The Seal Islands: Fur Seal Rookeries National Historic Landmark,
the Pribilof Islands

Focus: St. George Island

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Reading 1: The Legend of the Fur Seal Islands

Reading 2: Archaeological Surveys

Reading 3: Reports from Early European Travelers

Reading 4: 18th Century European Reports

Reading 5: 18th Century European Reports

Reading 6: Reports by Veniaminov and Dorothy Knee Jones

Reading 7: Report by Zakhar Chichenev

Reading 8: The Life of Father Yakov Netsvetov

Reading 9: Reports by Veniaminov and Khlebnikov

Reading 10: Russian-American Company Correspondence

Reading 11: Report by Khlebnikov

Reading 12: Nomination Form, National Register of Historic Places

Reading 13: Education

Reading 14: Nomination Form, National Register of Historic Places

Reading 15: Study by Henry Elliott

Reading 16: The 1943 Fur Seal Harvest

Reading 17: Nomination Form, National Register of Historic Places

Maps, Illustrations, & Photographs:

Map 1: St. George Island

Illustration 1: “Seal-Meat Frame, Lighter, Hut, and Houses at St. Paul Island”

Illustration 2: “Typical Dress of Pribylov Natives”

Illustration 3: “View of the North Rookery, Looking West to Starry Ateel”

Illustration 4: “The Killing-Gang at Work”

Illustration 5: “Kenching Fur Seal Skins”

Illustration 6: “Oological Sketches on St. George, by the Author”

Photograph 1: Father Peter Kashevarof inside the St. George church, ca. 1917

Photograph 2: Inside the St. George school

Photograph 3: School children in St. George, ca. 1933

Photograph 4: Blubbering crew, St. George Island

Photograph 5: George Merculief and octopus (1936-7)

Photograph 6: Bill Merculief gathering eggs (1936-7)

Photograph 7: Simeon Swetzof with eggs (1936-7)

Photograph 8: Evdokia Swetzof at apple bite, July 7, 1936

Photograph 9: Baseball players, St. George (1936-7)

Photograph 10: St. George Church (1936-7)

Photograph 11: Village of St. George (1936-7)

Photograph 12: Elizabeth Swetzof on tricycle (1936-7)

Photograph 13: Boys with toy boats (1936-7)

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