Copyright Internet Links

Before putting copyrighted material on a web site, you need to contact the copyright owner and request permission to use the material. We use a standard letter and permission form which is modified for each request. Additional sources of copyright information on the Internet are listed below. This site is by the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress and provides general copyright information such as how to apply for copyright, and information on copyright records from 1978 to present. Go to this site for contact information and hours of business.

Go to for frequently asked questions regarding copyright information. The document is called Questions Frequently Asked in the Copyright Office Public Information Section.

Another document called Circular 22 is entitled How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work. This document tells you how the Copyright Office can make a search for you, and lists other circulars on page 4 and 5 for more copyright information. This site is called Locating US Copyright Holders and provides basic information about U.S. Copyright law to researchers who need to identify copyright holders. This site is called Crash Course in Copyright. The Copyright Crash Course and Course Syllabus Page is the new central page of the U.T. System Copyright Management Center Website. Some topics include what is fair use, and who owns what.


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