"Second Inupiat at Kotzebue"

Tundra Times, October 1, 1961, p.1.


Twenty-six Eskimo villages have been invited to send delegates to the second Inupiat Paitot conference to be held October 18-20 at Kotzebue.

Each village has been asked to pay as much as possible toward the cost of transportation and living expenses of its delegate.

Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall, Bureau of Indian Affairs Commissioner Philleo Nash, and Area Director Robert L. Bennett have been invited to attend by Guy A. Okakok, chairman of last year's conference.

Since Secretary Udall and Commissioner Nash had previously made plans to come to Alaska before the meeting, it may not be possible for them to attend.

Each delegate has been asked to arrive at the problems of his village and, if possible, to bring them to the conference in written form.

During the opening session on October 18 the delegates will relate village problems. The session will be open to the public.

Alfred Ketzler of Nenana, chairman of the Tanana Indian Conference in June, has been invited to the conference.

Native land development and the need for educational facilities will be among the topics discussed at the conference.

Two controversial issues, the right to hunt eider ducks for food, and the proposed Project Chariot, a proposal for a nuclear experiment at Cape Thompson, were aired at last year's Inupiat Paitot.

Both issues have since been resolved in accordance with the stands taken by last year's Inupiat Paitot conference.

John A. Carver, Assistant Secretary of Interior, was present at last year's conference.

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