UNIT ONE: History of the Act

Why the Natives of Alaska Have a Land Claim

by William L. Hensley

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The following questions relate to the article by William Hensley. These questions should be reviewed prior to reading the article. Please take time to think about your answers. These questions and your written responses will form the basis of class discussion on this article.

1. As you read William Hensley's article, write down all the reasons he gives for Native land claims. You should be able to identify at least four reasons.



2. According to Hensley, what effects have people of western culture had on Alaskan Natives?



3. What are some of the historical reasons people have come to Alaska?



4. What did each of the three proposals Hensley refers to provide for in the areas of land, money, supervision, and protection?



Extra Credit Activity

Using what you have learned so far in this unit, write a three- or four-paragraph essay on the historical, cultural, and legal basis for Alaskan Native land claims. In your concluding paragraph, describe whether you believe Alaskan Natives have a legitimate claim to land in Alaska. Be sure to use facts to support your opinions.