UNIT TWO: Overview of the Act
One Day in the Life of a Native Chief Executive
by Byron Mallott

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The following questions relate to the article by Byron Mallott. These questions should be reviewed prior to reading the article. Please take time to think about your answers. These questions and your written responses will form the basis of class discussion on this article.

1. Below, in at least three complete sentences, describe what you think a corporate president is like, for instance Lee Iacocca. If you are not familiar with him, use your imagination or how television depicts corporate executives, like J. R. Ewing.

2. Now write at least three sentences about the corporate leader of Sealaska, Byron Mallot. Base your answer on specific parts of his article. What do you think he is like?

3. Indicate two similarities or two differences regarding your answers to questions one and two.

4. Do you think these similarities and differences are based on personalities, types of corporation (Native/non-Native), or still other factors? Please support your answer.

5. Describe three ANCSA concerns and issues which Mr. Mallot discusses in his article.


6. A corporation is in business to make a profit. Sealaska is involved in what businesses? Do you believe these are good choices for a Native corporation? Why or why not?


7. Are Native corporations strictly business corporations? Why or why not?


8. Would you describe Byron Mallot's view of the future of ANCSA corporations as positive, negative, or a combination of these positions. Be specific in your answer.