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Unangam Tunuu

Unangam Words Sweatshirt Project
May 1994

Prepared by
Švarný Carlson

I am deeply grateful for the Eastern Aleut Grammar and lexicon and the forthcoming Aleut Dictionary and these kind people who have graciously assisted me in preparing this work: Knut Bergland, Nick Galaktionoff, Moses Dirks, Iliodor Philemonof, and Michael Krauss of the Alaska Native Language Center at UAF. Any errors are my own. Since this project was first prepared to be used in Unalaska, the dialectical preferences of the people who live there are reflected here. Many, but not all of the words will be the same in other places.

Unangan words that have to do with the sea: SINGULAR (1) DUAL (2) PLURAL (3+)
1. Aleutian Aleut Unanga{ Unangax Unangan
2. sea urchin agu}aada{ agu}aadax agu}aadan
3. sea urchin agu}na{ agu}nax agu}nan
4. blue mussel waygi{ waygix waygin
5. limpet chikna{ chiknax chiknan
6. snails tutuku{ tutukux tutukun
7. barnacles suulugaa}in
8. chiton, baidarkie qasiiqu{ qasiiqux qasiiqun
9. clams chala{ chalax chalan
10. clams chahla{ chahlax chahlan
11. pink salmon adgayu{ adgayux adgayun
12. red salmon aanu{ aanux aanun
13. silver salmon qakiida{ qakiidax qakiidan
14. big king salmon sumga{ sumgax sumgan
15. halibut chagi{ chagix chagin
17. flounder taadmaayu{ taadmaayux taadmaayun
18. grey cod atxida{ atxidax atxidan
19. It is a fish. Qa{ aku{. Qax akux. Qan akun.
19a. fish qa{ qax qan
20. octopus ilgaa}u{ ilgaa}ux ilgaa}un
21. trout sadaguni{ sadagunix sadagunin
22. sea lion qawa{ qawax qawan
23. young sea lion qawaada{ qawaadax qawaadan
24. hair seal isu{ isux isu}in
25. fur seal laaquda{ laaqudax laaqudan
26. sea otter chngatu{ chngatux chngatun
27. red fox aykaa}u{ aykaa}ux aykaa}un
28. blue fox uuquchiing(i{) uuquchiingix uuquchiingin
29. eagle ti{la{ ti{lax ti{lan
30. young sea gull chulugida{ chlugidax chlugidan
31. sea gull sluka{ slukax slukan
32. tufted puffin uxchu{ uxchux uxchun
33. horned puffin qagida{ qagidax qagidan
34. winter wren qatxaya{ qatxayax qatxayan
35. jellfish uyaali{ uyaalix uyaalin
36. bluefly uu}mikaada{ uu}mikaadax uu}mikaadan
37. sea anemone utu{ utux utun
38. common murre sakita{ sakitax sakitan
39. common loon qigu{ qigux qigun
40. common loon qigugi{ qigugix qigugin
41. crab qimgiita{ qimgiitax qimgiitan
42. bird sa{ sax san
43. feather uqdu{ uqdux uqdun
44. bay uda{
45. seaweed that floats qahngu{
46. sea, ocean ala}u{
47. skin boat iqya{ iqyax iqyan
48. skin boat uluxta{ uluxtax uluxtan
49. The tide is rising. Agu{ yaku{.
50. The tide is dropping. Agu{ kitiku{.
51. The sea is deep. Ala}u{ qamdaku{.
52. The sea is deep. Ala}um qamdaa.
53. a beach, sand or gravel (not boulders) tuguma}i{
54. Nice weather. Slachxisa{.
55. Calm. Slachxisada{.
56. Big storm. Kachi{.
57. The birds are flying. San iga{takun.
58. raven star, starfish qalngaa}(in) kriistaa
59. sea star ala}um sdaa

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