Another Person

By Brian Stevens


You looked into my hollow eyes

While I stare into yours,


And you say:


"You are nothing but

A piece of wood."

You look at the lines on my face

And you see them in the mirror,


And you say:

"You are not me,


And I am not you."

You do not know this


But my eyes see your life.


Your first thought when you were


Carving me out was

That I would be the best thing


that happened to you


In art.



You don't know it but

Before you started to shape my


Face with the chisel, I was

Watching you.


In your design, you picked


Your grandmother's face,


A wrinkled face,


A warm face,

You hope that your grandmother


Will be happy with the mask,


But you don't know

That she is already seeing it.

In the end,

Your heart:

A flame, which pulses with, care and love for me.

Your soul:

A never tiring, running spirit with infinite powers,

to Create, destroy, love, hate, think, and to walk


Your mind:

A little person who will never let you down, who will

Keep you company by telling you stories about many

Things in life.

Well good-bye now,

But I will see you at grandma's house.




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