Thirty years later: A study of the long-term effect of Alaska's boarding schools
on Alaska Natives and their communities

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Information Sheet

Thank you for participating in our research project! We hope that this study will allow us to better understand the long-term effect of boarding schools in Alaska, and also to inform policymakers and advocates as they make decisions about the education of Alaska Native youth.

The data we are collecting will be used to write reports and publications and make presentations to policymakers, educators and Native organizations on issues of education policy and Alaska Native education. We plan to complete our first report in spring 2005.

We will post all reports and information about upcoming presentations on the study on our website:

If you have ANY questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Principal Investigator:
Diane Hirshberg, Asst. Prof. of Education Research
(907) 786-5413
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Suzanne Sharp, Research Associate
(907) 786-5413
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Lexi Hill, Research Associate
(907) 786-5436
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