Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act


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Read through these questions before viewing the video. The answers will be presented during the program. Record your answers after viewing the video.

1. What is ANCSA?

2. Identify the Native people of Alaska.

  1. Southeast:
  2. Interior:
  3. Aleutians:
  4. Southwest:
  5. Northwest:

3. Who were the first known European explorers of Alaska?

4. When was the Treaty of Cession between Russia and the United States signed?

5. What year did Alaskan Natives become U.S. Citizens?

6. What conflict was ANCSA intended to solve?

7. Name three events which led to the passage of ANCSA.


8. Who were the principal parties involved in the passage of ANCSA?


9. What are the legal concepts or documents supporting Native land claims?


10. The video refers to ANCSA as compromise legislation. In what way or ways is this accurate?


11. In what year was ANCSA signed into law?