktuq dream
sieeaktuqtuq dreams
siei fur ruff of parka (K)
sieibeiq ankle joint (N)
sieigvik bed (lit. sleeping place)
sieiksraaqtuq goes around visiting from house to house, collects food for the poor from house to house (K)
sieiktuq sleeps
sifaiyauruq is pregnant (N)
siffiq any large arm or leg muscle
sifibeiq ankle joint (K)
sifiq boot strap (N)

sifiq boot strap (K)

sifiqsuq ties mukluk strap
sifutlulluuq varied thrush (Ixoreus naevius)
sigearuq is greedy (N)
sigeataitchuq is generous (not stingy) (N)
sigguk one mandible (N)
sigguuk beak, bill (N)

sii sheefish (Stenodus leucichthys nelma)
siibeaaqtuq is sweet
siibruktuq hisses, whistles (of wind, gas stove or lantern)
siibxanfuliqsuq has a sour stomach (N)
siibxanfuruq has a sour stomach (K)
siiksuq is cutting fish (for drying)
siilik northern pike (Esox lucius) (q)
siimaktuq argues (N)
siimaktuq is arguing heatedly
siiqsipkaqtuq sweats (K)
siiyukpaligauraq dunlin, red-backed sandpiper (Erolia alpina pacifica)
siiyukpalik long-billed dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)
sikearuq is greedy (K)
sikeataitchuq is generous (not stingy) (K)
sikiruq moves head forward and down
sikiruq moves head forward and down
sikkaa shoots it, hits it (K)
sikoaq pickaxe (N)
siksaqtuq tries to shoot, tries to hit (K)
siksi bow (K)
siksrik ground squirrel (Citellus parryi)
siksrikpak hoary marmot (Marmota caligata)
siku ice
siku (2) runner rod, runner base (2)

sikuibvik ice break-up time
sikuibvik May (lit. ice break-up time) (K)
sikuiefaan before it froze
sikukjaq hailstone
sikuliaq ice thick enough to walk on
sikuliqiruq is in process of break-up
sikuliuraq new formed ice
sikuq bit
sikuq (2) runner rod, runner base (2) (K)

sikuvik October (lit. ice time) (K)
simik diaphragm (K)
simmausiqsuq exchanges
simmibaa changes it, exchanges it
simmixibaa returns something borrowed
sipik caudal fin, fish tail
sippak something left over, surplus
sippun gun, rifle (K)
sipyaaq hip joint (K)
siqieaabiksuq sun shines
siqieaabiksuq sun is shining (N, K)
siqieaasrugruk January (lit. new sunshine) (K)
siqieaasugruk February (lit. longer sunshine) (N)
siqieaatchiaq December (lit. no sunshine) (K)
siqieaatchiaq January (lit.new sunshine) (N)
siqiebixaq December (lit. no sunshine) (N)
siqieburaq timepiece, clock (N)
siqieiq sun
siqieiq sun
siqijhatittuq slaps the water with his tail (beaver)
siqpiich eyelashes
siqquqtuq is opinionated, not easily persuaded (lit. is hard)
siqquqtuq is hard
siqsuruq is daring (strong), is enduring (persistent hunter) (N)
siqsuruq capable, enduring
siqunbipaktaqtuq blinks
siqunibaqtuq winks
siqupsiqqat Pleiades constellation
siquruq eyes are closed
siquruq goes to sleep, closes his eyes
siqusuktuq wants to go to bed
siquyaqtuquyumagaluabaa want him to go to bed
sisamakipiaq eighty
sisamakipiaq qulit ninety
sisamalik 8' x 10' wall tent (lit. with four, meaning four panels long) (K,q)
sisamat four
sisuaq beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) (K)
sisugaqtuq slides down a hill (N)
sisugiaqtuq baby has a wet burp
sisurabaaqtuq slides down a hill (K)
sisuuq snowslide, avalanche
sitquaq kneecap (patella)
sitquaq (5) rear flipper of seal, walrus (5)

sitquq kneecap (patella) (N)
sitquqsimanaqtuq is tragic
sitquqsimanaqtuq is "tied up in knots", tense because of impending unpleasantness
sitquqtuq kneels
sitxiq hard crusty snow (K)
siubruk pressure appliance, stove (N, K)
siulik northern pike (Esox lucius) (N)
siun ear

siun ear
siunfuraq ear cavity
siunfuraq ear cavity (N)

siutibun earpendant
siutik ears (2)
siutquraq ear cavity (K)

siutuquyuk mollusk, shell
siutuvak whimbrel (Numenius phaepus hudsonicus)
sivikitchuq is a short distance, is of short duration
sivisuruq is a long distance, is of long duration
sivruuraqtuq whispers
sivu front (bow of boat)
sivu (7) bow (7)

sivuani before (lit. at its front)
sivubabluk foreleg (K)
sivubat cutting teeth
sivubun (10) front bow (10)

sivukkiksuq sets a straight course
sivullibaa he leads him (lit. he is foremost to him)
sivulliq foreleg (lower section)
sivulliq first one, foremost one
sivuniksriqiri prophet
sivuniqtuuguuruq is obstinate (N)
sivunmuuruq is steadfast, continues on regardless (N)
sivunmuuruq is stubborn, continues on regardless (N)
sivunnibaa decides it, plans it
sivunniqsuq decides, plans
sivunniun plan, purpose, decision
sivutmuuruq is stubborn, continues on regardless (K)
sivutmuuruq is steadfast, continues on regardless (K)
sivutmuusruuruq is obstinate (K)
sivuubaruq fears the consequence (N)
sivviaq hip joint (N)
sixa weather, outside, atmosphere, air
sixaavyaq hotcake (pancake)
sixafiqsuq is carousing
sixagiitchuq is bad weather
sixagiksaaq blueness (K)
sixagiksuq is good weather
sixaluksiiyauraq myrtle warbler (Dentroica coronata) (lit. rain again)
sixaluktuq is raining (K)
sixaluktuq is bad weather (N)
sixaluktuq is rainy (K)
sixam ieua spirit governor of the atmosphere (lit. person of the air or sky)
sixbiksuqtuq is correcting one who wilfully erred
sixiktuq is wide (K)
Sixivigmiefaqtuq is coming from Selawik
Sixivigmiittuq is at Selawik
sixu carcass of a sea mammal drifted ashore
sixu jellyfish (K)
sixxie knife sharpener (emery stone)
sixxiq hard crusty snow (N)
siyyuk one mandible (K)
siyyuuk beak, bill (K)

siyyuum kipifaruq white-winged cross-bill (Loxia leucoptera)

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Dialect Note: (N) after a word or meaning indicates use in the North Slope villages, (K) after a word or meaning indicates use in the Kobuk River villages.