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Language Arts Resources

Alaska Native Languages and Education

History of Alaska Native Education: Historic Documents and Photographs

History of Alaska Native Education

History of Alaska Native Education: Historic Photographs

History of Alaska Native Education: School Photographs

Alaska Native Studies Curriculum: Places Index

The Alaska Territorial Guard

ANCSA Curriculum

Revisiting the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

Kiana: Inupiat Ilitqusiat--Inupiaq Values

Alaska Native Government

Reindeer Herding in Alaska

Alaska: Traditional Life

Alaska Native Studies Curriculum: Projects Index

Alaska Natives Commission Reports

Alaska: Statistics

Alaska History: Timeline

The AFN Report on the Status of Alaska Natives: A Call for Action, Alaska Federation of Natives

1991: Making it Work, Alaska Federation of Natives

Subsistence Chronology, A short history of subsistence policy in Alaska since statehood, Alaska Federation of Natives

Study of William E. Beltz School, Nome, Alaska (1969), ALASKA STATE COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS

Incompatable Goals in Unconventional Organizations: The Politics of Alaska Native Corporations, Anders, Gary C. and Kathleen Anders

Traditional Eskimo Life in the Latter Twentieth Century, Reminiscences of Kuuvafmiut Villagers, Anderson, Douglas B., et. Al.

Berger Launches ANCSA Hearings, Focus on Native Sovereignty, Arctic Policy Review

Why the Arctic Slope Inupiat Said NO to ANCSA, Arctic Slope Native Association

The International Legal Status of Native Alaska, Barsh, Russel Lawrence

Village Journey: The Report ofthe Alaska Native Review Commission, Berger, Thomas

Divvying Up Alaska: Native Claims Bill, Brent, Stephen

Background of ANCSA: Bristol Bay's Land and Money, Bristol Bay Native Corporation Newsletter

Utuqqanaat Tusraayugaanich, Raymond Brown Sr.'s Reindeer Herding Story, Brown, Raymond, Sr.

The Inupiat and the christianization of Arctic Alaska, Burch, Ernest S., Jr.

Reindeer Meat for American Markets, Carpenter, Frank G.

Alaska: Our Northern Wonderland, Chapter xxviii, School Republics of the Arctic!, Carpenter, Frank G.

Klondike '70 The Alaskan Oil Boom, Chapter 4, Chasan, Daniel Jack

Klondike '70 The Alaskan Oil Boom, Chapter 5, Chasan, Daniel Jack

Klondike '70 The Alaskan Oil Boom, Chapter 6, Chasan, Daniel Jack

Up For Grabs, Chapter 3. Indians and Rockefellers: the Durable Cord, Chasan, Daniel Jack

ANCSA and Rural Alaska: An Economic Reality Check, Colt, Steve


Taken to Extremes: Education in the Far North, Chapter 4, Historical Development of Schooling, Darnell, Frank and Anton Hoem

The Native Brotherhoods: Modern Intertribal Organizations on the Northwest Coast, Drucker, Philip

Out of Harm's Way: Relocating Northwest Alaska Eskimos, 1907-1917, Ducker, James H.

Using Visual Materials as Historical Sources: A model for Studying State and Local History, Felton, Randall G. and Rodney F. Allen

One Use of Sources in the Teaching of History, Fling, Fred Morrow and Garber, Bart K.

Law and Alaska Native Education, Getches, David H.

History of Events Leading to the Passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Grabinska, Kornelia

ANCSA-Related Side Effects, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc., 1983, Grabinska, Kornelia

Reconstruction Historiography: A Source of Teaching Ideas, Green, Robert P., Jr.

Reindeer in Alaska, USDA, 1922, Hadwen, Seymour and Lawrence J. Palmer

Alaska: Share the Oil, Henninger, Daniel

Why the Natives of Alaska Have a Land Claim, Hensley, William L.

