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Nunavik Bibliography Available Online -

The Alaska Native Science Commission's Web sites: www.nativescience.org and www.nativeknowledge.org

Huna Heritage Foundation - "WOOSH-JEE-EEN" - Website for the Huna Heritage Foundation, including information about educational programs and scholarships, cultural programs - language, repatriation, and cultural awareness information, and news about the organization and the people it serves.

akhistory.org - A website about Alaskan history and cultures. Created by the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Anchorage School District.

Alaska Natives Online Alaska Native and American Indian history, art, culture, celebrities, music, storytelling, dance, photographs, languages, radio, and media. Alaska Natives Online, tourist attractions. Alaska Native and American Indian issues, links and useful internet resources.

The Cradleboard Project - "The Cradleboard Teaching Project turns on the lights in public education about Native American culture - past, present, and most important for the children - the Future. It comes out of Indian country, and reaches far beyond, into the mainstream classroom and into the future of education".

Check out the Lda Kut Naxx Sati' Yatx'i (All Nation's Children) dance group web site

Canadian Heritage Information Network - "CHIN and Canadian museums work together to strengthen our collective ability to create, present and manage Canadian online content. This collaboration has resulted in CHIN's internationally valued Web site for heritage professionals, and the highly successful VMC portal at virtualmuseum.ca."

Canadian Conservation Information Network (CIN) - "the product of international collaboration. It is intended to facilitate the retrieval and exchange of information concerning conservation and restoration of cultural property."

Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean Theme Page. "This theme page is an information resource for the scientific investigation of the biology, oceanography, meteorology and ecology of the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean. It provides a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas, plans and research results..."

"Find a location" map from Yahoo.com - Put in a zip code and (hopefully) get a generic map of your area.

Northern Contaminants Program. (Canada) "Working to reduce and, wherever possible, eliminate contaminants in traditionally harvested foods, while providing information that assists informed decision making by individuals and communities in their food use." [I like this site. This is a nice link for teachers interested in integrating science with local issues. The Northern Contaminants Program was established in response to studies to show the presence of contaminants in the Canadian Arctic ecosystem. Many of these contaminants have no Arctic sources and yet some are found at high levels in animals at the top of the Arctic food chain and in humans. This is a Web site noting the coordinated response to these issues by Native and non-native governments in Canada. ...Paul Ongtooguk]

Anchorage School District, Indian Education Program is "designed to assist eligible Alaska Native and Native American students throughout their public school career. The program is the result of a law which was passed by Congress in the early 70's. It gives the local community the opportunity to have a voice in the education of their children"

Glacier Bay Ecosystem GIS web site has pages on Glacier Bay and norther Southeast Alaska, including maps.

Bioregional Information for the North American Rainforest Coast: Alaska Region

Alaska Geospatial Clearinghouse

Inupiaq [Inupiat] - Alaska Native Cultural Profile - FromEthnic Medicine Guide Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington covers many topics including health and illness, nutrition and food, traditional medical practices, and family life.

Protecting Alaska's Native Population-With Federal Records by Thomas E. Wiltsey, from National Archives and Records Administration, The Record, Rosanne Butler, editor. This article summarizes ways the that federal records held in the N.A.R.A. archives in Anchorage, Alaska can help answer questions or provide documentation such as who worked for the U.S. government in the St. Paul seal harvest in 1939 or access to Mt. Edgecumbe student transcripts.

Project Chariot, The Nuclear Legacy of Cape Thompson, Alaska by Norman Chance. A brief history of the plan proposed over 40 years ago to use a massive nuclear explosion to create an ocean port near Point Hope.

"The Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI) is a bridging program that assists students in Rural Alaska in making the academic and social transition between high school and college. RAHI is for college-bound students who are willing to work hard and who are dedicated to excellence. Admission to RAHI is competitive, that is not all who apply are accepted. Students who are accepted are awarded full scholarships which cover all summer program expenses including travel, room, board, supplies and tuition. RAHI students are rewarded for their hard work with up to 9 college credits towards a degree, as well as a wonderful group of staff, students, and alumni who will serve as an Alaska-wide network of supportive friends for the rest of their lives..."

The Alaska Regional Assistance Center (AKRAC) is one of the Alaska's largest technical assistance and resource development centers, a non-profit, federally funded educational organization in partnership with the Alaska Department of Education and the Northwest Labs. This site has hundreds of links and news/grants information. Their primary programs include bilingual/multicultural education and Indian Education.

Alaska Teacher Placement is the statewide clearinghouse for placing educators in Alaskan school districts. They are a non-profit organization, housed within the University of Alaska Fairbanks, working as a liaison between educators and Alaska's school district administrators.

Justice Center Web Site: University of Alaska Anchorage. Directories and listings of primarily Internet resources on Alaska Natives, American Indians, and other Native and indigenous peoples regardless of nation.

Native American Studies Academic Web site.

The Makah Nation are a tribe based out of Neah Bay, Washington. Their Web site is useful for a point of comparsion and contrast with the status of Alaska Natives politically and socially in Alaska, especially because they are whaling people.

Arctic Circle convened by Norman Chance, including:

  • People and the Land: Early Years
  • Changing Patterns of Subsistence
  • Growing Up in an Inupiat Village
  • Beyond Kin: Social and Cultural Life
  • The Economics of Dependency
  • The Land Claims Settlement Act of 1971
  • Living in Both Worlds: Inupiaq Women and Urban Life - Nancy Fogel-Chance

Inupiat History, Language, and Culture from Barrow, Alaska.

The Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Alaska Native Knowledge Network--Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative

Alaska Native Knowledge Network--Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act "This site contains background information related to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, as well as resources for incorporating ANCSA in the school curriculum. Anyone wishing to contribute to this site is encouraged to contact the coordinator of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network at (907) 474-5086, or send an e-mail message to fyankn@aurora.alaska.edu."

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Resource Center - "This resource center includes reference materials relating to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ("ANCSA"). It is sponsored by Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP. More documents, usually marked with hypertext links, will be added in the future."

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ANCSA Discussion Group - Hosted by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Resource Center

Native American Languages-- A list of links to many Native Language sites on the Internet.

Rasmuson Library Alaska and Polar Regions Department
University of Alaska Fairbanks - "The Alaska and Polar Regions (APR) Department acquires, preserves and provides access to materials that document the past and present of Alaska and the polar regions, both Arctic and Antarctic. Geographically the Arctic includes northern Canada, Greenland, northern Scandinavia, Iceland, and northern Russia (Siberia and the Russian Far East)."