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Governing Schools in Culturally Different Communities - Bill McDiarmid's thesis on the history of school governance in Alaska has a great overview of the history of education in Alaska.

Nelson Act —legislation creating racially segregated schools in Alaska

Law and Alaska Native Education: The Influence of Federal and State Legislation upon Education of Rural Alaska Natives
by David H. Getches, September, 1977

UAF student opposed to Hootch case
THE MOLLY HOOTCH DECISION by an Anonymous student in UAF publication called THEATA, Volume 12, 1987
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Alaska's Small Rural High Schools: Are They Working? Judith S. Kleinfeld, G. Williamson McDiarmid, and David Hagstrom, October, 1985

Alaska's Urban Boarding Home Program: Interpersonal Relationships Between Indian and Eskimo Secondary Students and
Their Boarding Home Parents
, Judith S. Kleinfeld, 1972

Iñupiaq Education, Eben Hopson, Mayor, North Slope Borough, Barrow, Alaska, 1977
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