Kristen's Mask

By Kristen



My wood was very hard and stubborn. I soon realized that it was my wood teaching me not to give up so easily. I know hard work pays off. When I first started my mask I drew it on a piece of paper, then on the wood, now looking at my mask, it has changed from the drawing. ItÕs like I was the one carving but it had a mind and spirit of its own. The carving was tough but I think it paid off. It was so hard to sit there day after day and carve, some days I would just stare at it, and others I would carve so hard I would get blisters! I put blood, sweat and tears into my mask. My design took as long to come up with as finishing the carving did. Now that IÕm finished I realize that my design is partially there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and personally I think it did not turn out that bad! When I worked on my mask I felt better, the mask relieved my stress. Other times it made me feel depressed because it was so far from being finished. I think, in the long run I learned a lot of techniques and spiritual meaning.




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