"ANB's Ire Aroused by Times Editorial"

Tundra Times, November 4, 1966, p.2.

Alaska Native Brotherhood

Grand Camp

October 26, 1966

Howard Rock, Editor

Tundra Times

Fairbanks, Alaska

Dear Sir:

The Executive Committee of the Alaska Native Brotherhood meeting in Juneau, October 17, 1966, by unanimous vote, instructed a letter of protest be written concerning an editorial of September 16, 1966, with a less than complimentary reference to the Alaska Native Brotherhood and its outdated charter more applicable to 1913 than 1966."

The list of accomplishments of this organization is a long and proud one. The Charter, which you choose to slur, is one that is timeless. The preamble is as appropriate today as it was in 1912.

For the edification of your readers we herewith present our preamble:

ARTICLE 1 — Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to assist and encourage the Native in his advancement from his Native state to his place among the cultivated races of the world, to oppose, to discourage, and to overcome the narrow injustice of race prejudice, to commemorate the fine qualities of the Native races of North America, to preserve their history, lore, art and virtues, to cultivate the morality, education, commerce and civil government of Alaska, to improve individual and municipal health and laboring conditions and to create a true respect in Natives and in other persons with whom they deal for the letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and laws of the United States."

If there is something in this Charter that is outdated, it escapes our attention.

The Alaska Native Brotherhood is in full sympathy with the needs of all of Alaska's Natives. Every objective we have pursued, at great sacrifice of time, money and effort, has not had geographic application. The great battles we have had to gain our objectives were not handed to us. They were gained only after a long and bitter struggle! We paid for the expenses of witnesses to appear in supportive argument, where it was needed. We kept a watchful eye on legislative matters that might prove detrimental to our Native peoples. We did this during a period of public animosity, as well as a hostile press.

We are an extremely proud people. We are proud of the fact that we have paid our own way. We have never appealed to philanthropic organizations to underwrite our conventions! Our Native people or organizations will never achieve our goals until we learn that WE have some responsibility. A start is to pay your own way. This business of advancing is not won by using crutches indefinitely. We must exercise some initiative.

The Alaska Native Brotherhood applauds the efforts of Native groups and Associations in organizing to improve their socio-economic conditions. We offer our assistance wherever it is requested. We invite any and all Natives to join with us by requesting a Charter and becoming an integral part of this organization. We promise nothing in return except the satisfaction that goes with assisting your fellow man. If you do not have the will to work for yourself, plus a missionary spirit, you do not belong in an organization such as we offer.

In closing, we would like to say we are always open to suggestions. Perhaps there is an area in our constitution that should be changed to meet the present day demands. We may be too close to the subject and not able to discern this defect. It is apparent you have made this observation, or at least know critics who made these observations. We would appreciate your passing along this information.

Our primary objectives remain as spelled out in our preamble. We expect to continue working for these objectives as long as conditions remain where such needs exist.

We hope it is with your support.

Yours truly,

Frank See, Grand President

Alaska Native Brotherhood

Signed: Cyrus Peck, Sr., Grand Secretary

Alaska Native Brotherhood

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