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I. Information which should be available from records

  1. Members of household
  2. Prior participation in BHP
  3. Type of individual wanted as student
  4. Sleeping arrangements
  5. Family interests and hobbies

II. Introductory questions — Family Background

  1. How long have you lived in this community? Have you had a chance to see any of the rural areas (does parent have knowledge of Native culture)?
  2. How did you hear about BHP? How did you decide to take a student? (Attempt to find out motivation — economic, civic duty, interest, mixed.)

III. Parents' Explanation of Transfer or Termination

  1. Why did student decide to leave?
  2. Did you have any advance warning that student was dissatisfied?

IV. Problems in Boarding Home — Parental Demands for Normative Behavior and Response to Deviations

  1. What problems did student have in the family situation?
  2. How did he affect any other children?
  3. Were there initial adjustment problems?
  4. What rules did you have for student? What help around the house did you ask of him?
  5. Did he break the rules frequently? How did you handle the situation?

V. Problems in School and Community

  1. What problems did student have in school?
  2. How much homework did he do on the average?
  3. Did he participate in any extracurricular activities?
  4. Did he have any teachers or subjects that were his favorites or that he intensely disliked?
  5. Did student have any problems in community (pick-up by soldiers, contacts with police)?

VI. Parents' Analysis of Peer and Relative Influences

  1. Did student have many friends in this community? Were they BHP students or others? Did his friends influence his decision to transfer or terminate?
  2. Did student have relatives in the community? Did they influence his decision to transfer or terminate?

VII. Relationship between BHP Parents and Village Parents

  1. Did you have much contact with students' parents in village? (Explore writing, visiting, discussing students' problems.)
  2. What did students' parents think of his decision to transfer or terminate?

VIII. Parents' Analysis of Students' Goals

  1. Why did student enter the BHP?
  2. What does he want to do later on? Where does he want to live? Did you talk to him about his future plans?

IX. Concluding Recommendations

  1. What would you recommend to improve the BHP?
  2. Do you think you will want to take a student next year? What type of student would you request?
  3. Is there anyone else whom we could talk to that would help us understand reason for students' leaving?


This interview guide contains the areas on which it is important to obtain boarding home students' opinions. The specific questions are merely examples. Ask any questions you like in whatever order is most comfortable for you. The important thing is to find out what was bothering the boarding home student in his former home and why he wanted to leave the home and the program.

I. Student's Explanation of Transfer or Termination

  1. When did you decide to leave the (home, program)? Could you describe exactly what happened?
  2. Why did you decide to leave the (home, program)? Explore the student's reasons. (If he didn't like the way the parents treated him, for example, try to find out exactly what they said or did that made him feel bad.)

II. Problems in Boarding Home Family, School, and Community

  1. What problems did you face in school? What didn't you like about school?
  2. Did you meet prejudice against Natives from people in the city? Who? What did you do?
  3. What didn't you like about the boarding home family? How much work did they ask you to do? What rules did they have?
    (Some of these subjects may have been covered under the section dealing with the student's explanation of his transfer.)

III. Opinion of New Boarding Home and School

(If he is a transfer student, he may have a new boarding home family and he may be going to a new school. Find out how this family is different from the other one and whether he likes it better.)

  1. How do you like this boarding home?
  2. What do they do that is different from your other boarding home?
  3. How do you like this school compared to the one you were going to before?

IV. Friendships

  1. Who are your friends here? Which of these are BHP students?
  2. Do you see your friends as much as you want to? Why not?
  3. Do you have relatives here in town? How often do you see them?

V. Family Pressures and Attractiveness of Village

  1. How do you like it in home village?
  2. Have you received letters or messages from your parents while you were here? What do your parents think about your leaving?

VI. Personal Goals and Plans for Future

  1. What do you want to do later on (jobs, education)?
  2. Where do you want to live? Why?
  3. When did you first decide to go to high school? Did you attend orientation program?

VII. Concluding Recommendations

  1. Looking back, what would you do to make your situation better?
    Looking back, what was good about your situation?
  2. What could be done to improve the program for other students?


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