Final Report

Volume I

Healing Harmony Hope

Table of Contents

Alaska Natives' Loss of Social and Cultural Integrity

The Undoing of a People
Native Solutions for Native Problems

Empowerment and the Integrity of Native Cultures

Introduction and Overarching Principles
Regaining Social and Cultural Integrity:

Meeting Basic Social Needs

Meeting Basic Employment & Other Human Needs

Meeting Basic Law Enforcement & Judicial Needs

Meeting Basic Educational Needs

Meeting Basic Physical & Behavioral Health Needs

Resolving the Subsistence Policy Impasse

Protecting Alaska Native Subsistence Rights

Promoting Alaska Native Tribal Governance

Fostering Alaska Native Tribal Governance

Who We Are What We Did

Table of Recommendations
Key Facts and Findings
Demographic and Geographic Sketches of Alaska Natives

Social & Economic Demographics

Poverty & Unemployment

Educational Attainment

Where Alaska Natives Live

Commission Background

Where it Began The Steps Along the Way

Commission Member Biographies

End Notes


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