Acaluq- float board on which the harpoon line was coiled. When a seal was harpooned, the float board would drag through the water and help tire the seal out.

Anguarun- (dual- anguarutek.) Kayak paddle.

Ayaaquq- toggling seal harpoon.

Cup’ik- lit. ‘real person.’ The language and people of the Chevak area. More generally, any Yup’ik person.

Ena- house, usually in stories, a small sod-covered house.

Kayalivigmiut- former village from which people moved to Newtok

Legcik- combination ice chisel and boat hook carried by hunters.

Maklaggsurliq- lit. ‘one who catches bearded seals.’ Name of the elder son in the story.

Nallumteni-am cugtangqerrsaaqellinilria cillam ilua. Keyirremta cuuyukluta.- ‘I didn’t know there were other people in the world besides us.’

Nayiq- ringed seal.

Parka- knee-length fur overcoat.

Piluguq- (dual- piluguk) knee-high skin boot with bearded seal skin sole.

Qayaq- wooden-framed seal skin-covered kayak.

Qaygiq- large sod-covered community house where men and boys slept, took fire baths, and worked on projects. It was also a place where ceremonies and dances were performed.

Qissunamiut- people of the Qissunaq River. Our people moved first to Old Chevak and then to the present village of Chevak.

Taqukarliareq- lit. ‘one made from seals.’ Name of the younger son.

Waten-am taw piyaurteqatalliniunga- ‘so this is what I’m going to be doing from now on.’