Statement of Alfred Hopson, Attorney for the Arctic Slope Native Association, Hopson, Alfred

Inupiaq Education, Hopson, Eben

Native Land Claims, Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research

Alaska's Small Rural High Schools, Are They Working?, Kleinfeld, Judith S. and G. Williamson McDiarmid

The Tyonek Story, Knox, Robert G.

The Alaska Natives (3), Korsmo, Fae L.

The Labor Force Status of Alaska's Native Population, Lane, Theodore and Cheryl K. Thomas

Alaska: Politicians and Natives, Money and Oil, Once upon a time there was a frontier, Lapham, Lewis


"Unfinished Business, The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act", by Byron I. Mallott President & CEO First Alaskans Foundation

One Day In The Life Of A Native Chief Executive, Part 2, Mallot, Byron I.

One Day in the Life of a Native Corporate Leader, Part 1, Mallot, Byron I.

Governing Schools in Culturally Different Communities: Effects of Decentralization in Rural Alaska, McDiarmid, G. Williamson

Native Claims in Alaska: A twenty-year review, McNabb, Steven

Audience Socialization of the Inupiat Eskimo: An Ethnographic Study in Cultural Continuity, Mitchell, MAK

Native Claims and Political Development: A Comparative Analysis, Morehouse, Thomas A.

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Teacher's Guide - Contents, Northwest Arctic Borough School District

NWABSD Social Studies Curriculum: Alaska Studies, Northwest Arctic Borough School District

NWABSD Basic Curriculum, Volume II (InupiaQ Studies; Social Studies), Northwest Arctic Borough School District

NWABSD Social Studies Curriculum: InupiaQ Studies, Northwest Arctic Borough School District

Alaska Reindeer Herdsmen: A Study of Native Management, Olson, Dean F.

By One Spirit, Olsson, Karl A.

The Annotated ANCSA: How the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Came About, Ongtooguk, Paul

Their Silence About Us: Why We Need an Alaska Native Curriculum, Ongtooguk, Paul

People of Kauwerak, Oquilluk, William A.

Alaska's natives are bringing off the biggest corporate takeover, Parfit, Michael

Unalakleet Photograph Album, Partnow, Patricia

We Own the Land, Statement by William L. Paul, Sr. to the AFN Board of Directors, 1971, Paul, William L., Sr.

The Eskimo and the Land: Owndership and Utilization, Ray, Dorothy Jean

Delving into the Past--County Records and the Pursuit of History, Schweninger, Loren

ANCSA's confused settlement for Native groups, Tanana Chiefs Conference

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Conflict or Controversy, Thomas, Monica E.


Briefing Paper on Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Thompson, Morris

, Tundra Times

ALASKA REVIEW OF SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS, University of Alaska Anchorage, Institute of Social and Economic Research

Maniilaq, various authors

Theata Index to Select Articles, various authors

Ipani Eskimos: A Cycle of Life in Nature, Wells, James K.

Loss of Native Lands, Rosita Worl (July 1985), Worl, Rosita

1991: Group Rights Versus Individual Rights, Worl, Rosita

The InupiaQ Phrasebook

Word Processing with the InupiaQ Font

Alaska Native/Native American Bibliography

Brief Introduction to the History of Alaska Native Education

The Education Program of the BIA in Alaska, 1971-1972

An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to allot homesteads to the natives of Alaska

Molly Hootch, et al., Plaintiffs, vs. Alaska State Operated School System, et al., Defendants

The Nelson Act - legislation creating racially segregated Schools in Alaska

ANNA TOBELUK, et al., Plaintiffs, vs. Marshall Lind, et al., Defendants

Alaska School Enrollment, 1959-1969

The Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act, Public Law 92-203

How to Exploit and Destroy a People: The Case of the Alaskan Native

Native Land Claims Sidebars - Present Methods of Acquiring Title

ANCSA - Index to Selected Newspaper Articles

Statements from: Alaska Native Land Claims Part II


The Organic Act of May I7, 1884